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Is there any known reason?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Maria, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Maria

    Maria Member

    No doubt like many on ALF, I am grieving the loss of a loved one. During the first weeks and months after his death, I felt confident that I had received a number of communications from Peter. I have read however that the bereaved, especially those who have lost a partner, often experience hallucinations that they mistake of ADCs. I have also read that the second year after a loved one's death is even worse than the previous one (it was Peter’s anniversary on 20th January), and I seem to be feeling more and depressed over the past few weeks. This would be a very welcome time to receive some signs but sadly (apart from frequent tingling sensations on my head which I hope maybe Peter trying to provide solace), there are none. While a fervent believer in the afterlife, there are times when doubt can set in caused by the pain of grief. I completed a very interesting course (PDF copy sent to me by Denver Guy who is a member of ALF), entitled Love Knows No Death by Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti, which explores many sources to prove the existence of life after death. In one of the videos a mother claimed that her deceased child left messages on her answerphone. So I will get to the point at this stage with my question which is why do some discarnates make more proactive efforts to communicate than others? Also, as time progresses, do ADCs cease, and could this also correlate with the progression of souls in the spirit world who move further away from the material plane? There is so mystery surrounding death. I have read several posts by Bluebird on ALF, where she expresses that she yearns for some visits from her husband and questions the fairness of it all. I apologise if this post comes across so negative but I wonder if anyone can provide some answers to my ardent questions.
  2. Maria

    Maria Member

    Apology for typo - should be "that they mistake for ADCs"
  3. Maria

    Maria Member

    Sorry about another typing error which should correctly be "There is so much mystery surrounding death".
  4. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    Just my thoughts: never give up. The love of my life stays in touch after 7 months. In subtle ways. Sometimes often, sometimes not a lot. It hurts worse than anything . I believe that if we are depressed, our vibration is lowered, theirs is much higher. It's work to come up to theirs and them to come down to ours. There is a lot of work in this stuff.
    She has told me that She is here but I'm hard to contact because of my grief.
    Hope that makes sense.
  5. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    I don't know for sure if ADCs are real or not, but if you have had experiences that you believe are communications from your partner, then I hope that they have brought you at least some measure of comfort.

    Some of the things that I've seen that might be communications from my husband were definitely not hallucinations, as I was not the only one who saw them. While stress, such as that brought on by extreme grief, can cause sane people to experience hallucinations, I don't think that those who write off all possible ADCs are any more correct than those who assume that every little thing is an ADC. I think we each need to use our intuition and discernment to decide for ourselves if what we experience is really communication from a dead loved one. This is particularly true, I think, because we know our loved ones best (I mean, no one knows my husband better than I do, no one knows your partner better than you do, etc.). So in your case, you are the person who is best suited and best able to determine if a possible ADC is really from your partner.

    As to why some people seem to receive more communications than others, I really don't know. Assuming for the moment that the afterlife exists, then my guess is it's probably down to a combination of factors -- perhaps some people are better at communicating that others, perhaps some people are more inclined to do so, perhaps some still-living loved ones are better able to receive such communications, etc.

    You asked "Also, as time progresses, do ADCs cease, and could this also correlate with the progression of souls in the spirit world who move further away from the material plane?" I don't know the answer to this, and I don't believe that any living person does, but in my opinion that's not what happens. However, if what you've stated is the case, then that's a shitty way to run a universe/existence, in my opinion. If there is an afterlife, and if my husband is in it and is moving further from this life and therefore is not or cannot communicate with me, all that does is make me want to die all the faster.

    There's no need to apologize for any perceived negativity in your post, and I hope you don't mind the negativity in mine. Regarding things being harder in the second year after the death of a loved one, I have read the same, and while it probably is true to some degree, it also probably varies from person to person. In one way the first year is harder, in that it contains all the horrible "firsts" -- first anniversary alone, your first birthday alone, his first birthday alone, his death-day alone, the holidays alone, etc. On the other hand, the shock cushions you a little bit at least the first few months, so there's that. And then for me, at least, the further time moves away from the day he died, the further I am thrown forward into my life which I no longer want at all. Also, sometimes people expect you to "move on" and all that crap, often beginning in the second year after the death, as if they have any say in how you feel or should feel. If you find that happening to you, try not to let what they think or say affect you, because it is irrelevant -- they are not in your position, and they cannot know how you feel.

    Anyway, welcome to the website, though of course I am sorry for the loss that sent you here.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018

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