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Medium Reading

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, May 4, 2017.

  1. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Hello everyone! I had my first medium reading and wanted to share that experience in hopes it might help others. If I recall, it's okay to post the experience just not promote a medium, correct? I'm asking this because I'm going to identify the medium by name and I don't want to break any site rules. Thank you!
  2. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Other mediums have been mentioned by name here, Unexpected, which makes me think it's probably OK. But it never hurts to ask!
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  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Of course you can name the medium! Just be frank about the experience. There are far too few really good mediums, and if you've found a good one you'll do everyone a favor by sharing!
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  4. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Letting you know up front that brevity isn't possible on this one.

    Christine Morgan ($118 US):
    1-She started with an intuition reading then moved to spirit communication.
    2-Intuition part was pretty accurate regarding my current life. I can't speak to any thing she said to "make note of" as none of that has occurred yet. I also didn't ask for any future oriented stuff, I'm not really interested in wanting to know about that kind of thing but it was intriguing however I take it with a grain of salt. She did have some pretty neat things that certainly wouldn't hurt me if they do see fruition. Travel, a book???, lots of things opening up for me. Definitely sounded nice but I'm not believing it until it happens and I don't see how some of it would happen but considering everything that has happened at this point - I'll just wait and see.
    3-I knew before the reading that my father would come through, my loved one who passed would come through, and that I wasn't going to get answers to what's been going on with me. I was correct on all 3. I also didn't want to do a Skype video call and when she called she said her video wasn't working for some reason. I said thank you to whoever listened and took care of that for me :)
    4-My father came through. He wasn't good to me so I wasn't looking forward to this. It was very brief but I'm leaving out some things that could reveal my identity as I choose to remain anonymous here. He expressed that "he wished he had lived his life differently" and shared gratitude for those who raised me. Christine apologized but said she needed to bring him through first for spiritual healing and was sorry if that brought up any pain for me. She was quite respectful but doing what she knew needed to be done. This was a bit unnerving but I remained focused. She told me to send him healing thoughts.
    5-she then said she had a young man come through and did I know who this was. I said yes. She said he had a really strong presence and again asked if I knew who this would be. I said yes again. She paused and kinda stammered around and said I need to tell you that "I love you" followed immediately by "I regret nothing". I can't put into words for you the depth and weight that hit me with. He was there with me already as he usually is. I could "feel" him in those words. It broke me down fast. The regret part was for me. He did say later he regretted not spending more time with his child but that was it and had nothing to do with me. She proceeded then to reveal specifics that no one knew about he and I and about what I've done since he passed. She shared specifics about him and about our relationship, how he died and what from. Many of these things are unknown to anyone other than us and two of our friends who have no connection to this her nor know of her existence. At one point she stopped and again, with strong emotion said "I know you (insert my name), I "really" know you". I knew what he meant by this. At one point I felt as though my mouth dropped open at how accurate she was. I wasn't feeding the medium other than acknowledging with a yes or no. The times that I did help her understand what she was receiving were very minimal and once she heard what I said she would then deliver more specifics that kept confirming it was him. This sort of interaction occurred a couple of other times to help her clarify what she was receiving. She would then move forward with again specifics. She said he has moved on to the other level of spirit and would be around a lot but not all of the time. She said he was going to start helping more people. She shared some more things that I couldn't confirm and she said definitely note that. There were some times I felt she shifted to sharing what is standard to move those who have lost deceased ones forward. It just didn't sound like him. I could tell when she shifted in and out. At one point she told me something and then stopped and said "I love you, I love you, I love you." She shared some other messages from him like telling me to focus on what we had and the joy in that vs the other. Remember the happiness and laughter and that life is short. She again said he's going to be around a lot but not all of the time. She said he was really happy that he got to communicate with me and send me all those messages.
    6-The whole reason I decided to have a medium reading is that I have been using the self-guided afterlife connections and during those connections I've been having a hard time when he expresses any words of affection to me. I get concerned that I've taken over and I don't want that to happen, I want it to be from him. I told him recently that I was sorry but I just need to hear this from someone other than me to help me accept and allow that through. During the reading I was really conflicted because she wasn't saying anything about us communicating or the fact he's with me so much. I found that to be alarming but then I soon realized why. I asked her about the connections and about my precognitive dreaming and all the presence signs I get. This is where things went a different direction. She informed me lots of people have dreams that come true and that what I was getting was probably just changes in the air - vibration. She said I may have a strong psychic intuition but that she does not believe that communication can take place using those connections. She told me she has been doing it for 28 years and she knows those in the states have written books but she just doesn't believe it. The reading continued on and I felt she was conflicted at times with delivering me messages that he would be around a lot but not all the time yet she shared it anyway. I can't say why but I could tell she was conflicted. She did say he hasn't told me he's communicating with you in anyway. I was really floored by all of this and a bit emotional already with everything that had occurred during the reading. I thanked her and after she asked how I was referred to her the call ended. Roberta - she had very kind words for you.
    7-Overall, she was a very kind and respectful person. I felt she meant me no harm at any point. I would refer her for anyone wanting evidence of the afterlife and/or to receive a message from your loved one if they have one for you. If you are interested in any conversations that involve spirit communication without the use of a medium, I would not recommend her for this. Her beliefs do not allow for it and she is entitled to that. I will tell you that I would go toe to toe with her or anyone on this because, although she doesn't believe it, I have experienced it along with so many other things. We all know our experiences shape us. Before him and everything I've experienced with him and after his death, I would have said sounds good but I have no experience with that. Now, no way.
    8-The message I needed from him came through. He shot out the gate with it and repeatedly reaffirmed it. That's why I did the reading in the first place. So I got what I needed to move forward.

    Due to things I felt she would not speak to and technically he didn't tell her he was communicating for obvious reasons - I went for medium #2 to clear up some of this other stuff for me.
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  5. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Michelle St.Clair - The Midwest Medium ($100 US):
    1-I requested a "guidance session". In this session spirit, guides, Erik Medhus (Channeling Erik) are all possible to come through. I do read Channeling Erik and that's where I got her name. When I read about her on there awhile back - my loved one shot cold chills all over so much that I made note because I couldn't tell if it was her or her story that he did that for.
    2-My father committed suicide. I specifically sent out a silent request for Erik as he also did this. Christine's reading alarmed me. I don't want my father, no matter what he did to me or others, to be suffering. She told me to send him healing thoughts. I was concerned. Erik (through Michelle) said not to be. He had healed and he was good. When I questioned why come through then and why did she tell me to send him healing thoughts? Michelle said that healing was for me not him and reiterated again he was healed. There was more conversation around this but that's the gist.
    3-They confirmed my pre-cognitive dreaming is just that. It's happened my whole life. Erik said - you already know you are a precognitive dreamer. When I questioned the purpose my guides relayed: to give me information, open my line of communication, and raise my awareness. Suggested a dream journal so I can start figuring out what my signs are and that I should see a pattern. I had already started this and somewhat am starting to sorta but I'm not far enough along so definitely doing this. I also just know stuff. I know what people will say sometimes and other things. I felt I wasn't a medium but wanted to confirm this. They don't think that I will have that ability. I was told not all Psychics are Mediums but all Mediums are Psychic. Personally, this gave me relief. I can only handle him and my guides. I don't think I can distinguish or deal with anything else right now. Outside of this reading, I've been told we are all psychic. I apparently, still getting comfortable with this, have a strong psychic intuition.
    4-I asked about the way I feel him. Sometimes on the left, sometimes right, center or back and I don't understand why things all come in differently at time. I was told it doesn't matter how it comes in and that often it's different because of what task I'm performing. Like right or left brain activities or if I'm doing one that's a little of both it can come center or back. I can confirm I agree with this. I've been trying to watch what I'm doing when I feel him and this has been accurate for me.
    5-I asked about everything else - the connections and presence and everything. First of all, I know it's him. I almost didn't want to ask because you know what you know. Regardless, that was all confirmed. I said I felt that something was needed of me. I was told nothing was needed of me except to accept he's there, welcome the signs when they come and the love. That we belong together. That he's part of my soul team as she calls it. We have reincarnated many lifetimes together and that he will be with me for this one and we will reincarnate many other times. He has already told me this in the self-guided connections. 23 reincarnations with him, 5 without me.
    6-I asked about what additional things I could do to raise my vibration. Spending time in nature, absorb that energy. Solitude in that way is helpful. I had to cut the call short at that point for personal reasons.
    7-I really liked her and will be going back to her when I feel it's time so I can bring him through with her sine she's open to everything.

    Overall, I find it interesting that everything she told me I already knew before the call but wasn't trusting what I was receiving. I wasn't accepting it. I apparently have some work to do in this area. I know it sounds strange but accepting and trusting what I receive is hard. You would think I would just jump on board and accept this love and everything. I, get feelings of fear and I think it's peaked self-esteem issues I thought I had put away. Both Mediums were important. After the first reading, I realized I was firm with my experiences and could not be deterred by anyone on it. This whole journey has been a bit unreal and I know what's happened but now...you can't budge me. I'm passionately fierce about it (in a kind way). For me, that is good. Realizing I need to work on trusting what I'm receiving and allowing this love in is also important. I was told this is my spiritual growth time. Yes, I realize that happens all the time but this is big spiritual growth time. I was told I'm doing "fantastically". Lol. I'll take it. I was also told I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

    I've also always wondered why I get this. I firmly believe it's not about someone loving someone more than someone else, I believe we are ALL loved yet I still questioned it. I've read there are so many factors that interfere with communication like deep grief and whether it's part of your growth, etc. I was told he's with me for my healing. He will be there to guide me if I let him and that most times he's just present because he feels that's what I need most. I knew my connection to him was deeper. When I first saw him - I experienced soul recognition only I didn't know what that was called until I read about it later. I knew what I had with him far exceeded this physical body. I don't really share this people because - I'm not looking for validation nor am I looking to convince anyone. Neither of us believed in soul mates or any of that bull. It is the truest of loves I never knew existed. What will be revealed when I transition is for then. He wakes me up with love songs that unfold in my head as I stumble around trying to fill my coffee pot with hardly a conscious thought present. He rarely lets me fall asleep without knowing he's there or swoops in when I'm struggling and I ask for help and shows up at my kids games and band performances. I had less than a year with him before he died. All of this is surreal at times yet familiar.

    If you hung in this far, you are a trooper. I hope this helps someone in some way. Best wishes to all!
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  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Thank you for sharing so much, Unexpected! I have heard good things about Christine Morgan, and now I recommend her on my website, but I haven't read Channeling Erik (deliberately) so I'm not familiar with the other medium. Still, both of them are decidedly at the low end of the cost spectrum, and they seem to have worked for you!
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  7. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing this in such a great detail @Unexpected . This seriously helps me a lots. I am undergoing a samiliar experience like you after my boyfriend passed. It is really devastating for me. I also tried the self guided connection and do successful got some messages and pictures from him. Yet,I just always am not sure that am I connecting him and receiving the messages correctly. I guess finding medium (of course a good one) could really help.

    Sometime I also afraid that I'm connecting the wrong spirit instead of my boyfriend when using pendulum like how Miley connects carol. I notice that carol would ask the questions. But at the same time I also wonder would other spirits try to fool me. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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  8. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I'm glad this has helped you. I know, it's very tough, it all is. Keep working with Craig. Ask him questions if you are uncertain. Trust him, he will not lead you astray and keep practicing. It gets easier to allow things to flow.

    If you follow Craig's instructions I don't see why you would connect with anyone that's not him. I find the fear to be normal though and I was the same initially. No one wants that kind of mess. Craig informed me that they (those who have transitioned) are perfectly fine with validating it's them. I received my validation so it removed all of my concerns. I don't recall at what point Craig has you do that though so definitely keep working with him on that.

    I've highlighted above the reasons why I would choose each medium. Both good, just different beliefs. Sending you a big hug!
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  9. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Thanks Roberta! I trust your recommendations so that's why I went to your website first and that's how I found her. :)

    This website and all the contributors have been paramount in helping me develop an understanding of the afterlife. As for Channeling Erik, sure. For me, I read a variety of resources looking for consistencies and just new developments in general. Channeling Erik is not everyone's cup of tea but I found consistencies between this site and theirs. I've also found things that don't interest me but that's the same here. I think it's Mac who always says something about "things that appeal to your reason" (sorry if I didn't quote it 100%). For me, Erik is another great example that we retain our personality after transitioning. He also is a spirit who is trying to help others understand suicide is not the answer. Reading through his blog you can also see how he has grown spiritualy since his passing which supports spiritual growth does occur in the afterlife too. Having lost my father to suicide, I wouldn't wish that on anyone and I'm thankful someone in the afterlife is working so hard to continually enforce it's not the right move (unless it was chosen as part of their life plan).

    I love Miley Morgan and Carol and I'm so glad your site opened the door for them. Carol helped me so much. When I listened to her on your show, I was so grateful for what she shared. I didn't know how to tell you that I knew that rainbow or heart cloud was from my loved one?? It was a feeling I couldn't prove. When she shared that, wow, it brought me so much peace. She told me to pay attention to what I see, hear, and feel. I've taken that to heart.

    I find value in all. Again, thank you so much for all your work!
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  10. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I wanted to follow up and say that some of the things Christine Morgan told me to "make note of", things that didn't make sense to me and involved the future, have already started to take place. I'm rather awestruck by that because I really thought she was off. (Some of the future stuff was given by her and some given by him, what he told her.)

    Also, I didn't mention it before but she also mentioned his love of music. She said he just had really good taste in music, very creative with lyrics. I gave her a confirmation of yes on both although I knew when she said this that he was making reference to the way he's creative with messages he sends me. I really felt throughout the reading he was trying to send me info to support our communication through the self-guided afterlife connections. He's really smart, creative, and clever. He never wrote lyrics when he was here. His creativity is how he uses music to communicate messages to me. He started using this right after he passed and has used it since then. One of the things that I love most about doing the connections is that you learn how to recognize unfoldments. When I shared with Craig things I was experiencing, he told me when you start recognizing unfoldments they will send you more. If I had never gotten to this site which lead me to those connections and helped me to recognize unfoldments, what I would be missing out on. It brings me a lot of joy. I thought I would share some of my favorites in case these happen to you and maybe you just aren't realizing? Who knows, anyway:

    -Just this morning he y good one (that's what I say out loud to him when I get them while smiling - that's a really good one XXXXX.). I woke up, laying there thinking about my day and that I haven't felt him like I normally do and he said he wasn't going to be around all the time (he was just with me at my daughter's event yesterday I remind myself) because he's helping other people. This is true, there is a difference in his touch and the frequency. I was thinking about that and shifted to what I needed to get going on. Out of nowhere I heard these lyrics in my head, one key phrase and the instrument piece. It's not like if I played a song right now, it's impressed so it's more of a "knowing". It got my attention and I tried finishing the lyrics to identify the song. Once I recognized the song, I thought that's an unusual one for him to play. It's on my playlist but not one that he's ever shared but smiled regardless because I like when he does that. I go about my business. My daughter was being especially contrary at that moment, kicking something to annoy me so I decided she's not winning that one and grab my phone and ear buds thinking I would just listen to some music so I don't go bonkers. As I pick up my phone I look down to press play and the exact song he unfolded, that was odd, was one I stopped listening to about noon yesterday. I had paused it. Since that time I've listened to a ton of other music just not from my phone. I just starting smiling really big and told him "that's a really good one, you still amaze me." We are both very creative types but in different ways. This was his way. I've been floating on that one for a couple of hours now.
    -Couple weeks ago I was driving to pick up my daughter from school. I was intently listening to the car radio. As a female announcer was finishing up speaking, I became aware of this music in my head. Literally maybe 1-2 seconds long. Really brief. She finished speaking, there was a pause, and that exact music started playing on the radio. Again, so creative. I truly love it.
    -Christine Morgan mentioned a certain city to me during a reading and told me to note that. I did but, again, thought she was off. I've never desired to go to this city but thought maybe something will take me that way but sorta dismissed it because I know all this future stuff is subject to change. It kept sticking out in my head though. Last week there was a song that my ears really seemed to tune into. It's liked a forced awareness? Out of nowhere my ears just seem to hone into music sometimes - like LISTEN. I heard the song, could feel him touch my head along with tons of cold chills and knew it was him sending me another song. I was getting ready the other day, a bit distracted, and out of nowhere that song came on again. I just sang along, no big deal. It then hits me that exact city is in this song. Those lyrics had another meaning for me. It was again, a moment of "that's it!!" Trust those moments.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this or it helped in some way!
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  11. Midwest Michelle

    Midwest Michelle New Member

    I just wanted to say thank you. I just had a wonderful session with a woman that said she found me through this post you shared. I promised her I would check out this website and I just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation. <3
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  12. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Michelle!
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  13. Midwest Michelle

    Midwest Michelle New Member

    Thank you Roberta!
  14. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Hi Michelle!

    Glad you found this site and hope you stick around and check things out! I think you would be a fantastic contributor to this site!
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  15. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    You are quite welcome Michelle! You helped me so much! Thank you for respecting my privacy and not identifying me by my real name. When I feel the time is right, looking forward to future readings with you.
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  16. Midwest Michelle

    Midwest Michelle New Member

    I here whenever you are ready honey. :)
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  17. MalMac56

    MalMac56 Member

    Thanks for posting this. :)
    I've been considering Christine Morgan for some time.
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  18. Shirley Shockley

    Shirley Shockley New Member

    Thank you for sharing!
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  19. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    You are quite welcome!
  20. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    Shoshanna French www.simplespirit.com
    Janet Novahec, journeywithin.org

    Both have been wonderful. I had 4 sessions with Shioshanna and the first one started with Shoshanna giving me a greeting in Spanish from the love of my life. This greeting (Te amo mi amor) s something I say every morning to the love of my life and Shoshanna didn't even know that Spsnish was Her primary language. She went on to tell me things that only my Angel and I were aware of. She has helped me communicate more directly with Angel.
    Yesterday I went to Janet's chapel and my Angel talked to me directly through her. Again mentioning people and events that only She and I knew.
    The bottom line is it's all about the love we continue to share and this keeps the chanel open. I feel that in the beginning my Angel was just sending me feathers and things to show me that She is still here. Now there is starting to be more direct guidance. I think SHe is honing Her communication skills and hopefully someday we will communicate more directly with each others.
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