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mac's musings

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mac, Mar 13, 2019 at 3:19 PM.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm a quiet, often reflective guy, more an observer than a participant in this world - that's often how I feel and sometimes how I describe myself. I coined 'shidad', along the lines of the ridiculously-overused 'lol'. I use my creation sparingly but inside me it's probably the most frequent reaction to the goings-on in this world. And just when I think there couldn't be anything more weird, bizarre or outrageous than the customary daily diet of weird, bizarre and outrageous, some individual will prove me wrong - shidad! :rolleyes:

    What set me off shaking my head in disbelief and dismay - shidad - was an innocent social at the weekend, a 'good-bye' gathering as a couple of friends left our resort, individuals we'll likely never see again in this lifetime. As we waited for them to arrive we chatted to another friend, all laughing and joking about old age, infirmities and the state of the world. Then we were joined by another individual. Her contribution to the conversation was to almost dominate it. She rattled away about stuff that sounded to me like her random thoughts, personal trivia, a monologue. Before long we made our excuses and left, shocked but not surprised that someone should think that talking about personal trivia constituted a conversation. But that behavior is far from uncommon unless we're just unlucky! These individuals appear wrapped up in themseleves, seemingly desperate to blurt out the stuff that we may think but wouldn't dream of boring anyone with.

    As this is a spiritual and afterlife website, though, I try to write about issues that have spiritual relevance and the above grumble does have one. I've often said that what we experience here in the physical is mostly what we can't experience elsewhere, even that of boring the pants off someone! Or behaving weirdly, bizzarely or outrageously. :D;) Or being bored and outraged by others so very different from ourselves.

    In the world of the spirit we're not stuck with those who are unlike ourselves hence such experiences will be unknown for those who have not incarnated here - that's the spiritual element of my curmudgeonly observations. :)
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  2. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Mac, this is a constant refrain in my life. Women seem to just want to chew my ear off! If anything happened to my husband I'd be left with these self-absorbed women who seem to have no appreciation that a conversation is an exchange of views. Even folk I've not seen for a while and look forward to seeing, disappoint in their enthusiasm to tell me everything that's going on in their lives without pause for me to get a word in edgeways. I don't know if it's hearing politicians and commentators in the media interrupting each other constantly and people encouraged to think their every utterance and opinion is precious and must be tweeted or blogged, or if it's just me and I've been cast in the role of a good listener! One sure way to silence people is to tell them you've had intimations of an afterlife, but I've pretty much told everyone now. I'll try to remember next time that these things are sent to try us!
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's heartening to learn it's not just me and my wife who feel this! I don't know if it's mainly women - men may be as bad but I have to say I'm aware of more females than males - call that sex bias if you wish, I can't refute it. I don't know what the cause is or if it's just me becoming ever less-tolerant. I consider myself a good listener but not a good listener to self-absorbed trash!

    I don't see it as being sent to try us so much as our getting to experience the opposite of what we knew in the etheric. And for some the opportunity to do to others here what they could never do to them in the etheric. All part of life's rich tapestry, I guess. :D
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Some years ago my wife told me about an extreme example of such self-centred behavior, a story we still laugh about whenever we've been dumped-on by one of these awful individuals. It goes like this.....

    My wife is one of a small group of retired work colleagues who get together each month for a lunch-time meal and a drink. In the usual group of eight were two of these horrible individuals. Both were totally self-absorbed, neither showing any interest in what the others were chatting about. They were both known for rarely having a kind word to say and would often dominate the get-together. If they did say anything involving the others it was often cold, callous or critical. My wife would give me the latest account on her return home, her emotions ranging from 'shidad!' to outright anger and frustration. Yet the pair were tolerated, one of them still tolerated to this day.

    That's the general scene but the central story is that on one of the meet-ups this horrible pair were sitting next to my wife. She'd arrived after the others had picked their places to avoid sitting near to them! The pair had only one another to talk to because they were at the end of the long table. My wife could hear everything this obnoxious pair were saying, each delivering a monologue about herself, neither listening or responding to the other. My wife was horrified yet fascinated at these women who were notionally in conversation with one another but in actuality neither was taking a scrap of notice of the other.

    I wonder how many folk are much like them? o_O
  5. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    "Horrified yet fascinated", I can relate to that. Been there, etc. I'm out for dinner tonight with two friends. One would talk without stopping given the opportunity, but is not at all boring, so you tend to want to chip in, just as she abruptly changes the subject, and the other is wise, witty, and quite naughty. If we can somehow manage to steer things after letting the noisy one excitedly chat for a bit, we'll have a great time. It usually works out well.
    Because of my dry eyes I go ahead to the table if I'm with someone who just wants me to listen to them and sit facing the room, as just focusing without interest on someone yacking brings on an attack. They don't realise I'm putting in the drops over and over as eyes so dry, which is like rain down glass as evaporates fast, so I say in desperation that I'm just looking around, and still listening, but it's torture really. You tend to need to look at folk who are talking. With some people, if you interrupt them because things are getting ridiculous they just carry on talking! At that point I say to myself, never again, next time they suggest a meeting I'll ask them to record it and send me a tape!

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