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March 2013 EVP Compilation.

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by WPInvestigationTeam, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Hey all! We have decided to do monthly EVP compilations of the EVP's captured during our investigations, but we can't guarantee that we will get EVP's every month, hope you enjoy this video and we look forward to hearing from you.

  2. The video, and others that you've posted, are extremely well done. I can hear more in the versions that are not cleaned up. The cleaned up ones have a metallic warble to them. I focus so much on the warble that I seem to miss anything that is said. I can distinctly hear children whining or moaning. Kind of breaks my heart to think that children are trapped in some earthbound realm, if that is indeed the case.
  3. It does upset us too and we try so hard to find out if there is any way we can help, but every time we ask it's almost as though they are not allowed to say, we agree it is slightly difficult to hear beyond the metallic sound but we guess that you'd have to hear "beyond" that, it took us a while to ignore the effect, thus this is why we can detect EVP's better than some. Thank you for your comment.
  4. I do not doubt that what you hear is real, that you are tapping into some psi phenomenon that is real. What I always question is, how do you know that these sounds are really coming from children trapped in an less-than-heavenly realm, as opposed to trickster beings from another less-than-heavenly realm just toying with us, pushing our buttons for their own amusement? That's the same question of have of mediums, channeling, etc. The only way that I can judge this is 'by their fruits'. For example, why I am sold that Carol and Mikey are for real is the constant message of love and other things that ring true. What have been the 'fruits' of your research? Certainly it sounds from what little we know about you that you reach out to these spirits with compassion and seek to be of help. If there is anything more please share with us. If you have a website with all this information, please share that with is as well.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    From personal experience of helping in the release of a child there's something in this notion. But it's all-too-easy to allow emotions to govern our ideas and we have no real notion what is actually being heard via EVP - thus far. And in a similar way to kids being 'trapped' so also can adults and rescue groups have worked for decades trying to help such individuals.

    From previous accounts I have the gravest doubts that EVP will provide a useful means for rescue. Even experienced rescue mediums in direct and clear contact with these unfortunates find it hard work.

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