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imagination or real?

Discussion in 'Fairies and Elementals' started by mac, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It can certainly be down to imagination but are fairies and elementals always the result of imagination. The Cottingley Fairies story is one of the best known but remains divisive and uncertain.

    What are your experiences?
  2. dream jo

    dream jo New Member

    yes thy can be vvery real esply if u can sea thm in sky
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Mikey Morgan 'says':

    "Everything is energy and vibrational dimensions are vast and plentiful. There are many entities out there that we cannot see on a regular basis, however, when their vibration is altered close to ours here, they become visible. This is similar or the same as to when people have visions of their loved ones who have passed. (Same concept.)

    Fairies are positive entities that reside in dimensions of higher vibration whereas some elementals are of a lower vibration. Do they have a soul like we do? No but these entities are all part of the vast dimensions that coexist out there in realms we can choose to experience.

    When we are in the afterlife, we have a much better understanding of the possibilities of what we can experience. When we are in the physical here and under the influences that exist, that tends to close us up on many things when it comes to the spiritual world in general."
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's not uncommon for individuals to report that they've seen fairies, just as it's not uncommon for folk to talk about the extra-terrestrials they've seen - along with their vehicles! There does seem to be a difference, however, unless we're saying that aliens don't have souls either. I'm not going to tread that path though!

    I used to be somewhat dismissive of reports, attributing some of them to fancifulness but I'm much more accepting now - it's only taken three decades! I do feel sorry for those who have seen these dimensional breakthroughs but aren't believed. It must be so frustrating that once having seen fairy entities the witnesser may never see another. I suppose they should be forgiven for trying to find them researching everything they can find.

    Ultimately, however, there's not much good guidance about exactly what they are but what they're not is something I can go with. I'm not confident, though, that many witnessers would be persuaded by Mikey's insight. To understand it they'd need to consider fairies in a broad context, a principle I've banged on about in the past.

    Looking at these and many other phenomena in isolation is not helpful to one's understanding.

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