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Little girl from my past life, showed up in a picture with my children

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Ski, Apr 14, 2018 at 1:19 AM.

  1. Ski

    Ski Member

    I had a past life dream ( I didn't know it was at the time, although I knew the dream meant something) I'm not going to go in full detail, there's a lot more to the story. But the little girl, showed up in several dreams, she had a short white dress, amd long blonde hair. She was mute, and did not talk. I felt she had a communication disorder, possibly a form of autism. She was about 6 years old.?..and the setting seemed to be around the 1600s, although that is an estimation based on the surroundings, house, furniture, ect.

    I always woke up before I seen what happened to her.

    At first, I found the dream intriguing because it seemed so real...But, it was also a dream. So I left it at that.

    Until....Easter of 2003. My 3 year old son was dressed up in his holiday best, to go to a family Easter egg hunt and party. I sat him down in front of the fireplace...that had glass doors. I took the pictures and did not notice anything unusual at the time. One day I was going through the pictures to put them in an album, and I noticed my reflection in the glass...you could see me taking the picture....and then right next to me, was the little girl. The glass was very clean, so I could see it clearly. She was standing right next to me, in her little old worn out white summer dress and her long blonde hair...she was just as solid as me in the picture. The reason I didn't notice it,maws because it was in the backdrop of the picture...on the fireplace glass door.

    I took this picture to work, to get second opinions....I did not tell my coworkers what was in the picture. I asked them if they saw anything unusual in the fireplace glass. They look amd studied at it for a second, and immediately started jumping up and down, freaked out....and yelling YES! YES! There's a little girl in the picture, OMG!!!

    My coworker ended up keeping the picture with him for a week, to make copies, so he could take them to his friend who is interested and just started studying in hauntings. He was the one who taught me about houses made of stone, and how they can hold energy....

    But, I knew the dreams were real of the little girl, when she showed up in the picture next to me and my son.

    I find myself wondering why, and what happened to her....because it's odd that she would show up in this life through dreams and a picture. I always wonder if she died young or something...I've been terrified in this life, that something could happen to one of my children. I always thought it was normal for parents to be overprotective, but mine is extreme at times, like I wouldn't even let my son get his license until he was 18...because I'm afraid something could happen to him, an accident. I get the feeling this might stem from that life, like an accident happenedbut I'm not sure....I can't quite figure it out. I didn't see what happened to her...

    I had another dream after this, in another time...and a different house. Approximately around the 1700s. It's a completely different house, and very big. All I see is myself running through the front door, straight up the stair case and into a room....I know exactly where she is at...and I race up to that room, she climbed up on a French looking decorative board in her room, and she reaches out, and I grab her in my arms...then I wake up. I notice in all the dreams, she sits on her little knees...like little kids do....and she's always waiting for me, and I'm always panicked to find her, because she is lost or hiding. Even now it makes me a little upset, because I can feel the panic in the dreams to find her. I do get the impression from the dreams, that I didn't like or get along with her father very well, and that's why she hides.
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  2. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    What amazing experiences! I've had vivid, never-to-be-forgotten past life dreams, so I do believe you were experiencing memories of past lives. I've heard of spirits being able to impress their images on photographic film and that it's an unusual skill that can depend on the psychic abilities of the person handling the camera too. I would treasure that photo! I'm still searching for any image at all of the little half-Chinese girl I was during the Gold Rush days in California or of the rich girl who lived slightly after that time. I haven't given up hope finding a photograph of either of them, though it's more likely that there are surviving pictures of the wealthier one.

    To me, it seems likely that there are correspondences between those particular lifetimes and this one--lessons that we're here to learn--so IMO we should pay attention to the information we've been given and see how it might apply to our current life. Your insight into your own protectiveness with your son is an example of this, I think. Have you read any of Dr. Brian Weiss' books on hypnotic regression to other lives?

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