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Introducing myself! Hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Anastasia, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Here, I'd say good morning! I live in central Europe and the time is 6:37 AM now, so it's rather late/early.:eek:
    What can I start with? There is a plenty of things I'd like to say, I'd like to share...

    My mind in this life, or rather... In this density of the universe, in this state/frequency of mental reality... Is female or something very alike... Well, the mind is the only thing that matches, if You know what I mean... There is a scientific/social term for such a person, but I strongly avoid this, because for some reasons, I don't quite like it...

    I am a warm person, but I'm rather introvertic.
    The best compliments, that I received, in my opinion are those when one 'feels so much warmth in me/coming from me' or that 'I'm a good person'. It may be a bit vain, but it really means something for me... That people can feel something good about my person/mind.

    I have interest in sciences... Especially those related to life... Well, everything is related to each other one or another way, so here we go...
    (bio)chemistry, enzymes (my absolute favourite!), plants.. and thinking.. I tend to analyze or even overanalyze the world and people around me and that just may not be that good. But that's how I function and I believe that currently it's the state of the Mind where I can do my best for the world and for myself... History is also interesting; since childhood I've been enchanted by Egypt and different ancient civilisations...

    When it comes to music, there's a great diversity... When I learn I tend to listen to some electronic music, preferably instrumental - that makes me feel those chemicals work and 'touch each other' and something new arises from them... Then again, when it comes to.. hmm... my Mind (I don't really know how can I call it; emotional world? world of the mind? world of thoughts?) I like to listen to Céline Dion, soundtracks from movies or games, instrumental and classical pieces... Perhaps native music even... I like that specific voice of Kate Bush, I like two songs from Lisa Gerrard... Or is it maybe Dead Can Dance? A bit of symphonic metal also... Country... I tend to like a song or few, not a whole album, though it's not always...

    And maybe that essential part of this... Since I decided to place it here, I hope it's ok!
    Afterlife Discussion...

    I can honestly say, that here I've recently found something that suited my analyzed version of the world, more or less...
    I was raised as a Catholic, but I started to think seriously about that, I think, a few years ago...
    I previewed a book called 'Heaven and Hell' by Allan Kardec, I believe it was three or two years ago...

    Since then I began to create this afterlife in my imagination, using logical mind, perceiving, thinking, analyzing... I couldn't definitely handle the existence of the Hell, for the same reasons I've found here recently... It cannot exist, because it is far from justice. Eternal discomfort being a consequence of a relatively short period of time (I've read here that time is just an illusion... Let's say human. So maybe the 'eternal Hell' is just a very human, very subjective term, I don't really know). Eternal pain could never be the answer to the sins, because punishment or (as, I guess, members here would be more than likely to use) training functions to 'repair' a person; either that place/frequency/state of mind cannot exist or is a certain time (not forever!).
    After doing some reading here, I realize that it's probably a state of mind, a major limiting factor in perceiving the world, the real.. the environment... If You want tears, You will get them; if You want to feel a little remorse, feel it and move on. I remember once reading something related to Eastern culture that said that state of dying is a very important moment and that we carry on the last emotions/affects. It seems that it may be real, but I hope that when one has problems with this, someone from higher places can help.

    Also, I believe that one being a judge for themselves is an extremely hard part of the job. It's not easy, because there's no one but You to decide what's next... It's a great responsibility and also a great tool... For upgrading, for improvement... Hard, but they say that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the beauty is only there, when one is comfortable with themselves and therefore, can give their best to the world, the beings, everything...
    And we can be comfrotable fully, conciously and subconsiously, when we can judge ourselves right (is that a right word?

    And if there is one word that can describe my mentality, I think I would go for 'confused' now, at least... So many things, information... But doubts are human I guess...;)

    I wanted to use more smiles, but I couldn't... I had to delete some of them!:)
    Thank You!:cool:

    Took me an hour, wow... May be a bit chaotic!
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, dear Anastasia - we are delighted to have you here! All of us are seekers, too, and most of us also found this subject confusing at first, so you are in good company ;-). I hope it will delight you to know that there is so much good - and consistent - afterlife evidence, and it is so consistent with mainstream quantum physics and consciousness research, that for most of us, our confusion is gradually being replaced by wonderful certitude. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, dear friend!
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As a Modern Spiritualist and as a former scientist I'd say you'll have a listener in me. Baby steps now and we can gradually creep up on the matters you'd like to understand first....

    Oh, btw, I like trance/garage/electronica music.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  4. ilovelearninhg

    ilovelearninhg Regular Contributor

    Welcome, Anastasia. I think you'll find this forum very interesting.
  5. Wow, what an intro Anastasia. Thanks for such a detailed first post. Looking forward to future conversations with you. Welcome to the boards.
  6. Thank You for Your responses!
    I'm always happy to see someone answers my post. :D
    Anastasia is a name, that I have loved since I can remember...
    When I checked the meaning of it, I was... astonished.:D
    My grandgrandgrandmother (grandma of my grandma I think - oh, yes!) was named Anastasia.
    I don't know why I'd tell You this; I thought that maybe some of You might be interested.

    Dear Roberta - that's a lot of power and effort that You put into this place; lots of information, lots of people, lots of... warmth... I can't even think of any single post ,that I came through, that You wouldn't answer...
    mac, thank You very much... well, that's the music I tend to listen while learning/working mentally.:p
    ilovelearninghg - oh yes! That's the main reason I decided to be a member; though I'd be an observer mainly, I think (jut not completely sure!)... Unless someone wants to 'speak' with me directly.:D
    Matty Mo, I felt that I'd need to tell everyone something about me... Without pressure, yes - freely writing. And, yes, I'm open for conversations, if I can help or if we just would like to discuss something or just talk! Thank You...

    You know, I remember something that I wanted to include before... My mum had had experience with ghosts in her middle or late teens, but she gave it up some time later... Apparently, something had gone wrong and she stopped contacting spirits. But... She told me that one of the spirits had told her that "there are beautiful gardens"... Those two words "beautiful gardens"... Also, my mother somehow (I never really asked her about that) contacted her Guardian Angel (I don't know what it's counterpart in english dictionary, but I'm sure You know what I mean) and told me that her Guardian Angel is a woman and that she's someone deceased from our family... I think I asked her about who exactly this person would be but I can't remember her answer... I'd need to talk with her about this some day.
    She also told me that I have some abilities in that field (another person, who also have experience in contacting the dead, told me that there IS something about me... She didn't say exactly how much, but she said that she feels it; what's even funny, she sensed my mother's abilities or rather experiences when they used to go to school...), but I did research and I found out that it's open for everyone... She was once told by somebody who saved her from... spirit issue... that she is so strong/open that she's able to bring a spirit by simple thinking...

    I started to think that maybe my mum feels something in my 'energy', because she loves me so much... She would answer that this is something different as she can't sense anything from neither my dad nor her mum. Even not my friend... I didn't ask her about anybody else... Maybe I should next time!
    What do You think of this?
  7. Fallen

    Fallen New Member

    You may want to talk to a medium who is experienced in the field and get some guidence from them. I think it's important to get guidance in that line of work. I refrain myself because of the possibility of encountering something negative, and I have dealt enough with that already.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012
  8. My mother has been refraining herself from this, too (for quite many years)... I can't even think how mentally-disturbing that must have been...
    I tried once to do summon a spirit myself with self-made oui-ja board... And another time with two people (this time my mother sensed this, despite me having not said anything about this). Neither of those worked in such a way that something/someone would appear and I didn't do this for fun... I realize that perhaps I should consider myself lucky back then, because I'm not a professional when it comes to spiritist séances... You just never know what might appear, right?
  9. Fallen

    Fallen New Member

    It's generally not recommended to use a ouija board on this site. I've never used one, but my father disturbed an indian burial ground and out of ignorance took objects from that grave home. I mean it sounds superstitious, and who knows if that really did anything. But I think we had problems with spirits for many years, not just because of this, but because of other reasons too.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2012

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