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Is it too easy?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Celera, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member


    Reading this again this morning, I see that I have rather sloppily combined two different, although perhaps related questions.

    1. What replaces physical pleasures when we have no physical body? This question is answered to some degree by the comments so far. We can still experience those pleasures, or something like them, if we want to. And it makes sense that if we have no physical body, we won't miss the things that now give it pleasure.
    In time these things will come to pass. Try to keep in mind what I wrote about the way we'll likely feel after acclimating. As incarnates we feel and experience as incarnates. As discarnates that will change.

    2. This one is harder (for me anyway). If everything is available freely, then what is it worth? Sure, I can imagine a winter-land or autumn-land if that suits my tastes -- but part of the pleasure of the cold wind is that it dares you to survive it, and the pleasure of a fire in the fireplace is that you had to go through the cold to get to it. Part of the pleasure of building something or creating something or learning something is that it takes you some effort to do these things, and there is challenge and often a risk of failure. Part of the pleasure of good wine or a great painting is that these things can't be found all over the place. Thinking as an incarnate all this holds good - as a discarnate one may reasonably anticipate seeing matters differently. ;)

    Again, not trying to be negative or dispute anything that anyone has said about the other levels. It's just so hard to conceive of a world so different from ours. similar response to the last one...Try not to have concern about being negative - asking, debating, disagreeing is felt as negative mostly by those afraid/unwilling to have their ideas challenged. I agree that it's hard to understand/perceive a world so unlike our own. I had to work hard before things began to gel for me. Nothing unusual when we want to learn something.
  2. Celera, Once you experience your Autumnland to its fullest and you find yourself bored, you may seek higher levels, or you may want to reincarnate to get your dose of drama on the earthplane. I'm reading the book Multidimensional Man, Jurgen in his OBE's got bored of certain levels.

    But as mac point out (at least I think he made reference to this) boredom is a human emotion. It probably does not exist at higher levels.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I don't think I referred to boredom specifically but rather (as you suggest) that considering these matters as incarnates is no indicator of the situation we'll experience as discarnates. As in the thread where contrasts are considered, boredom is yet one more experience we have here which we won't have over-there once we've acclimated.
  4. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    First sorry for any typos...

    I have just read a communication received from the brazilian medium Sebastián de Arauco that explains many thing about reincarnation..

    it says that that after a long stay in the afterlife the most evolutioned beings feel the urge to progress to higher spheres and that they quit to the wonderful live there to return to earth to do work, but sometimes they fell under the pressure and fail at this... that there is a internal force that compelled them to came back to the physical plane for progressing.

    It adds: we can compare this phenom to what happens to the enterpreneur individual that knowing all the troubles that a new business will have for him it feels attracted to it.......

    it says many other things but I think that little bit can add to this discussion :)
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    One problem with all such mediums is that we don't know who communicates through the medium. Simply because a source is discarnate it does not automatically make that source deeply knowledgeable. Discarnates are not homogeneous any more than we humans are. Each will be at a particular level of spiritual progression which may - or may not - enable them to give authoritative guidance.

    It's not clear to me what point the communicator is making.

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