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Introduction from dan t

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by dan t, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. dan t

    dan t New Member

    Hello all. I've been interested in joining this forum for a while now and I've mustered up the courage to do so.

    I've been researching afterlife evidence and non-local consciousness for several months now. I am active on Reddit, on the subreddits r/NDE and r/afterlife in particular, posting links, arguments, evidence, research, literature etc. I'm also hoping to join the forums Skeptiko and Psience Quest as of writing this. They have further helped me with my beliefs and research.

    I went through a horrible existential crisis several months ago, and Reddit was partly because of this. It had badly impacted my mental and physical health, but I still try to post and comment there if it means raising awareness of afterlife research and what I consider to be evidence. My crisis is what started my extensive researching to begin with. I'm coping better now, thanks to CBT, talks with my family, my research and talks with other adults I respect, but my anxiety and stress sometimes get the better of me, so apologies ahead of time.

    I'm more confident in my beliefs and philosophies now, especially knowing that I'm not alone in my views. Unfortunately, I still lack self-confidence and sometimes feel ashamed online to believe what I believe despite me having many reasons for doing so. It's stressful and I may end up ranting about it at some point.

    Me and my family have also had personal experiences regarding the paranormal/supernatural that pertain to an afterlife that we couldn't explain, and I attend a Spiritualist centre as often as I can, where some of these experiences have occured. I myself identify as an Ietsist, but my beliefs and philosophies are largely based upon (in no particular order):
    • Spiritism
    • Spiritualism
    • Idealism
    • Omnism
    • Deism
    • Pantheism
    • NDEs and Reincarnation
    • Psi phenomena
    I'm appalled by the misinformation and lack of representation for afterlife research, evidence and experiences, as well as places like this. I'm sick and tired of seeing sensationalism in the media in regards to both materialism and the afterlife, even on websites supposedly dedicated to scientific reporting. As of writing this, I've been in contact with prominent researchers such as Dr Jeffrey Long, Dr Jan Holden and Dr Jim Tucker regarding this disdain and they seem to agree with me that something more has to be done.

    So that's my story of how I got here. I'm still worried about stuff at the moment that I hope to post about and share with this forum, but I'll try not to be too pushy.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :) I have noted your wide interests and your comments about Skeptico and PSIQuest. I'm a member on the latter.

    Afterlife Forums is predicated on there being survival beyond corporeal death and communication that demonstrates the survival of folk we used to say were dead. I'm a +35 years Spiritualist and live in the UK where you'll already know about the network of churches and centres Spiritualism offers. For me the simplest approach is the most rewarding in the early stages of a search and too many irons in the fire may leave one wondering which to pick up next.

    May I suggest that for the moment you take a look around the forums and get a feel for this place. Maybe later you'll feel like asking a question or two. Try not to worry about being here. ALF is a safe place to be. :)
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  3. dan t

    dan t New Member

    I do hope so Mac. I've been a lurker here for a while. I'm considering posting about my mediumship experiences and my personal worries about the afterlife and whatnot. It's a shame these forums aren't more popular, since it shocks me how so few people are aware of the actual research.

    I've been interested in Spiritualism for a while now, and the controversy surrounding it, some of which I consider very unfair. I recall reading a Guardian article about one woman's skeptical experience, and the comments were almost dominated by militant atheists and pseudo-skeptics. I felt sorry for the agnostics or more open-minded people on there who just got attacked and berated by these people. I even read a comment saying that 'all Spiritualists need to be put in prison'. It was disgusting and I hope you as a Spiritualist don't have to deal with that kind of treatment.

    It's nice knowing that I don't have to feel so alone in my beliefs. Places like this have offered me some consolation. It's just frightening for me to see such hostility online towards things like parapsychology and non-mainstream science. So many of the larger YouTube channels include 'skeptics' and militant atheists. I've not been impressed by them (and they've often been involved in shady stuff) but knowing how much attention they get truly concerns me.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's a simple fact that the quality of mediumship can be as variable as its practitioners..... Not all practitioners are evidential mediums - some are psychics but may not understand the difference between one and the other.

    I haven't seen the stuff you've mentioned and I haven't experienced anything negative either so maybe I've just been fortunate. On the other hand I don't watch YouTube or wander about on the web. It may not be the best source of information. It's a shame if those who do seek information out that way don't know there are better alternatives but it's just not possible to reach everyone needing help. :(

    I hope we can help reassure you about survival and also about life and why we're here. It isn't always easy but it is possible with a little help.
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  5. Voxman90

    Voxman90 New Member

    Have you described your experience at the Scole in detail somewhere on the forum?
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member


    It's also not relevant to this thread.
  7. Voxman90

    Voxman90 New Member


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