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Is this proof of the afterlife??

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dreams9, Jan 2, 2018.


have you had an experience you might consider proof of afterlife?

  1. yes, it was very specific not general

    20 vote(s)
  2. no, never specific enough

    14 vote(s)
  1. dreams9

    dreams9 New Member

    its a rhetorical question really but nonetheless interesting.

    i'm an older male person whose mother passed away 15 years ago.

    she lived in the era of the post war, 40s and 50s.

    i am writing about her early career as a minor show biz person, though i did not grow up with her.

    i had a dream the other week, it has kind of bothered me ever since simply because t was so uncanny.

    the female voice told me about something i can not mention here on a public forum because it s do unique i do not want to divulge it. but it told me about something i could not have possibly known, it is such a small detail it could be overlooked. so i went on google, put t in and found nothing. i tried harder and eventually found it. tada! it is something unique to the 1940s.

    i can promise i did not know this, subconsciously or otherwise. i wonder if this was meant to be proof of an afterlife?? to me specifically.
  2. dreams9

    dreams9 New Member

    hi juniper, no there was no visual imagery at all. reminded me of an old radio trying to pick up helvetia like that, far away, i couldn't say i could make out any charactistics of the female voice, it certainly was not loud r clear that's for sure.
  3. mareke

    mareke New Member

    Dreams9 the sort of dream you described is mentioned by some of Michael Newton’s subjects in his book ‘Destiny of Souls’ as a way in which a person in the spirit world can attempt to reach a loved one. It was almost certainly your mother letting you know that she’s in the spirit world and thinking of you.

    My own mother I believe sent a sign after she died when I went back to the city I grew up in to attend the funeral of someone I went to school with. After the funeral I went back to the home I grew up in with my younger brother who now owns the house and as we were talking in the lounge room there was a sound in the adjacent kitchen loud enough for me to stop talking for a moment as my brother and I wondered what had made the sound. The kitchen is where my mother spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning. I believe that my mother’s spirit moved an object in the kitchen to let us know that she was there for our reunion but I can’t prove it.

    A much stronger and more specific sign happened to me around 15 years after my mother died. She suffered from severe mental illness for much of her life undiagnosed as I grew up causing a lot of stress to all members of the family. My father was borderline mentally ill and did nothing to protect his children making for a difficult upbringing.

    After attending two séances (one I couldn’t fault while the other conducted by one of the leading physical mediums in the world today was fraudulent) I decided to try and send my mother a message in the spirit world.

    I’ll try and be as brief as I can. The gist of my message was that I wanted my mother to know that she is not forgotten and is still loved and that I appreciated all of the little acts of love on her part towards her children as we grew up. I didn’t want my mother to feel bad about the stress her illness caused me and other members of the family. I also said that I hoped that she was enjoying herself in the spirit world and not to worry about members of the family left behind.

    The exact last words I said were:

    Immediately after saying the above words a large cardboard box containing toner cartridges that had been sitting on a cabinet in my lounge room for around 4 years suddenly fell off the cabinet spilling the toner cartridges onto the floor. I got up and turned the light on and surveyed the mess and wondered how it could have happened.

    After putting the toner cartridges back in the box and putting the box back on the cabinet I turned the light off, lay down on my couch and my cat came over and lay next to my chest as I pondered the timing of what just happened. There was enough peripheral light in the room for me to see the silhouette of my cat.

    I wondered whether the incident could have been a response from the spirit world to my attempt to send my mother the message. The only way to confirm it I thought would be to ask for another sign so I decided that there was no harm in doing so. I decided to ask for another object to be moved to confirm that the box of toner cartridges falling over wasn’t just a random event.

    About 10 seconds later after requesting that another object be moved me and my cat spontaneously turned our heads in perfect unison to the sound of something move in another part of the room. I then looked back at my cat and saw his silhouette in the dark and he was still staring at the same part of the room that we had both turned to. My cat was still trying to work out what had made the sound that we both heard.

    I believe that it was my spirit guide that responded in this way.

    The incident occurred by the way while I was having a debate on a computer forum (Overclockers Australia) as to whether humans have souls and whether there is an afterlife. The topic of the debate was ‘Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence’. I believe that it was purely co-incidental that the incident happened during the debate however when I used the incident in the debate as evidence for a spirit world and an afterlife the response I got was that they were both random events and proved nothing.

    When something like that happens it’s only really meaningful to the person that experiences it. I no longer tell other people I meet about it because they dismiss it. My low mentality neighbor on hearing the story started making sounds through the wall between our units at night thinking that I’d think they were signs from the spirit world.
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  4. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    I marked myself down as "no." I had multiple "signs" from a deceased loved one, some of them very specific, but I'm not going to use the word "proof." I think that's too strong. It's very hard to "prove" the existence of anything spiritual/paranormal, particularly when it's based only on one person's subjective experience.

    I feel uncomfortable when I read book titles like Eben Alexander's "Proof of Heaven." I'd prefer a title like "Evidence of Heaven" or "A Case Suggestive of Heaven" (after Ian Stevenson). However, Dr. Alexander failed to consult me before titling his book. I guess you can't climb the bestseller list with a title like "A Case Suggestive of Heaven." I'd make a lousy agent.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
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  5. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    Agreed. :)
  6. kim

    kim Active Member

    I believe it is meaningless to try and prove anything that we feel needs proof while we live here, because what we experience here is temporary, but who we are is eternal.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

  8. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    Should have been "Proof of Something, But I'm Not Sure What".
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  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Or perhaps 'Suggestions Of Something Out-of-the-Ordinary'??? :D
  10. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    I just googled it and saw you're right. He preferred the title "An N of One." I do, too. For those who aren't familiar with the phrase, "N" is the number of subjects in your study, so "An N of one" is a study with a single subject -- a case study, or, in other words, a single person's experience. Good humble, scientific language, with no implication of "proof." But I guess the publisher carried the day.

    I liked Bob Olson's interview (search Youtube for Afterlife TV and Eben Alexander, if you're interested) better than the book, which I found sort of dry.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018

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