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Marcello Bacci's ITC

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by magnolia, May 30, 2016.

  1. magnolia

    magnolia New Member

    I'm wondering where Marcello Bacci's results fit with Sonia Rinaldi and Craig Hogan's work in guiding us to reliable communications?

    Bacci's contacts sound remarkable to me. Although in Italian (and some in German I believe), the messages are clear. Bacci seems able to engage in two-way conversation so there is the potential for receiving instructions on stronger communication.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm not familiar with Bacci's work. Could you perhaps post a link to some of his recordings?
  3. magnolia

    magnolia New Member

    Sure, here's a 50 minute doco recently subtitled into English.... Victor Zammit posted it recently in his weekly newsletter
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Magnolia,

    For convenience, I've separated our posts about Marcello Bacci into a new thread. I'll likely be posting new ITC sessions in my original thread over the next few days, I don't want those posts to interrupt this discussion about Bacci.

    Thank you for posting the link to that documentary. I just watched the film, and I am not sure what to think. There is some very convincing evidence suggesting, in my opinion, that Bacci's instrumental transcommunication is genuine. For example, it seems clear that deceased children in particular often use his radio system to reach their parents--the conviction of the parents speaks to the validity of the phenomenon, although I did notice a general lack of evidentiary information provided by those who come through. The various apports that appear during the communications do make me think that the connection to Spirit is genuine.

    However, it is clear that Bacci is not connecting to a communication station, such as the Brazilian Station that Sonia Rinaldi uses or the North American Station that Craig is helping to develop. Some of the spirits said in Italian, "I'm here" or "I'm in front of you," which suggests that they may come to the earthbound plane to communicate. In contrast, we are told that the Stations are on "distant" planes, not near the earth in terms of vibration. (I also don't believe that an Italian Station exists yet, but I could be wrong.)

    The Stations are relatively new, and humankind has been in contact with the spirit world for millennia, so this distinction might not seem important, but it is. If my understanding is correct, there is a major benefit to the Stations that we tend to overlook: by virtue of the fact that they are so far away from the earth plane, they likely cannot be accessed by the negative entities that populate the earthbound realm and the outer darkness. This makes the messages received from the Stations much more reliable.

    I suspect that Bacci's system does not offer the same protection from negative entities. As I said, it seems likely that sitters' loved ones do come through to communicate, but it sounds like other entities come through as well. If one listens to a lot of what is said, it makes very little sense--the responses often sound like pretentious gibberish, raising more questions than they answer. There's also a lot of moralizing and grandstanding, and little or no evidentiary information is given in most cases. (I speak Italian, and the original wording sounds this way too.) So, if I had to guess, I would say that negative entities likely connect to the radio and have a bit of fun with the listeners.‚Äč
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    On a gray, cold, windy, cloudy post Memorial Day morning I took an hour out of my busy schedule (!:D!) and watched the video of Bacci. Apart from the inconvenience of having to read sub-titles - I don't know Italian - I rather enjoyed viewing it.

    I'm no expert but from the little I've read and heard it appeared to be a situation of EVP with Bacci a physical medium. That combination appeared to work well resulting in a lot of communication and apparently good clarity. I had no way to assess how evidential the communication was but it certainly did not appear to be similar to what I understand of the Station situation.

    It does raise a question in my mind whether any station can operate without the attendance of a medium. Can regular Joe's and Josephine's link to the Brazilian Station, and through it to their loved ones, completely independently? Perhaps that question could be moved to the other ITC thread for answer?
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is a great question, dear, and apparently that is the whole point of the Stations: whatever the dead researchers are setting up will take the place of the medium. They will be replacing mental communication with something more or less mechanical, so anyone will be able to make contact with loved ones. And Bacci is an especially good example of the "black box" phase of ITC, which I think began in the eighties. Occasionally people with mediumistic abilities have been able to establish good communication through a device of some sort, and their work is wonderful! But it can't be replicated. And, as Andrew points out, it is risky, since low-vibration entities can easily use it. The Stations are being designed to solve all these problems!
  7. magnolia

    magnolia New Member

    Thanks for the responses everyone, I think I'm understanding some of differences now. Exciting stuff; I'm watching with interest! :)

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