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Jeffrey Wands, Psychic Medium

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Bella, May 13, 2013.

  1. This is in response to the recent comment about Silvia Browne, whose quackery does not represent all mediums.

    A friend sent me a link, indicating that nine years ago, the psychic medium Jeffrey Wands, on the Maury show, advised the mother of one of the kidnapped girls in Cleveland that her daughter was very much alive, knew and had conversed with her kidnapper, and was trapped in his home. Even though Wands did not get the kidnapper's age or race correct (indicating that he was Black rather than Hispanic), he provided enough information for a sketch that looked to me to match his appearance. Here is a link to the segment on the Maury show.

  2. The skeptics of course will ignore that and focus on Sylvia Browne.
  3. Bella, thank you for pointing that out. I did not know that. I believe the police seriously dropped the ball in this case.
  4. Thank you so much, VainVessel and iLovelearning, for reading and responding to this. Having gone to Jeffrey Wands and received many free telephone readings which were on the mark and very comforting (although allowing for about 15% error), I was relieved to know that he was no Silvia Browne. My son, who is sometimes skeptical, keeps asking me why mediums, who are all psychic, don't help in situations like this, and in this case, it seems the police did get the information from at least one medium, yet ignored it. If Wands alerted the family and authorities that the girl was abducted by someone she had conversed with, how was it that this house was never searched? There is evidence that mediums solve crimes. I knew Silvia Browne was totally off when I read, in one of her books, about all the witches who were burnt at the stake in Salem 1692. Any basic history book will tell you none were burnt - they were all hanged - lol. That's pretty stupid, but she doesn't represent all mediums.
  5. Bella, can you imagine how many crackpots call the police with mediumistic messages for high profile cases? From all over the country, the world?

    Then if the police do use a medium and admit to it, they look like incompetents for listening to crazies and/or incompetent for not solving the case with their own inhouse resources.

    If it's found out that the LEOs are using a medium, all hell can break loose.

    The medium who comes through with valuable information should by investigative process immediately become a suspect. It's lose-lose proposition with political and criminal perils for everybody.
  6. fyp
    :D The skeptic will pay attention to both mediums and draw fairs conclusions as appropriate.
  7. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    I agree, this was very interesting to watch Bella. Wands didn't get this 100% right but he was remarkably close.
  8. Bella, link is not working. I am also thinking that why psychics are not able to help the police to solve a critical case.

    Interesting Thread Bella.
  9. TIS,
    Thank you so much for reading this and for your thoughtful response, as always.
    I understand what you are saying about crackpots (like Silvia Browne!), but think that, like all leads, they should be weighed carefully and considered. It is no secret that the medium Allison Dubois worked with police to solve crimes, and also, Debra Martin has solved at least one murder case, also working with police investigators. If a medium has proven himself to be reliable, I think their hints can be followed up. In the Cleveland kidnapping case, we have a reliable medium (Wands), and the fact that this kidnapper also was living in a house that was visited a few times by police due to questionable activity that he was involved in (something involving a child in a school bus).
    My feeling is that knowledge from across the veil is available to us for a reason - so that we can help others.
  10. Thanks so much, Celera. Thanks for reading this. I've learned that about 10 or 15% of what mediums say may not be accurate sometimes, but this doesn't take away from the messages that are right on the mark, and could not possibly have been known by other means. I think what is important is the overall effect. In this case, the tip could have saved the young women. In other cases, with even 80% accurate messages, we walk away with our souls healed (or at least, it seems that way. This is the way I feel).
  11. Jenniechan,
    Thanks for posting a reply to this. I've been just reading here, lately and not posting, but this case was so disturbing, and since I know Jeffrey Wands, I had to post. It seems like others were able to access this, so I'm not sure what to do in terms of reposting the link. Maybe if you google "Maury, Jeffrey Wands and De Jesus kidnapping" you might get the youtube link, or search for it on youtube. I know it is on the Jeffrey Wands face book. It's a short clip, but I pretty much summarized it.
    Like I posted to TIS, Allison Dubois and Debra Martin are mediums out on the west coast who have helped police solve crimes. To me, this is so good because it really is a validation for how we can benefit from knowledge provided from across the veil.
    While knowing about the afterlife hasn't stopped me from being depressed and sad about my husband every day, when I go into a meditation and I am able to get information to help someone, it helps me *get through* each day.
  12. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    Actually it didn't work for me either. I logged in to Facebook and then searched for the Maury Povich Show page. It was right near the top. If you don't use Facebook then Google might still get you to a different copy of the video.
  13. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    I don't know that much about how mediums or psychics work, and they probably don't all work the same way. I wondered, though, if a lot of their accuracy relies on their "non-psychic" interpretation of what they do perceive.

    For example, if an image of Ariel Castro's face came to the psychic's mind, he might describe Castro as "black" just because he isn't very careful or knowledgeable about what a lot of Puerto Rican people look like. Similarly, he might guess the age wrong. These errors then wouldn't invalidate his psychic insight, just his skill at guessing someone's race and age from an image of their face.

    This might explain at least a part of Sylvia Browne's error -- she said to Angela Berry's mother, "you won't see her again in this life." That part turned out to be true, even though it was the mother, and not Angela, who passed they could be reunited. Perhaps Ms. Browne had a real message or whatever, and just misread it?

    I'm not saying this IS true, just wondering if it might be possible.
  14. orangeysky

    orangeysky Member

    I agree with your thoughts on this, Celera. I really don't have an opinion on Ms. Browne. From what I understand mediums/psychics aren't given a word by word script so of course there will be inaccuracies in how they receive and interpret the messages. There are only human with no earthly connection with the spirits that come through so it would be humanly impossible to be 100% accurate when the medium doesn't know the personality of the deceased attempting to communicate.

    I believe this is also where cold readings come in to question. It may take a medium a few to understand exactly what information is being received. It may be very general and vague or it may 'WOW, can't deny that one" I believe many things come in to play. The medium may be having a great day or not so great day, the spirit may not be coming through strongly enough for a number of different reasons, the loved one may not be ready to receive communication for again, a number of different reasons. The reasoning is endless.

    To me the most important factor is what rings true to the receiver. If it feels right, take it for what it is and be grateful for the communication. Who cares what others think. If you question the communication enough you will find fault in it, this is our human nature. Blah :( I'm certain there are way more frauds out there than there are genuine mediums, it's awful to prey on the grieving like they do and the credibility they take from the true mediums but that's something that hopefully takes care of itself. That big 'ole Karma bus :rolleyes: will someday come their way.

    In Carol and Mikey's communication, she knows his personality, sense of humor, his every word, his every quirk so Carol is better able to be more accurate when translating his messages. We are all so very blessed to have Carol and Mikey. We are very blessed to have this community with so many wonderful, loving and knowledgeable members. Even the "bad kids" have their place and role to play here. :p
  15. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Victor Zammit has a weekly afterlife newsletter that almost always includes articles about psychics helping police to resolve cases:

  16. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Well, they weren't all hanged actually. One man, Giles Corey, died by peine forte et dure (i.e. pressing). The nineteen people who pleaded guilty were hanged, but Corey refused to plead either way. So, he was tortured but chose to die instead of giving a plea. Either way, quite an obvious error on Ms. Browne's part.

    In any case: I feel that mediums could be valuable assets, as previously pointed out, in criminal investigations.

    The U.S. Government admits now that it hired remote viewers, people who can visualize other objects and places in their minds, to spy on the Soviet Union - with some success.
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  17. Thanks for reading this, and for your responses, everyone. Yes, anyone who reads a basic American history text, and I'm sure, most elementary and high school students, can find the specifics about the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials and learn that witches were hanged, and, of course, the case of Giles Corey, who was pressed to death, is famous and not exactly like knowing the intricacies of French Enlightenment thinkers. This made it clear to me that Silvia Browne thinks her readers are stupid, and she is not only a bad medium (although this might not always have been the case), but a lazy researcher.

    Lincoln might have consulted with spirits during the Civil War, and F.D.R. may have used the mediumship abilities of Rev. Florence Becker during World War II
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  18. Celera,
    I thought a lot about exactly what you observed. From the video, it appears that Jeffrey Wands was seeing either what the kidnapper or the young girl were seeing. Did the young girl see Ariel Castro as black, with his dark features? Did Wands feel what Ariel Castro was feeling? Age is a difficult thing to judge, also. From having a reading with Wands, I got the sense that he went into my auric field, tapped into my experiences and then knew about all the relationships I had with those around me, living and in the spirit world. I haven't seen too many people go into an actual trance, but he did do that.

    Orangesky, it's true that so many factors come into play. The sitter might be blocked by heightened emotions, as in the case of grief, or the medium might be, as you say, having a bad day. This is why really good mediums (like C.J. Sellers) will stop the reading and refund the money if they feel they're not getting enough information. They know that nothing can be guaranteed.
  19. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    All interesting stuff! Glad to see Andrew around again! When we went to see some different mediums after Mikey's accident (one being CJ sellers , who I highly recommend), there was a medium we saw that did work for the St. Paul police department to help solve cases. How successful she was, I don't know. It was interesting to me that she did this, and something that was not discussed openly to the public.
  20. True not possible.

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