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Mediums ,getting a surname?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Storybud68, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I understand the point you've made in your first sentence but let's be realistic. You don't actually know how you'll feel after you've passed over although you may find you're right. I don't disagree and what you've said makes sense while we're still alive in-the-body but after death we'll likely see things differently. And the reality appears to be that fewer first and last names are provided during mediumship than just the first name.

    As for your point in your first sentence of the second paragraph, well it's conjecture and our friends unseen may be trying a raft of ways to authenticate their existence but still failing. If it were simple and straightforward then surely trans-dimensional communication would be far more commonplace and evidential that it appears to be. Wouldn't you agree?

    I don't agree with your final point. Who would advise someone desperately trying to communicate their survival and presence to loved ones desperately hoping to hear from them? Their helpers/guides/teachers? That makes no sense at all - helpers are there to help and support, not to dissuade.
  2. GreenDragon

    GreenDragon New Member

    I don't know what "trans-dimensional communication" is Mac...never heard of it?

    Regarding "who would advise" well, as in this life ...those with experience.

    Surnames are seldom given (fact) and the main reason for that IMO is because pictures are the most common form of communication, there will be a number of reasons for that namely, when a medium first starts out the vast majority will/do not develop their listening. Pictures are easier and can be trusted more when dealing with problems of imagination....is it me?/or them?. Spirit people can help with pictures and on occasions will show the picture twice, show a picture your as sure as can be you've not imagined or when you look at a particular person in a group show it at that exact moment and occasionally you will see the picture outside of the mind but with sound, its much more difficult to overcome.
  3. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Just my 2cents: Several mediums I've heard both alone and in groups have spoke the first name of a person correctly but also often times confused names like Fred instead of Frank, etc. We are all learning, them and us. We are all sharpening our skills (if that is part of our path) But after the medium would say a similar but not exact name they would go on to express things that only the transitioned person knew/experienced so there appeared to be definite contact.
    I look at the misconceptions and mistakes I make and
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    trans-dimensional = communication across the dimensions = between here and 'over there'. Communication from those thought of as dead with those living in this world/dimension.

    My question was rhetorical and (my bad) I actually MEANT to ask: "Who would advise someone desperately trying to communicate their survival and presence to loved ones desperately hoping to hear from them (quoting your words now) "....not to even bother trying to get it over." ? Their helpers/guides/teachers? That makes no sense at all - helpers are there to help and support, not to dissuade those they're there to help from trying to communicate. (extra words added for clarity)


    conjecture - Where is your evidence of what you're asserting?

    conjecture ditto

    conjecture ditto

    fair comment - some may do what you say

    How does your mediumship work - clairvoyance or clairaudience or both?
  5. GreenDragon

    GreenDragon New Member

    Mac when you asked "who would advise", its was my mistake not to be clear in my reply...Those with experience on the other side will no doubt give the newcomers the heads up regarding sound stuff when trying to communicate through mediums. they probably don't listen...live and learn.

    My "evidence" is from personnel experience having attended my local spirituals church and from there becoming part of their weekly development group.

    My mediumship was mostly pictures as i described earlier, i have occasionally heard stuff but, i cant get over my own imagination. The only exception being the one (and only) time a fellow appeared in front of me and told me a clear fact about himself.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Best not to assume your personal experience necessarily reflects the overall situation concerning mediumship. Also I expect what I mean by mediumship is likely different from what you mean.
  7. Shirley Shockley

    Shirley Shockley New Member

    My uncle has been to a psychic when he was going through some business related issue in his life. He faced financial crises due to it. Someone told him to talk to a psychic to know why he was facing these problems. He then found Voyance Direct from Martine Voyance by searching on the internet. Even this can be her surname. Psychics have six sense that can see our past as well as future. They can tell you what is not letting you live your life peacefully.
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    caveat emptor

    Psychics, or for that matter, mediums MAY be able to help an individual but it's important to understand the nature of any 'advice' given. All psychics, or for that matter, mediums are not of equal calibre and none of them is able reliably to tell 'the future'. Just one reason for that is that there is no single future outcome anyway; what happens may be impacted by the actions of others so there are many potential futures. A good psychic with sound intuition/insight may read from an individual and help by suggesting possible courses of action - or things to avoid - but they don't necessarily know exactly what's right for you.

    By all means consult whomever you feel may be able to help you but always be cautious about any 'advice' you're given and evaluate whether it feels right for you.
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    This is to try to help anyone unsure what various words imply. The word 'psychic' may be short for 'psychic medium'. A 'medium' may also be called a 'spiritual medium'. Is there a difference? Well, yes, but often the terms are used interchangeably.

    It's often said that a medium is psychic but not all psychics are mediums. Not particularly helpful until those words have been defined to some degree.

    Being psychic (or a psychic) infers an ability to discern information not available to most others, information learned directly from an individual and/or in some other non-physical way.

    Mediums ('spiritual mediums') also have psychic ability but additionally are able to communicate with individuals not living in this dimension. ('spirits') Information gained in that latter way may be intended for a specific individual and such mediumship may be termed 'evidential mediumship'. Evidence of the identity of a spirit is a vital part of such information. (message)

    A psychic may also enjoy guidance from spirits but doesn't provide information in the way a medium does. A psychic may use her/his intuituion and experience to offer help to a seeker but doesn't give a message in the way a medium does.
  10. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    To whom it may concern, if you wish to know whether Mediums are able to give surname look up Gordon Higginson ,one of the best Mediums of thev20 th century ,also he was the president of Spiritualist National union for over 30 years. There are Several you tube videos of him demonstrating Mediumship.
    As it is the Spirit that is giving information to the Medium it is the choice of the Spirit individual to give whatever he or she want to to give ,after all they don't only have a personality while talking to through medium and it suddenly once the communications stops The Soul Consciousness is l like diamond ,each life is a facet of the stone, it is not Seperate but merges in a flowing mental rivers so they can recall life they have , had on Earth .
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  11. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Member

    Thank you for this I've just watched some of his videos on you tube ,quite remarkable.
  12. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Just received an a notification in my email inbox, thank you for that, if you want know more, there are a few where he is giving lectures on a number of Subjects one where he is in Aberdeen ,there are two parts to the vid. Good luck!
  13. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    This concerns me so I'm one of those (quote) "To whom it may concern." - that's an unnaturally, and inappropriately, formal way to address fellow members by the way.....

    The choice of giving names is - of course - the choice of a discarnate communicator but is there a valid reason that the medium would not be able ask their communicator if they would like to offer a last name? Something that might help the intended recipient identify the communicator?
  14. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Thank you agai, considering I don't know everyone,s name as far as I know I thought that it was a polite gesture to Start with, now it is not being inappropriate really I don't think so no ! There is no valid reason why a medium would be able to ask the communicator if they would offer a last name they can ask ,it certainly does not mean said Spirit communicator would wish to ,after all every Spirit is an individual like everyone else on earth, Mediums are talking to people except in a different form if their character or personality ifbthry were cantankerous or stubborn they are not going to change overnight what we want is not what Spirit wish to give. We may wish it to be straight , nest and tidy tied up with a bow, but it does not work with Spiri, I know it is extremely irritating for loved ones, by the energy of th spirit can sense the personality , character etc, these people are living vibrant energy to convey information that will give recognition in its content. ( would not be able)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Polite perhaps but "To whom it may concern." is often used as a quasi-legal term. It's very formal and impersonal and inappropriate on any of the very many forums where I've been a regular contributor.

    When people pass over their characters and characteristics are not immediately changed. (As a sensitive you'll know that already but I make the point for anyone following this discussion.) In this world most of us - I suggest- think of ourselves on a first and last name basis. Some, however, even refer to themselves using just their title and last name - Mr Smith or Mrs Jones, for example, totally leaving out their given name and using only their last names. So why, when we've passed over, might we begin to refer to ourselves using only a first name - John or Jane - for example, one could reasonably ask?

    OK if they've continued as a**holes in the world of the spirit and don't want to help by identifying themselves, then they MIGHT just think "Sod em, they'll have to figure out who I am." Is that what you're suggesting when you mention their being cantankerous or stubborn? Is that what you've experienced as a sensitive?

    Of course it would be better if seekers didn't have to struggle to identify a spirit communicator assumably someone they're related to - isn't that the basis of evidential mediumship? The furnishing of information that demonstrates their survival of a loved one(s)?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  16. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    In the act of Mediumship ,the contact is controlled by my helpers as all Mediums have no idea of the character of the Spirit merge with me until they draw close ,it comes swiftly the knowledge who they are in their personality , it high and fast, it just like having two way broadcast , some individuals are quiet and shy, some very excited to be talking to their loved ones through someone who will link to their relative or friends, The Spirit person gives the EVIDENCE through the Medium , who in turn relays it to the loved one.
  17. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Is this posting a response to anything I asked you about? If not I'll leave this topic as it's going nowhere.
  18. Rising

    Rising Member

    Gordon Higginson , who is now residing in the afterlife, developed his mediumship with the help of his mother who was also a brilliant medium , Gordon not only supplied names of those he connected with from the Spirit world but sometimes he could mention the street/ area where they lived.

    For those that have never heard of him, please type his name in on You tube , he is amazing and very genuine.
  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Gordon showed what is possible from the most accomplished mediums and sets a distinct bench mark for them to aspire to - thank you for pointing out just how proficient his mediumship was.

    Getting first and last names, street names and even house details will probably not, of course, happen without the encouragement of the practitioner, the go-between, the medium herself or himself. It's not just a matter of just leaving our unseen friends to do that good stuff themselves or without the medium's help in getting there. A medium does not have to be just a passive tool.

    I don't underestimate the challenge they may face in achieving that end and was one reason I started this thread. For now traditional, Spiritualist-style mediumship remains a primary means of trans-dimensional communication. That may change if and when the number of self-guided communicators increases but I'll likely be dead before that happens.
  20. Auseret

    Auseret New Member

    Please enlighten what are self guided communicators? Because categorically, in MO , any self - guided communicators now or in the future are deluding themselves. I know a lot don,t agree , but by experience I know that it is Spirit that contacts the Medium not the other way around! I watched people who purport to be practioners claiming they can contact a certain communicate for loved ones number one The Spirit world is not at beck and call of the Medium, No matter they think, ( apologies forgot to say it was YouTube that I wstched) I see there is a lot of misunderstanding of how communication I say for myself, it is as if there isvavshiftvin perception higher than normal , it is like switching frequencies in my particular consciousness , an example: I was in between meditation ( was to do a service in at night) it was a flash of time I heard a spirit say Boo! ,I jumped the height of myself, I was not expecting it didn't frighten but it made me realise that Spirit is the iniator not the Medium (Boo! Is just one word to used when trying to surprise) I will have to check this out !

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