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Is It Safe To Believe In the Afterlife In the Real World?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Myrna and Keith, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. I used to be a mild skeptic when it came to afterlife topics. Both my wife and I had paranormal experiences over the years, but nothing could break through my materialistic beliefs until my wife died six-months ago. About a month after her death she communicated with me to keep me from giving up. Since then I have completed Dr. Hogan’s ‘Guided Afterlife Connections’, read many books, watched many videos, began meditation/yoga again, and am currently completing Dr. Parisetti’s ‘Love Knows No Death’ manual. I also joined several afterlife groups including this one to be surrounded by like-minded people for support.

    Meanwhile (in the real world) I attended hospice newly bereaved groups and am currently attending a 10-week hospice bereavement support group with folks who obviously do not share our ‘ideas’ about the afterlife. I mentioned the ADC visit in the newly bereaved group and several people became angry with me. The facilitator attempted to tell the group that this was not an uncommon occurrence, but let’s just say it did not go well for me in that group after that and I stopped attending. The 10-week group just began and I did not feel it would be honest not to tell the group about the ADC, so once again “into the breach’ I rode. Everybody in the group is now looking at me like I have an exotic airborne STD (although everyone is very polite about my ‘delicate mental condition’). I’ve become uncertain if I can complete the 10-week group now? Oh and forget about mentioning any of this at the religious institution me and my wife frequented for years. I’m imagining a ‘burning at the stake’ reaction in that case.

    Granted I’m aware there are aspects of my personality that occasionally turn people off to me; but (until now) not whole groups of people! It’s been interesting, hurtful, and scary to witness the reaction in ‘normal’ people when I bring up any of the many ideas I’ve been absorbing the last five-months. Also I’m a little afraid to mention any of this to the family in case they decide to lock me up in assisted living and take away all my stuff (to keep it safe obviously).

    So here are my questions:

    How l do I live in this ‘Real’ world when I have learned it is anything but ‘Real’?

    How do I communicate with ‘normal’ people when I know they may over react to beliefs that are becoming the new bed-rock I’m building my house on?

    Do we stay ‘in the closet’ about everything we are learning about spirituality in order to protect ourselves?

    Being new to all this I would appreciate your advice and experiences. Thanks.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I've read all you wrote but kept to what you've asked. :)

    So here are my questions:

    Most important is what YOU want before anyone should be giving advice.

    We 'believers' all live in this world and some, like you, are privileged to have a foot in each camp. It's nothing to do with 'real' - both worlds are as real as one-another. ALF members will have their own, personal approach but only you can decide what's right, what's comfortable, for you personally.

    If I'm facing someone struggling with bereavement I throw them a few crumbs. If they grab them and look for more I'll see what else they might find helpful. If they don't and turn away then I don't go any further. Your knowledge, your understanding, your experience is primarily for you. If you think you can help someone by using what you've found then why not consider giving it a try if you feel comfortable and capable? Not too much or too soon and remember it's not your duty to try. If it doesn't work as you'd like, stop and re-consider what you want to do next.

    That depends on what you want to do. When I've been in the USA only rarely have I mentioned my persuasion. I feel less inhibited home here in the UK. But Roberta takes an altogether different approach to everything. Perhaps between those two ways might be a way for you?
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    I agree with all Mac has said. Personally, I don't ever really share my beliefs with anyone unless I think they can handle it. If you are in a group of grieving skeptics and mention this they will think you are teasing them.

    I have said elsewhere that what works for me is not for everyone. I'm such an opague and yet magnetic person that people find my beliefs fascinating. It makes them even more interested in me.

    I start off with the information that is easier to swallow.

    Structure of the afterlife, the meaning of life, spiritual advancement... are good places to start.

    If they are hooked on these crumbs, point out that all we know is based off of the mediums and their reaeares, thus mediumship is valid...

    If so, contacting loved ones is also.

    Start out in the mainstream and follow a slow path to the edge, while being magnetic and logical.

    Gauge their reaction.. any skepticism? Stop. You will burn a bridge.

    That's what works for me.
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  4. Thanks for responding and your advice Kurt.
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  5. Thanks Mac!
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I hope you now have some helpful ideas. :)
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  7. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    How ill-mannered of people to become angry, Keith. Before I had my experiences, and if I'd been in your bereavement group, I'd have thought you were nutty and nice.
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  8. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    True. Sadly, I have seen the rest of the 1st world is nicer than America....

    But the second and third.... We are like mini Buddhas....
  9. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    Europe is so nice that I feel bad for you guys..... I have been told Europe will not exist in 30 years because you guys are so nice....

    I hope that's not true though....
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  10. Yes, I would have smiled, nodded, and thought: 'Wow, who let that guy out. Hopefully someone will get him his meds.' Life and death have a way of changing a person.
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