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Just a thought... Do spirits need some sort of communication device too?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by WPInvestigationTeam, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. We have been thinking recently... Since we need means to communicate with spirits and need devices to help us such as Voice recorders, Night-vision or Thermal imaging cameras, K-II meters etc.. Do you think that spirits need some sort of communicating device to try and contact us back? Why do some spirits find is very difficult to communicate and some don't? Maybe they need permission to try and talk to us? Or do they choose not to? Just a random discussion :) Hope you all are doing well!
  2. Pinkroses

    Pinkroses Member

    I believe spirits can and do communicate with us without the use of any devices. The problem is that we often have difficulty recognizing when they are trying to communicate. When something unusual happens to us, we brush it off as coincidence or our own imagination. I've really learned a lot about this in the past year. I shared some of my experiences when I first joined these forums, but I will recap for you.

    I started experiencing a series of strange coincidences after my ex-boyfriend passed away. I would see the same symbols and objects over and over. I kept hearing songs by his favorite band everywhere I went. At first I just thought it was all coincidence, but when it continued for many months, I wondered if there was more to it. I started thinking that maybe he was trying to reach me. So, I began talking aloud to him. I asked him to send me a specific sign -- a pink rose. I did have a few experiences with pink roses after that, but I still wasn't convinced. Then one day I was about to sit down at a picnic table in a park to have lunch when I spotted something under my seat. It was a fabric PINK ROSE! I picked it up and was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. It was truly an amazing moment!
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  3. Such a lovely story Pink! Makes us wonder what other signs they can give us to let us know that they're ok, have you gotten anymore signs or direct communication from him?
  4. Pinkroses

    Pinkroses Member

    Actually, yes. In addition to the roses, I have received stars, a heart-shaped chunk of mud that mysteriously appeared on my sleeve, as well as unusual experiences with a giant monarch butterfly and deer.

    Songs have been a big way he attempts to communicate. Sometimes I get a strong feeling that one of his songs is playing on the radio. When I turn on the radio, that particular song is actually on. I have asked him to send me specific songs in order to prove it was really him. I even asked for a certain song for my birthday. About a half hour after asking, I got into the car and heard the song I requested (which isn't a current popular song), followed by a song from his favorite band. Not long after that, the song "Today Is Your Birthday" came on. I got a huge smile.

    I have had dreams where he has tried to help me. I have connected with him during meditation, where I was able to see images of him as well as various scenes, kind of like when you're dreaming only I was awake. During the meditation, I have actually asked him questions I didn't know the answers to and was later able to verify the answers as being true. On a few occasions, I strongly felt his presence and experienced a chilled goosebumps sensation for several minutes.

    The common theme with all of the communications is that they occurred when I was in an open, relaxed state. So it seems that spirits have an easier time getting through under these circumstances.
  5. I also believe that spirits doesn’t need anything to communicate with us. Our loved ones are always there with us but we are not able to recognize them. They give us signs. But as Pinkroses said, we think that it was a coincidence or our imagination. Thanks Pinkroses for sharing the beautiful part of your life with us.
  6. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Love Pinkroses stories! (And I so agree with what she is saying!) This is how they try to communicate. And when you are open and "get it", it can get quite entertaining! They can be very creative! Mikey continues to say that communication has much more to do with the individual / soul here, and the individual / soul on the Otherside than it does with any "device". :)
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
    (I will be back on the forum later today.)
  7. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    And just because there are varied ways doesn't necessarily mean that one is easier or better than another. Sometimes at work it is good for me to send an email, so people can refer to my words later. Other times, it's better to call, or to speak in person. Some people find it easy to write emails, some people find it difficult.

    From what I've seen on TV (which I realize may not all be authentic) EVPs may have some use, particularly with earthbound entities, which is what the "ghost hunter" type shows focus on. Where a medium can connect more directly with a spirit in the house, the investigators don't have developed spiritual ability like that, so they use the EVP. Investigators are usually (again, based on TV shows I've seen) not trying to make contact with a loved one so much as they are trying to prove whether there is, in fact, some spirit phenomenon going on in the house. They make a point of checking for alternate explanations for sounds or sights, and consider the EVPs and video images of orbs or mists as evidence that can be shared with the curious or the skeptical.

    By the way -- for the WP team -- there are a lot of accounts by forum members of signs from deceased loved ones in this section of the forum and also under "Afterlife Evidence."
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The questions raised here have been discussed here and elsewhere on numerous occasions.

    Trans-dimensional communication has never been straightforward. The use of physical electronic equipment adds a layer of extra difficulty requiring effort and skill from those trying to reach out to this physical dimension. Some discarnates may be able to achieve worthwhile results whereas others can't - if electronic communication works at all. Either way incarnates are left struggling to decipher what's heard and to hold coherent interchanges. Maybe practice will make perfect but it doesn't seem to be anywhere near even good let alone perfect.

    As to why discarnates find it hard to communicate well a look at the science fundamentals will help to explain. We and they live at different operating frequencies and there's no indication whether the scientific laws can be usefully compared. Where communication has occurred, and does still occur, it's down to some kind of melding of transmitter and receiver - both individual, living entities. We have the words that describe the procedures but we have no real understanding of it. It might even be called a 'miracle' that it can happen at all!

    Our unseen, discarnate friends 'over-there' don't need permission to try to reach their loved ones over here - from whom would it come anyway?

    Do they choose not to? Why shouldn't they choose not to? Do we speak to just everybody and anybody in this world so why would they want to from their world? Do we think they've nothing better to do than to try to get-in-touch with us over here? really?

    Some specific thoughts and responses....
  9. You would have to define the type of communication first. Direct voice? Independent Direct Voice? Part or full materialization? "Channelling"?Automatic writing, painting or reverse slate inscriptions?

    I can speak to what spirit says in regard to using the ectoplasmic larynx or "voice box" but you can hear it for yourself.

    Here as a direct download


    or read about David's communication via transcript here


    Do some not care? I believe all spirits care but some are not able or are preoccupied. They have a life too. :D

    Permission, no; free will is at play (which by and by would explain tricksters, lower realmed meanies and clowns. Permission to talk out of place perhaps about things we are not ready to hear or should not? Yes, permission or they intuitively know what is off/on limits.

    Choose not to? Sure, they are, in the lower realms at least, very much like they were on earth from a personality standpoint. Maybe they don't like you? Never did? ;)
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