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Medium Reading

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, May 4, 2017.

  1. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Hello Bill! Communicating directly is possible. If you haven't already read about it, the self-guided afterlife connections may be something you want to check into. Here is the link: http://selfguided.spiritualunderstanding.org/

    There is also a thread on this forum where you can read about different experiences.
  2. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    Thank you Unexpected.

    Susie is working hard I think. She is not just sending me signs that She is here but yesterday and last night She communicated to me. She manipulated a white feather, didn't just drop it in my path. A pristine white feather hit the hood of my car rolled to Her side of the windshield and gently rolled to my side of the windshield as if to say "from me to you".
    My cell phone clock has been changing time several times lately or locking up. We know this is something very common as a form of communication from the other side. I dreamt I was on a sale trip with 2 beautiful woman. My cell phone fell apart and I couldn't put it back together. I went for a long walk with Alison (Susie) one of the woman. It was so peaceful like the walks Susie and I used to take. I asked Alison to contact (key word CONTACT) AT&T so that I could communicate again. She said She would help me.
    The dream was incredibly vivid and very long.
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  3. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    I would like to share my medium reading with Tim Braun 5 days ago.
    I had to wait about 6 weeks for an appointment with him but I was OK with that as my love passed exactly 4 months ago today, so waiting a bit seemed like a good idea.

    It started off a little disappointing, I thought he wasn't really connecting with ANYONE I actually knew. He talked about two women on my mothers side, like a sister and an aunt who passed, but she had neither, but then it was clear that my father's father came through. The messages from him were a little vague, but I am open to anything at this point so I didn't say there was any particular person I was expecting. I just listened, because I had asked for help recently from my ancestors and evidently here they were.

    But then, he said there were two men standing behind me. For Tim, this means a relationship like a partner or sibling. (I lost my husband 9 years ago and my fiancé 4 months ago.) Tim said these two had been waiting for the others to come to me first, and now one of them, the one that died suddenly (identified via a quick hand gesture) came forward. He identified this person as not a husband, but showed him a ring, like a fiancé. Tim also correctly identified sudden death and a motorcycle. (both husband and fiance died in motorcycle crashes. My husband died in the ambulance after they revived him once, but fiance Albert was instant, so the distinguishing identifier was important).

    Tim said Albert is still getting adjusted to being over there, and it's taking him longer than most because our soulmate connection makes it hard being over there without me. It's hard for him being over there (he was not an afterlife believer) and it will take more time to get adjusted.

    Tim identified an Italy connection with Albert (his mother is Italian, he spoke fluent Italian, went to an Italian school here in Spain, traveled to Italy for work...)

    Tim said Albert has tried to make more contact with me but my mind is always racing and he can't get in. Albert suggests I meditate.He says I have to consistently meditate because my mind moves so fast. I have to be CONSISTENT. There have been countless times that I don't see him around me because I am too distracted. Albert said he is sorry for not saying goodbye and Tim said he was crying when he was saying this, and he acknowledged he caused a lot of pain to so many.

    Albert acknowledged me wearing his shirts and said I bring him closer when I do this (I sleep in his shirts every night, sometimes wear his sweaters in the house). This was reassuring. Tim also said that Albert and my husband like each other and are talking and laughing together (they never met and were 14 years apart, but they would TOTALLY have gotten along here in this lifetime, absolutely).

    The most interesting thing was that toward the end of the reading, Tim said "Oh, now there is a dog coming forward, this dog is with the fiancé, but it was your dog, and only your dog." My dog of 14 years (long for a big dog) died right before I met Albert. Tim said that Albert is with my dog, taking care of her and in love with her (not a surprise). What is most validating is that a couple of months ago, when I was meditating successfully as opposed to now, one day I was doing Cris Hogan's stage three self-guided afterlife connection meditation, which is merely to allow a place to come to you. Suddenly, my dog showed up in the place that came to my head and I was so surprised to see her! (I think I posted about this elsewhere on this forum). And suddenly Albert was there too, with my dog, and they were playing. I was so surprised to see them both and to see them together even more so, therefore for this to come up in the reading was so validating.

    Tim gave me homework - meditate every day - and said I need it and need to just do it. Which I already KNEW. He also said that the relatives that came through in the beginning had been waiting a while to come through and just want me to know they are with me too, and acknowledged that I asked for them, which I did.
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