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Looking For Proof

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by joyellen, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    Yes, i get very very concrete signs! And I just want you to know that his unexpected death is not the end of your loving relation. It just changed a form. Much love to your bleeding heart from mine♡♡
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  2. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    Toady I am so sorry for your loss. I have received concrete signs from my Susie in many ways. She is always here but when I'm really down because my vibrations are lower I can't receive her messages. Have faith my friend and as Monika says in her wisdom it's not the end it just changed form.
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  3. Debbie

    Debbie New Member

    I just ordered your book the fun of dying. I hope to get better understanding of life after we leave our physical bodies . I am so hoping to learn to communicate with my departed husband. I really need to know if he is ok and we'll be together. I also ordered 3 other books on the subject. I will reach out to you again when I finish your book.
  4. Toady

    Toady New Member

    Would you mind telling me what signs you had?
    My partner was planning tomorrow and it just breaks my heart he didn’t get it.
    I miss everything about him and I’m lost without him. He was only 42 and his birthday will be coming up soon, I’m so gutted to be the one left with this heartache and pain... I wish we’d of gone together !
    Just 4 weeks before we were on holiday as a family and then this I totally can’t believe it and don’t want to believe it.
    I need to see him etc!
    I had a very real dream which was so nice but I’ve tried every night to have another and nothing!
  5. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    A lot of the signs i do share in the thread called "signs and messages from the other side". I of course could share them once more but in respect of others who already read those signs i would like to do that over privat message. So just message me if it is ok for you.
    The situation you are in sounds very familiar for me. My husband passed away in a boat accident being 29 same day when i got contract for the appartment we really wanted and i never got to tell him face to face and see him being happy about that. We also had holiday plans and tickets. All got canceled with police knock on our caravan door. I do not accept this, do not believe that this is my life fully until now. And i wont ever. From one moment to another happiness was changed with horrible sadness who became my new best friend as time goes on. I question every single day why i wasnt with him that day. Why i couldnt go with him. But well...some questions stay as questions. I am sure there are answers to my every question (and probably yours) but for some reason we are not able to understand them. Yet.
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  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Toady, your "very real dream" was probably a communication dream. Your grief is of such a low vibration that it can act as a barrier to communication, so for a time it may be only when you are in sleep mode and less focused on his loss that he will be able to reach you in a way that you can perceive. But he is indeed trying! So cherish that dream, thank him for it, know that it demonstrates his survival, and concentrate on being certain that he has indeed survived so you can feel less grief. It's a process, dear - your pain will lessen, and as it does you will be able to be close to him again. There are widows and widowers here who have wonderfully resumed their closeness with their spouses, even including sexually; please let them help you now!

    Clearly, your beloved is getting his tomorrow! He is eternal, as are you. As you allow yourself to ever better know this certainty, the negativity you are feeling now will lessen. If you would like a PDF of any of my books, please send me a link through the contact block on robertagrimes.com. And meanwhile, I'm sending you a hug!
  7. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    I can share with you a bit of my own experience. I do know that after passing my husband became my everything beside what he was already. To keep it short and simple lets say he became my guide and my guard. As i do miss him here, same he miss me there. I have to live my life as long as i have to. I dont know how long exactly, but if i am still here today this means for me that this day i have to live through. Will see about tomorrow. Anyway, every day i know i need to do something. I can say by now that the best i process with the guidance Michel gives me. Of course very often i hit a rock bottom with my emotions. Every single time Michel pulls me out of there. Sometimes he reach that fast, sometimes it takes weeks for him to put be back "on track". Of course it is important that i do all my best by myself to get up from that rock bottom. So if i do, then we both reach that quite fast. But sometimes i dont. Sometimes i dont put any efforts for quite a while because im tired from this never ending circle of going down and up. When i finally get up, with his guidance and support i feel i run through life doing all the best i can to reach the goal: to finally be able to go to him. Meanwhile, laying on the bottom i am stuck in same place. And the worst part is that, if days goes by while i comfortable sit on bottom and refuse to get up, it doesnt mean that my goal comes closer. Nope. I still need to go all that way and collect all my checkpoints. So for me it is very important to let Michel to guide me so i can run faster and try not to force him to guard me from myself (i speak about suicide).
    Life became a really hard constant work but im allright with that as long as i know i come to finish line as fast as i can, taking as less break days as i can.

    Well it is really not easy to explain myself. Sometimes i wish i would have talent to express myself. Especially now when i read and can reflect a lot with your pain.
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  8. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    One experience I had was this: Every morning I tell the love of my life that I love her in another language, her native tongue. I went to a medium, they work for me, not everyone but they work for me in addition to other things and techniques. The medium said my love was there and had something to say to me. This medium did not know my beloved's nationality or language but told me the exact words I say to my wife every day in her language. There have been many, many other experiences and she is beside me now.

    You say "Well it is really not easy to explain myself. Sometimes i wish i would have talent to express myself." Your love for Michel touches my heart and soul every day as I'm sure it touches others. Your communication skills are profound. You and I Little Sister have more work to do here as unfortunate and crushing as that sounds. And you help so many through their suffering. Every morning when I awaken to this nightmare I thank the creator for Susie, Michel and You and others and the guidance I receive. Tack Min Van. Each morning we are one day closer.
  9. Toady

    Toady New Member

    I’m adamant that the dream was a visit, he appeared to me in our hallway at home.. I acknowledged that he had passed away and I was saying wow how are you here? I thought after post Morton you were really gone? He just said I don’t know and we hugged it was so real when I woke up I thought it was actually real and this actual life was a dream and I remember everything about it... I just miss him so badly it hurts so much
    I never dreamt this would happen to us it’s something you read about? Not what happens to normal people,, my whole world has been completely shattered
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Vivid events that appear to be a dream may indeed be a visitation by a loved one - not just imagination as some will suggest. You'll find similar accounts from other members here on ALF. Bereavement is agony and it does leave you feeling your world has been shattered. Others here have experienced similar with the same sense of disbelief and despair. We can't change what's happened to you but maybe we can help you come to terms with it and to begin to understand the principle that ALF is built upon - that of our survival beyond death.

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