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Is there an explanation?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by ravensgate, May 15, 2019.

  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    I can count on one hand the number of times I experienced it. I find it puzzling and am unable to come up with a logical explanation. I am hoping others have had similar experiences and, if so, what they concluded them to be. Mac, if I posted in the wrong section, my apologies and kindly move where more appropriate; thank you :)
    So, what happens is that I hear a name in my head; sometimes it's a voice, sometimes just the name (meaning, I do not hear a voice uttering the name). Several years ago, the name Albert came to mind. I just said to myself, "Weird", and left it at that. This continued for several days, at no specific times, no matter what I was doing or not doing. After 3 or 4 days, a woman's name enters the picture (my brain, really)... so now I "hear" both names. A week or so passes, and I'm growing irritated; I do not know anyone by the name of Albert, don't know anyone by the name of Rita. I ask my family members, they just shrug. Then a former Canadian Prime Minister's surname pops in my head (Chretien). So one evening, while having supper, I tell my husband, "Why in the hell would Chretien come to my mind?" He looks puzzled, so I tell him about Albert, later "joined" by Rita, and now a Prime Minister! Husband stops eating and tells me I'm giving him the "willies", I'm "freaking" him out. He then goes on to tell me of an elderly Canadian couple who got lost in some remote area of the USA. Turns out the couple was Alberta and Rita Chretien. The story ends with authorities finding Albert's remains, Rita apparently survived. The names disappeared from my brain... what happened there? I never watched the news, in fact, I never do, so this was a rather puzzling event.

    Now for a new odd experience, which actually started several months ago with the name Brian entering my brain. The name repeats to this day, except that for the last week or so, there is a new name to go with it. This second name I can actually hear, and although I believe it is a male voice (always preceded by a very, very brief tinny sound), I'm not sure if it is "Angela", "Angel" or "Angelo". Ok, so now I have Brian and Angel/a/o. Why? Who are they? And to make it all even more irritating, the last few days I'm "thinking" Old Dominion. Regarding Old Dominion, we know someone who is a truck driver, but he works for Reimer! And we are not planning a visit to Virginia, never been there!

    As I mentioned, I find it irritating because it makes no sense to me. As a professed logical control freak, I want to find an explanation that holds some water; I am stumped! Any ideas?
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In answer to your title question I suppose the answer is 'yes' but what that answer might be may not be readily fathomable.

    It appears to me that you may be picking up information psychically/telepathically given that you've ruled out news bulletins etc. but what/who the source of the information is I have no idea.

    IF you are a 'sensitive' the details might be coming from any discarnate you happen to be linking to or more accurately is linking to you. It's anyone's guess why a discarnate might do that but even in this world some individuals seem driven to talk. It seems they just HAVE to talk, almost compulsively, whether those things are important or seemingly trivial. Perhaps it's a similar mechanism for certain discarnates also, individuals who just have to find someone to link to and then 'talk' to/at their incarnate receiver. Maybe they're unaware they've found an incarnate listener rather than a discarnate one, someone in their own dimension.

    Such compulsion may be similar to that of compulsive incarnate talkers, individuals who don't appear to need anyone to actually listen or respond to what they say. I'm sure you'll know someone like that or is it just me who notices them?;)
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  3. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Hmm, now this is something to consider; thank you, mac! I remember several years ago I kept "hearing" the name Crenshaw. Eventually, the lightning-fast image of a portly bald man would accompany the Crenshaw name. A good year or so later I happened to chat with a lady who was attending a seminar with the rest of us - never met her before. She introduced herself, her surname was Crenshaw but at that time it really meant nothing to me. Later that day I learned she had lost her husband of 30+ years - still, nothing clicked with me! However, as she was showing me pictures of her Old Roses (my favourite hobby), I had the chance to see what her husband looked like, and I "froze" because it was the portly bald man I'd "seen" a year or two earlier. Again, his name left me as suddenly and inexplicably as the others. Though I've been unable to understand the purpose of these rare, odd events, your proposed explanation resonates with me. Thank you.
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