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Little girl from my past life, showed up in a picture with my children

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Ski, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    My own abilities in that area seem to have largely vanished since my husband died. In my case, I suspect it's because I no longer trust my own intuitions and perceptions, since (aside from a few small things which weren't strong enough to allow me to prevent my husband's death) they were not evident or helpful when I most needed them to be, in connection with my husband's then-impending heart attack.
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  2. Ski


    I relate to both of you. I went through a depression a few years back...and I noticed that it affected my own abilities, I quit having them. Then I noticed when I recovered, that they came back, though not as much or prominent. I don't seem to remember my dreams as much, anymore....but I still have what I call as bleed throughs, where I will randomly see images here and there, and pick up intuitively upcoming events.

    Mine were most prominent for years after I had my NDE....do you think that this might be because of the spiritual elevation or higher frequency? I've noticed I don't get them as much when I'm down, or when I'm feeling closed off....which can last a long time.
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  3. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    I lived in a "haunted house" for a few years and IMO we cleared the bad energy but I just wanted to share this about a "little girl" that I used to encounter there. The town dated to the mid 1600's and a lot happened there. I senses a little girl who something bad happened to. I did not discuss it because it was too weird. I finally sold the house, there was a lot of bad energy there that I think we cleared. My oldest daughter was in the basement with me with a pile of teddy bears that my youngest, now mid 20's had when young. We never discussed the "little girl" but I asked my oldest M if I should save the toys for my youngest or throw them out. M replied: "they are not hers, they belong to the little girl".
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  4. Ski


    Very interesting, Bill....

    Did you discuss it ahead of time with your daughter, or did you both just pick up on it being a little girl?

    It certainly defies logic how we can pick up on energy, gender, age and emotional states of those who have passed on, that we have never met. I did that with my uncle after he died in Vietnam.
  5. Ski


    Yes, BB...I can see how that could happen. It happened to me as well, although for different reasons...the depression, anxiety, and other feelings of loss, clouded my abilities for about 4 years. I can still feel psychic phenomen, but I noticed my attention is on other things I am still reeling from, or day to day life situations. I'm still a believer, I have my bad and good days...but I don't feel as open as I use to be. I'm okay with that, I understand it, but it does bother me sometimes that overall, as a healthy human/ spiritual being...that I'm not as uplifted or feel as open as I use to be, with or without the psychic experiences. I still put my best foot forward most days, but I have become more acutely aware to the suffering and pain in the world....it's not something that I can ignore, I just keep my experiences, beliefs, and what I've learned that much closer to me...and I try to share them with others like myself. I have noticed, that the more I share my experiences...that others also have the same or similar experiences. I am not alone for certain, and talking about our spiritual experiences helps me to understand more, especially when being open and honest...even your posts, in your own honest, and innocent way...helps me understand more. I use to be so embarrassed to share my experiences...and now, I'm just completely open to understanding amd sharing all that I've seen, and experienced without shame, embarrassment, judgement, or fear.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
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  6. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    I'm sure my depression and anxiety aren't helping, either. I don't expect anything to change or get better during my life, since my husband is not here with me. I am never "uplifted", anymore. As far as sharing experiences, I don't think anyone should be embarrassed to share what they have experienced. Some people will believe you, some won't, but that's the way with most things.
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  7. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    Hi Ski, my daughter and I did not discuss the little girl prior to her telling me the stuffed animals no longer belonged to my other daughter but "Now they belong to the little girl". That's what blew me away. I was having visions and dreams of the little girl but never told anyone.
    BB I am so sorry for what you and many of us in different ways are dealing with. You said you are never uplifted and that is exactly how I feel. The joy has been sucked out it seems. I know we will be together again with the loved one's who transitioned but until than I go through life emotionally empty.
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  8. Maria

    Maria Member

    Every time I read about ghost children I feel sad that they are alone, lost, and earthbound, perhaps for centuries. Why don’t their parents in spirit or other dead relatives come to rescue them? (Another big mystery and question about the afterlife).
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  9. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Unfortunately, Maria, if those no longer in bodies are actually earthbound, they usually can't perceive their deceased loved ones around them. That is why it can be so helpful for mediums to get involved and get their attention, and help them to make contact with the loved ones waiting for them!
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Specialist 'rescue cirles' sit (or have done in the past) to try to reach these sad individuals and help them on their way. Their focus is entirely on helping in such a manner.

    I was once privileged to help a small 'earthbound' girl in a similar way although not as a circle member. It was an amazingly emotional experience and one I can still recall decades later.
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