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Discussion in 'Mediumship and Channeling' started by mac, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Those grieving may sometimes look for a medium's help to link with their lost loved one. Below is a piece taken from a manual for developing mediums which gives an insight into the differences between psychic and spiritual messages.

    In the US particularly, the word 'medium' is often used to mean either a 'psychic medium' or a 'spiritual medium' yet these terms are not necessarily interchangeable. It's important to understand what service is being offered.

    With acknowledgement and my grateful thanks to author Stephen O’ Brien (Welcome to the Academy)
    Extract taken from:“The Power of Your Spirit – Develop Your Natural Psychic Abilities” with the permission of the author.

    "There is a big difference between psychic and mediumistic messages. On public platforms today there are a great many psychics masquerading as mediums simply because they don’t understand how their psychic apparatus works or how they can direct it proficiently.

    Responsible mediums need to know from which source their mental impressions and factual information originate.

    Trained sensitives know that it’s easy to register facts psychically from the minds of sitters telepathically, the psychic atmosphere in the séance room or even from the depths of their own subconscious thoughts.

    Proficient and progressive mediums need to differentiate between the sensations these three thought vibration sources generate in their minds.

    Those who have not yet mastered this skill are in danger of deluding themselves into thinking they are mediums when they are probably psychics – people who work as telepaths, linking only to earthly minds and lower vibrations.

    Even worse, they could be people who delight in using the public platform simply for self-expression and not for spiritual service.

    In the early days of development, if mediums persist in selecting the recipients of their messages it is possible for them to become caught in a psychic trap because whenever they choose recipients, the spirit world must stand beside them in silence, as it has been disempowered.

    Here’s a truism: psychics direct their own work, but mediums are directed by their spirit-world inspirers.

    Psychics often make connections with sitters because certain people catch their eye: someone in a crowd might look friendly or be wearing bright and cheerful clothing, and sensitives simply feel drawn to him or her.

    There could be several hidden reasons causing this psychic or soul attraction. The person could be telepathically willing the medium to speak to them or – desperate to receive guidance – can unknowingly generate and direct towards the medium and invisible beam of energy that draws or catches the demonstrator's attention.

    If the person’s soul is vibrating on roughly the same frequency as the medium, the exponent finds it easy to connect with their energy frequency. Alternatively, the medium might sense that the person’s in pain, either suffering or grieving, and a compassionate link is forged.

    When making these kinds of telepathic or auric connections, the medium’s psychic senses will automatically scan the psychic atmosphere radiated by the recipient. This explains why some sensitives can “see” activity in the energy fields of someone sitting next to the person – and maybe in the mind of the individual sitting alongside them – ad infinitum.

    None of these skills makes the demonstrator a medium because when using them, the exponent is personally directing the service, thereby disempowering the spirit world.

    To avoid working psychically, mediums need to disregard the feelings or thoughts they receive from sitters and focus their attention on discarnate communicators. Psychics pay attention to the people on Earth, but mediums need to pay greater attention to those in the spirit world.

    In their early years of development mediums might be wise not to select recipients of messages, but to link only with their spirit communicators, who must provide them with precise information to identify themselves. It is communicators who are supposed to direct mediums to the correct recipients.

    Successful mediumship relies upon the ability to attune to discarnate intelligences. It can take many months – or usually years – of disciplined and diligent practice to strengthen mediumistic skills to the point where they become reliable.

    Until then, how can mediums know whether or not their messages are coming from discarnate sources?"

    (The answers to the final question are covered in the next section of the manual.)

    Taken from Stephen O’Brien’s bestselling mediums’ manual, “The Power of Your Spirit – Develop Your Natural Psychic Abilities” (Voices Books, 384 pages)

    Welcome to the Academy

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