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Just a dream or a visitation?

Discussion in 'Dreams and Lucid Dreaming' started by Katieb1992, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    I know!
    The NDE in 2015 you mention, can you describe what happened? Only if you have time with all you have going on yourself! Was this your first experience of anything "paranormal"?
  2. one-light

    one-light New Member

    Thanks for asking Ruby, I hope this might help someone in some way 'who is not sure' if they believe in the afterlife.... My first 'message' was 10 years before my NDE, living in a different town - in the night a message came into my mind, I didn't hear it I knew it.... Message was - you will move to a different town, drink wine, smoke cigs, be an old website designer and work in a den.

    lighthearted my Angel's are with their comments - I was a web designer, and still am part time SE, but I didn't like the 'old' bit, I still smoke roll ups but don't drink anymore, got off that last year with instructions from my Guides - but as years went by I'd occasionally 'stop and think' I wonder where this den is...

    So fast forward a few years and I meet my now wife from a different town miles away, all pre arranged by my support - I asked her to marry me within weeks - and as the rooms were full of 3 grown up children at her house, and I was renting, the only place I could put my computer in her house for my work was under the stairs in a small cupboard, no room to swing a cat - my den... kids have moved on now, yes! got my own office.

    Forward several years to my NDE - I was suffering with Hyperacusis 'over sensitive hearing' and Tinnitus worsened with stress, sorted now - but at the time I had, had enough, couldn't stand putting spoons in the draw or diesel engine cars, and even car tyres outside, wife had new windows fitted for me as well.

    So in the last few weeks I had considered taking my life, ending it, but only considered, I knew though it isn't the 'right way' ending ones own life, so anyone looking on now considering that option - look at these words and think!!! 'don't do it' look for answers, they will come, search for some light in your darkness, its there, just look for it...... I come through the darkness, to the light again, so can you...

    In my final day, or should have been without Jesus and divine intervention - I had lost all colour in my face, told wife a day or two before that's it no doctors, with Hyperacusis, the last thing you want is Ambulance Sirens and beep beep in hospital, ears wouldn't have been able to stand it, anyway it was 'my choice' not to end it but to give up.

    So colour had gone from my face for a couple of days - probably hours to go I reckon, lying in bed curtains closed maybe can't remember, just looking at photo of my passed mum, saying over and over 'where are you'...

    Then things happened, things that I was to witness in my learning/teaching for my journey ahead - it was late morning I was almost gone, I was aware enough still to witness what happened next - I witnessed my 'spirit' lively in my dying body ready to fly.... went on for a little while - then I am sure I felt a hand on my forehead and recovered so fast - I was driving the next day.

    And the 'timing' of spirit, I went downstairs - my wife and I were due to support someone in court - the stress of that was adding to my mental health issues - well 'timing' as I went downstairs with the immediate 'strength' i'd been given, I went to my wife and she had 'just' got the sat nav out, wondering how she was going to get there - I said I feel better, and I drove the car the next day to several towns away.

    And since then, so much has happened on my journey, teaching me - tap tap tap on the window, to get me to research mind'body'spirit for many years now, to help others.

    So let this be a message to anyone 'in darkness' right now, dealing with something they can't handle, help will come 'ask' - or go and get help, look for the light, its there just ahead -'look for it' - its so beautiful after the darkness...
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  3. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    "I witnessed my spirit in my dying body ready to fly". That sounds amazing. Were you happy with this or frightened? Did you feel quite calm in the face of death? It sounds a very fast recovery. Excuse me for asking, but since you didn't have a terminal illness, but something unbearable to endure, were you close to death because you'd tried to commit suicide? I'd be interested to read more of what you discovered to help you recover!
  4. one-light

    one-light New Member

    I 'never' tried to commit suicide one should not do that - I was 'not one bit' frightened when I witnessed my spirit, it felt like my spirit was celebrating, as in 'yes the body is dying i'm ready to fly' - that's what I remember thinking at the time, that's what if felt like - I was ready and had enough here though, I had no energy left until the time I think I felt a hand on my forehead.... I am very close to the Holy Spirit recently and maybe for a long time - he showed me an image once of Jesus 2000 years ago in our church, well now he's always close, I feel him attached/connecting in my belly sometimes, guiding me - belly rumble/growling, if anyone gets the same and wants to look it up... Our 2nd brain is also tucked away in the belly - very powerful and influential...
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2020

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