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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by JesusIsLord, May 12, 2013.

  1. JesusIsLord

    JesusIsLord Banned

    On the third day, Jesus left the spirit realms in his spirit body and returned to the earth and entered the tomb. Jesus dematerialized his battered body of flesh and blood into the surrounding atmosphere and was able to accomplish this because he understood and was able to call into operation certain laws of nature. At the time, Jesus did not realize that it would be the means of creating a fairly good representation of his countenance on the cloth that had wrapped his body.

    No one at the time understood the power that he had over matter, and because of this the people believed that his body arose from the tomb, and hence, the churches teach that the bodies of mortals will also arise at the time of the Great Resurrection. This, however, is not the case, because the body that dies disintegrates into the elements and never again will these elements constitute that same body.

    Jesus then materialized a new body with the elements drawn from the universe. This body, to a degree, seemed like flesh and blood and closely resembled his own body. He accomplished this by the culling of the cosmic elements of the universe to create a body with the appearance of flesh. This process conforms to the building of organic molecules around a spirit body in a similar way in which ectoplasm is borrowed from a medium and used to enable a spirit to be visible to mortal eyes.
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  2. JesusIsLord

    JesusIsLord Banned

    Jesus left the tomb by passing through the rock that barred the entrance. The stones blocking the entrance to the cave were later rolled away by a bright spirit in the form of a young man who was sent by God for this purpose (Matthew 28:2). The strength he displayed in this task was obtained through the transmission of energy conveyed to him by the many spirits who were present at the time.

    He used a guard, whom he put into a trance by suggestion, as the means by which he obtained the necessary ectoplasm to bring about his materialization. When the guards realized that his body had disappeared, they relayed what they had seen to the chief priests who, after consultation, decided they would bribe the guards to say to the people that his body had been stolen from the tomb by the disciples.

    When he revealed himself to Mary, she did not recognize Jesus, for his appearance was not the same as it was when his body was entombed. Although he did have the same countenance and eyes and voice of affection that were familiar to her, his physical appearance was different and she thought that he was the gardener (John 20:15).
  3. Huh?

    Pray tell, how do you know these things, JIL?

    Jesus entranced an unwilling guard, forced him to be the medium for his ectoplasmic source?

    The gardener looked like a fully materialized, ectoplasmic-coated spirit-man? :D
  4. JesusIsLord

    JesusIsLord Banned

    I am not Jesus, I am not JILL. I know of these things by conversion to Spiritualism.

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