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mac's musings

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mac, Mar 13, 2019 at 3:19 PM.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Completely off-topic here, Ruby..... My optician recommended gel-based lubricants ('tears') as I found regular ones just ran down my cheeks and would need constant application. Might be worth asking around about these gel-based products that should stay longer on the surface of your eye where they get chance to do some good.

    As for your other comments, well I think we see eye-to-eye. (no pun intended!) I'm glad I don't mix much with folk! :D
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Thanks very much, mac. New products have come to the market since I last looked. I thought the gel ones were only for overnight, so this is good news!
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It might be that gel-based drops actually are intended for overnight use, Ruby, but worth checking the situation out anyway as it's quite some time since I was using them. If I remember correctly they can make one's eyes 'smeary' but that may be worth accepting at times when it doesn't matter that you don't see clearly. I understand how severe and chronic dry eye is a literal and figurative pain.

    Over here there used to be constant advertising of 'Restasis' which is a cylosporin based product intended to stimulate tear production if I remember correctly. It's Rx (prescription only) and a check online indicates there are no generic versions. I don't know if it's licensed in the UK but it might be worth asking.
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    I've already bought a gel-based one by mail order this morning. Thanks for the recommendation, mac. I'll try anything! I dread the switching on of air conditioning in public buildings which happens around Easter even if it's freezing and blowing a gale! So very painful on the eyes. I can't tolerate it. For some reason human beings have to be treated like chickens in a fridge, in case we go off maybe!
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I do understand, Ruby! My eyes are only mildly sensitive to air movement but ice-cold a/c is still a pain so I can understand what agony it must be for you. I'm pretty skinny and a/c is a pain for me generally as I have no thick tissue layers to insulate my body and in even a slight draft I get a stiff shoulder, neck and/or back when chilled air is blowing - quite a problem here in AZ where it really is hot enough to regularly need air conditioning, even in homes. Only this week we were at a show with ceiling mounted fans and the air conditioning going and I wore a polo shirt, a sleeveless pullover (vest to our transAtlantic friends) a long-sleeved thick cotton shirt topped off by a polyester body warmer and a baseball cap! OK I had to unbutton some of my layers but I kept on all of my clothing to avoid the icy-cold air wafting around. Even in the UK I have to do something similar in cinemas and theatres, mainly in summer.....

    I'm glad you've found some gel tears to try and wish you luck with them. The only other thing that might help a little would be some close-fitting spectacles, maybe slightly tinted to look fashionable if you prefer.

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