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Insight about recurring dreams

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by vic smyth, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Recently a member posted something very insightful about recurring dreams, but I cannot find the post and cannot recall who posted it. But I found it so insightful that I wanted to mention it again and say thank-you to the poster with my apologies that I forgot who you are. I thought about it for a few days before it hit me like a brick.

    The post said she gets recurring dreams of being at school and being tardy or not doing well on a test and that it probably had something to do with our concern that we are not doing well in life's schoolroom. Wow! I get the same school-related recurring dream. In addition I have recurring dreams that I am trying to get home either on a bicycle or public transportation and am getting lost or being detoured or delayed. Also, as I used to be a remodeling contractor, I have the recurring dream that I am doing a remodeling job and it's going over budget and past the deadline and not turning out well. All these probably have to do with my nocturnal concerns that I am not making the grade, not finding my way back Home, not doing the job in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

    What an insight from one of our forum members (please stand up and take a bow)! It's the reason I keep coming back here again and again. Thank-you.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  2. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    The school dream is a common one. I also often dream that I am supposed to be at the airport, but am late getting there. The particulars are different every time -- I can't find the airport, or someone is driving me but they take me elsewhere instead, or I'm at the airport without my luggage or my ID. This seems similar to Vic's dreams about trying to get home. I wonder what that dream means, or if there is significance in that Vic is trying to get home and I'm nearly always trying to get to the airport.
  3. I wonder how many others on this forum have similar recurring dreams.

    Celera, do you get a sense of what your destination is when you're going to the airport? Whenever I get those 'can't find my way home' dreams, I am always trying to get home. Though it's usually represented in the dream as one of my 3 homes that I lived in for a good portion of time, the house I grew up in, and the two houses that I owned as an adult. Never has to do with the 4 apartments I lived in. So I think that the earthly homes I dream about reaching might be symbolic of my heavenly home that I (probably all of us) came from. But I'm just speculating.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    And my dream is backing our 36 foot fifth wheel into a tight spot on soft, sloping ground - and often bumping it or getting close to doing it!
  5. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    So we are all dreaming of some impossible task -- it seems. :)

    The destination is usually not very clear, and certainly not consistent. But it seems like I'm trying to get away, not to get home. In waking life, I do have a tendency, when flying anywhere, to get to the airport far earlier than necessary.

    I also have dreams where I'm either living with my first husband or with my parents, and trying to figure out how to move out on my own, away from them. But apartments are really expensive and I can't find a place I can afford on my own. From these dreams it is always a great relief to wake up and remember that I actually have my own house and a good job and can -- more or less -- do what I please. I think these dreams are just processing old frustrations and anxieties from my younger years.

    I only remember one dream ever that seems like it might have been a Summerland visit, although I knew nothing about that at the time. I was in forest, near a small village, not a deep dark forest but a beautiful, cool place with great trees and dirt paths where people walked about their business. There were animals, none of them hunted or hunting, and part of the time I was walking and talking with a tall fellow in a white robe. It did seem more real than usual dreams, and not so disjointed and irrational as dreams often are. I don't remember it had any particular effect on me other than being memorable, and when I reflect on it I feel quite peaceful.

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