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Is it possible for spirits to attach themselves to you and drain your energy?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by JHK, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    As bb points out, spirit interference shouldn't be assumed the cause.....
  2. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    Yeah, that is why we are here isn't it? To mature spiritually. Thank god that we won't have these bodies or this "material" world to contend with forever! I look forward to leaving this earth. I am not in a hurry, but I do look forward to it. Sort of like I used to look forward to getting out of school for summer! :cool:
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    That's a neat way to explain it. :)
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  4. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    answering the original post.. YES , in fact I just had a dark spirit detached from me two days ago...he came from a person who I just meet that is a natural born medium without any training on his abilities that works in a hospital..she was full with many spirits atached to herself and she developed an sick attraction to me she wanted to marry me and was obsessed with me just with one Internet chat we had....she was thinking all day about me, and she had a very powerful but uneducated mind that made a link with mine... I was feeling very weak and crying for everything which is unusual on me....my medium teacher started to barf and got dizzy when I met her a few days later, and she told me what I was suspecting, that girl was obsessing me and draining me and she passed me one of her spirits...

    she was the classical case of an energetic vampire....wich are persons with maladjusted energetic centers that drains energy from other persons......besides this girl told me she sucked the diseases from the illness of their patients and that she didnt know why...

    after a few days she got angry and blocked me...she was obsessed with me she wanted to talk all day with me and to send her pictures of me and marry her....I told her the name of a m├ędium who could helpe her, I really hope she took that advice....
  5. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Truth Seeker what you just posted really resonates with me, especially recently. I have a friend who is basically a good person but with, I suspect, a lot of dark energy around her. There is no romantic affiliation just a platonic and artistic (music) relationship. About 20 years ago we had what I describe as a Kundalini experience together. There was a fierce wind that felt like a hurricane in her apartment, yet nothing physically moved but we both felt it. I kept checking the back of my head for blood because it felt like this energy rose up my spine and tore the back of my skull open. I know this sounds pretty strange but this was my experience. I left there and was wired, totally awake for 3 days. No drugs or alcohol was involved. She said I removed a dark energy from her place and maybe it attached to me. On another occasion we were in a coffee place and there was a curved glass window in the store front. A couple came in and tied their dog to a parking meter. The couple were having an ugly argument and I felt the fear and sadness in their little dog. I actually felt the window start to shake and thought it was going to crash down on us. Again no drugs were involved. She and I seemed to be like a battery and strange things would happen when we were together.
    She used the Ouija board a lot, something I refuse to go near and maybe she opened up to some form of elemental darkness. I had occasions of dark energy after but through some of the things Roberta mentioned I am now able to get rid of this.
    These are much lower vibrational forms and we are much more powerful than them as long as we don't sink to their level and I think the Ouija board can act as a doorway for them. She remains a friend but i am reluctant to be in her presence and she seems to be followed by bad "luck" and great anger.
    Just curious if others have experienced anything like this.
  6. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    What Roberta said.

    Unlike some spiritually-oriented people, I do think that there are dark entities around. Many years ago, I encountered a ghost who emanated pure evil that terrified even my fiercely loyal Border Collie into making a desperate run for home. We were on a known haunted road by mistake and dusk was closing in and when the man's figure walked past me, I found out what proximity to real Darkness is like. It's horrific. And I was wide awake at the time, so the sensations I felt are seared into my memory, unfortunately.

    You might want to go to Amazon books and do a search for Mary Ann Winkowski's books--she's the down-to-earth psychic housewife on whom the TV series Ghost Whisperer was based and her particular talent is to see and communicate with souls remaining on Earth after their deaths. She's been able from very early childhood to send many of them to the light, too. She talks about the natures and circumstances of these people too and might be able to give you a better idea of what you may have seen. And she has protective strategies too, that anyone can put into practice.
  7. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Just saw the posts above and remembered cord-cutting. If you do a search you should be able to find exact directions on how to disengage from people who are disordered and have formed attachments to you. That used to happen to me and I cobbled together my own method, which involves seeing the person very clearly in my mind's eye. At first, they're facing me, but I mentally turn them around and detach the land on which they're standing and send it floating away from me. When they're a distance off, I take a sharp axe and sever the cords that connect us.

    I know that sounds simplistic, but I've had energy vampires disengage from me completely and immediately after I've used it on them. And they disengaged with no other communication between us. Some of them, I suspect, were psychopaths and had glommed onto me as soon as we met. I think I may have an aura that attracts the creatures, unfortunately, and I've had non-corporeal haunts in places I lived many years ago, too. Dr. Christiane Northrup has a book coming out on the subject that may prove to be helpful and I haven't searched in a long time, but I'll bet there's lots online now too.

    Roberta, if you've written a book on this subject, I'm not familiar with it. Maybe a topic for a future project?
  8. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Widdershins3, there was a time when I thought "spirit vampires" did not exist. However, I now think there might be something to it, and I will tell you why...
    Several years ago, it seemed as if "everything" was going lousy in my life. Whatever it was, it affected me, personally, my career, my home. After months of this heavy, grey cloud hovering, I decided to stay at another home (still ours but in a different state). Thought the change would do me good - but it didn't.

    Some weeks passed, and I received a phone call from a friend of mine. We talked about everything and nothing - meaning, nothing in particular. She did say she went to visit her "grandpa", and my name came up, but she didn't tell me anything specific, just that her "grandpa" (he wasn't her real grandfather) asked her how I was doing.
    Her "grandpa" was a Native American. This was the man who could communicate with the unseen world, going into trance, a man who was born blind but could describe your physical appearance 100% accurately, a man who was able to drive a car on occasion and never had an accident. When he reached the age of 100 and something, his sons begged him to stop communicating with the spirit world as they believed it too taxing on their father, so he eventually quit.

    Anyway, I did not tell my friend about the "funk" I was experiencing. We spoke for about an hour and that was it. The following evening, around 2330, I was reading a research article when I began to feel queasy. The sensation kept increasing and I thought I was going to vomit - big time! Instead, around midnight, everything went quiet, the queasy feeling stopped and there was peace all around me. It felt really strange, it felt eerie, in a way, something like I had never experienced before.
    Around 0200 the phone rang, and my friend asked how I was feeling. I told her about my experience, and that's when I learned about the "vampires" that suck the energy out of you. The old Native man had mentioned my name to her because he felt someone had attached to me, some red-headed entity. So that night he did something (I'm assuming some sort of cleansing ceremony), and he was able to detach the vampire from me. I was asked if I knew any red-headed person, and I said, "No". Only weeks later did I remember a person fitting the description. It was the same person who had tried to cause grief in my life, accusing me of all sorts of nonsense, pure dribble!
    I cut all ties with her (not that there were many ties, as I felt uneasy around her; like my senses were warning me!). That funky feeling never returned.
    It wasn't long after that I earnestly began my quest to meet with "grandpa" (he lived in Oklahoma) and soak in his wisdom to the best of my abilities.
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  9. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Wow, raven. :eek:

    Had you ever met the "grandpa" prior to this event? Did you ever manage to meet him later?
  10. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Once, briefly, but after the event I described. The man lived in Oklahoma, in a very, very modest home with no heat and no electricity. He could have moved into a home with all the comforts but always refused to do so, according to his two sons.

    He never took money for his gift, but was ok if you left some food on his table. He insisted that his gift came from Spirit and it was to help people; money would never be "right". He was a man that, in a way, reminded me of the "typical" wise old Native who sees past what most of us see, the type of Native you would see in certain movies or read about in books.

    He really was blind (you know me, bb, always have to check things out for myself, lol), but he could see. According to his sons, in his younger years he regularly communicated with the spirit world. He'd go into a sort of trance, and when he did, it was always outside, surrounded my Nature - well, that is what I was told.
    Met him once, but never asked him to contact the spirit world. I knew how his sons felt about this, and he was over 100 years old when I met this man. I was instantly captivated by him.
    He told me I have Native blood... no idea how he could have known because I didn't tell him. I don't look particularly Native (some have said French, Italian, and very few have said Native); my friend didn't know either, so I'm not sure how he knew!
    He also told me about the death of someone I was very close to. He described him perfectly, though he'd never met him and I never gave him any information. When he mentioned the age of this person, "grandpa" said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "We say 29, that's how we count it as we are". I was left puzzled by this, the way he said it. He added the professionals were mistaken regarding the cause of death, and we later found out that "grandpa" was exactly correct. He truly was a fascinating wise soul. I occasionally wonder what he's up to, so to speak! (He passed a number of years ago).
  11. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Intriguing. I have heard/read comments from other people like him, stating that they didn't feel it would be right to take money in exchange for their gift. I wonder why he refused to move into a home with more comforts, though? Since your meeting with him, have you figured out what he meant by the "We say 29, that's how we count it as we are" comment?
  12. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    No, I am not sure why he preferred to live that way, bluebird. From what I heard, he was very close to nature, enjoyed solitude in the outdoors, so perhaps he felt such amenities unnecessary. This is just my take, have no idea if that is how he really felt :-/
    Also, I never could figure out what he meant by "...that's how we count...", but I now wonder if that wasn't his way to tell us that our time and the time of spirit is quite different, if it exists at all. Again, this is what I think he may have meant, but no way to know for sure. What do you think?
  13. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Seems like a reasonable interpretation to me. :)
  14. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Anything can "change your perspective"! The question is: can you stay with what is: right, true, honest, noble, fair, decent, real, good and, above all, KIND & LOVING?
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  15. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    That is what one might call "conditioning" or "programing" where a person starts with good thoughts/feelings and then other forces impose or influence you to lose the good stuff and fall down into the customary, old bad stuff. Watching T.V. news can pull one down or hanging around negative family members and/or friends can make one's perspective "fuzzy and at a lower frequency" due to your past conditioning to take the negatives very SERIOUSLY. As the day goes on, try to notice what influences lower your frequency and this will give you an insight into how you were conditioned to take them so seriously in the past and thus how to stop them from pulling you down from now on. It's about breaking free of old, childhood conditioning and habits or patterns. good luck......
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  16. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Study: Codependency and/or Toxic Shame and it will become very clear why some folks (and "crafty spirits") do similar things in incarnate life. Basically it's about FEAR which sets up stuff like: self defense, greed, dishonesty, power-games, violence, anger, hatred, stupidity, cruelty and on and on.........
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  17. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    Both of these responses were just what I needed to hear tonight! It is as though Consciousness within me is manifesting into a 3D reality on the outside of me, and your posts inspire me to move on with confidence.:cool: It has been happening for almost 35 years, and some periods in my life are more intense than others. It was as though the scenery where I am "speaks" to me at times! It happens in cycles, and this time of my life is intense; good but intense. Thank-you for your wise words Jim.:)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  18. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The question was rhetorical..... Has it never struck you that I often ask such questions? ;)
  19. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Interesting discussion. Years back, an online friendship I valued highly for several years began to degrade. This guy and I had spent years emailing as well as posting to several paranormal-focused forums and I thought I knew his character well. But then he began acting a bit strange--picking fights when previously he'd been very gregarious, making negative comments when before he'd been a pretty positive person, etc. And at the same time he became obsessed with Archons, energy-draining non-human intelligences. I'd never heard of them, but what I read online was really scary and this guy had all the symptoms.

    Fast forward to now, when I've recently become interested in the Cluster B (or anti-social) personality disorders and try to read at least an article a day on the subject. And I'm finding similarities to my former friend's behavior as I read. At the moment, I'm on the fence re: is it possible it's ill-intentioned discarnates or a nature-or-nurture human psyche problem? Or both in some unfortunate cases, manifesting with similar, overlapping symptoms? What if "lower Astral" entities can affect something as important as character in human beings?

    If that's truly happening, then our prisons might be akin to "feeding stations" for humans being exploited by discarnate predators. And then there's my old friend, who I still miss, and who, from what I hear, is still in a dark place and has never apologized to any of the people he attacked.


    I cannot recall the name right now, but...I read a book with many instances of this happening. There was a psychiatrist whose wife was a medium. He would use her to address the low level spirits that his patients came to him with...really interesting reading...they would confront the spirit & make it leave...I will try to find it...maybe some of you know the book...

    Just found it: Thirty Years Among the Dead by Prof. Carl Wickland

    It's available free here...with a bunch of others:

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