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Is there any known reason?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Maria, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Hello, Maria
    My goodness, there may be so many possibilities as to why some of us have a tougher time connecting with those who have transitioned. Some of the possibilities I can think of include:
    Negative emotions that might make it more difficult or impede the connection
    We have not learned to raise our vibrations
    They have not learned to lower their vibrations
    They may not be able to connect as often as they'd like - they may be busy (apparently they do have lots of learning and growing to do in their new environment; they don't just sit around, so to speak!)
    Perhaps they know that it would be best to not connect for a while, for our own sake. Some may doubt this, claiming that if they would receive "just one" form of communication from their loved, they'd be content, but I'm not sure I believe that. I think it is natural to want more and more connections; one may not be enough. However, I remind myself that although the veil may be thinning, it's still there, and there for a reason (we have yet to discover). What applies in this world may not apply in that realm. Still, I think it is important that lack of communication should not be viewed as a lack of love and concern, and that no blame should enter the picture. It's no-one's "fault".
    From what I've read, ADCs may slow down as our time passes. However, I have read of ADCs that occurred 10+ years after the passing of a loved one. I do not know why, can't explain it, though I have my own "theory" :)
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    bluebird is in a similar situation to your own and has given a great reply. I'm not in that situation so I can't relate directly to what you guys are experiencing. I can, though, offer a few thoughts about some of the specific points you've asked about.

    First I want to say that I'm pleased you are able to accept the situation concerning our survival. Those who don't understand/accept it face even bigger issues.

    You said: "So I will get to the point at this stage with my question which is why do some discarnates make more proactive efforts to communicate than others?" I guess the simplest, honest answer is we don't know but so-called spirits are not all identical, just as we aren't all identical. Each will behave in a unique way, just as we do. The suggestions made by our members are all reasonable possibilities.

    You said: "Also, as time progresses, do ADCs cease, and could this also correlate with the progression of souls in the spirit world who move further away from the material plane?" On the last point you could well be right and it makes sense to me. On the earlier point I have two thoughts.

    Communications may cease because there is no real need for them to continue. Once they've shown their loved ones that they have survived death and live on then why wouldn't they want to get on with their new lives? That leads to my second thought.

    The 'dead' (they're actually not) have so much to engage their interest, and so-termed ADC isn't supposed to be a feature of life here on earth anyway, why would they want to continue communicating with their still-loved ones? They can all get together again later if they wish to.
  3. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    To this point, my response is: for our sake (the loved ones left behind).
  4. kim

    kim Active Member

    Maria, you just as Peter are eternal wisps of Consciousness. Death is nothing to fear, because it doesn't exist. I know we seem to die, and that is all it is: we seem to die. These physical bodies are temporary. Consciousness is eternal. Which on do you want to identify with? You will be given in eternity what you temporarily reflect upon the world. You will be able to grow in the eternal state of Consciousness, but it is much more fulfilling here on this dimension. The Consciousness within us eternally changes locations within Itself. I was unconscious of life on this earth at one point in my life, because I had a head on collision with a car while riding a bicycle with no helmet. It was 34 years ago and I wasn't aware of helmets at that time. I enjoyed being unconscious of life here, and seriously feel we are driven to live in a state of delusion here, not for ourselves, but for a reason that we are unable to identify with because of the body we perceive to live in. I experienced many different "rooms" that are present in the state of eternity. The only negative times experienced were because of my own stubbornness and refusal to wake up and become conscious once again of this world you and I live in.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    A point I forgot to make is that looking for accounts of individuals who say they are regularly visited by their deceased partners may not be helpful and such accounts might give the impression that you're missing out on something you could expect to happen. The actual situation, however, appears to me to be the opposite.

    The former situation, partners staying close by and communicating in some way, looks very much the exception, the latter very much the norm based on what I've read and heard. Folk may become despondent because they aren't hearing from loved ones they think would want to contact them. I hear few say they are aware their loved one is around and/or that they communicate regularly in some way.

    It seems to me that if contact from loved ones were as common as we might hope then there wouldn't be the ignorance and doubt/disbelief about our survival beyond corporeal death.

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