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I'm so sad, i just need to speak

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Monika, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Monika

    Monika Established Member

    Hej allihopa. It is such a hard day for me and i am so full of thoughts and confussion that feels like i will expload soon so i decided to write here, i just need to speak out...i just know that people who lost their lovers are more familiar with such emotions...
    Yesterday i visited my friend who help me a lot to cope with my feelings and tough times and she helps and encourages me to communicate with my husband and then yesterday all of the sudden she said something like: it is hard for me to tell you but you wont be lovers anymore when you will meet there. Maybe you will see each other for some time and then go again to other lives to envolve your spirits, maybe you will be somehow connected and blah blah blah. Mainly after her words that we wont be lovers i heard nothing anymore what she was saiyng because in my head was just WTF?? (Sorry for my expression but this was exact and i dont find word to express this differently). I do not believe in what she said because love never dies and thats all what is connecting us and thats why he sends me lots of signs and messages and keeps saying what he loves me, tells about love in spirit world, explains how it would be for us and our connection if i would kill myself and says how much he miss me and is here for me and many other things. So it can not be true what she said in any case because whats the meaning then? What is the meaning then for me to keep continue this life what became full of pain and torture 24/7? For me till now the only meaning why i must stay here was that everything happens for a reason, that i need to go through this as best as i can just because when my time will be over we will reunite in love. And its hard! I guess you know how hard it is almost dont sleep because scared to miss when he will come back home, almost dont eat because just not feeling hungry anymore ever after he died, function through days with no wish to live at all. But still moving forward. Just to be able to go when its time to be with my love again. And then this what she said! It makes me confussed if im just hoping too much. But how can i hope too much when i do trully believe that all what matters is love. All kinds of it. And then i try to figure out why did she say so? She is a person who see lots of my tears, my pain, my torture and then somehow she makes it even more painful. What could be a reason? I do not believe that she wanted to harm because who would want? But i am completely shocked...And i believe there is a reason why i had to get this extra pain when it is awful painful anyway. But i can not see it now, i can not understand it now. And it hurts so much that i can not breathe anymore :(
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    I very much understand how you feel. I have found it best not to listen to people who think they know everything about how a possible afterlife works, how our souls relate to each other once there, etc. Even if some of them do have some idea, due to possessing certain sensitivities or the like, they don't know everything for sure, because they are only human, and so can only interpret what they think they know with their human minds and abilities. Also, what may be true for one person or one couple is not necessarily true for another. Additionally, it's possible your friend said that in a misguided attempt to "help you move on" (I don't know if that's the case, as I don't know your friend; I mention it as one possibility. Sometimes people mistakenly think that somehow if we think we won't be together as lovers/spouses/partners in an afterlife, it will make the remainder of this life easier for us, not understanding that such a misguided thought/belief has completely the opposite effect for many of us.)

    I know it's hard, but please try not to let your friends beliefs influence your own, when it comes to this. Here's the thing -- you know your husband better than your friend does, better than anyone does. So you know his feelings for you, how strong they are, and so forth, and therefore you know better than anyone in the universe how your relationship with him will be in the afterlife. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}
  3. Monika

    Monika Established Member

    Thank you bluebird for your words which are like support for me. Big support i must say. Yes, i totally agree that it is just me who can ever know or feel a truth about myself and my love. Just sometimes it feels like i get good punch, i fall down on ground and then i need to stand back again. But to stand back again need a lot of power. And while trying to get back on feets after a punch you feel dizzy, confused, easily influenced :(
  4. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    Hello, Monika
    In my opinion, no-one is an expert on such matters. Forums are rife with people who call themselves researchers and experts but, again in my opinion, I don't believe they are. So, if I may suggest, keep this in mind when discussing the spiritual - and most other matters (but that's something else...). I certainly am no expert, but I will share my opinion with you, if I may :)

    I too have heard and read that once we cross over, we will be reunited with our loved ones, but we will no longer exist in the other realm as husband and wife/lovers. I must say entertaining such thought upset me quite a bit; as you said, "Wtf?"

    I choose to believe that your friend did not make that statement with the intention to upset you or to help you "carry on". As much as I did not want to accept it, over the years and through personal experiences, I came to accept it, very much so.

    Perhaps what might help is to understand that the concept of "Love" can manifest in various ways. The love you feel for your child is different than the love you feel for your spouse. Yet it seems that when we return to this cruel playing field, the spouse we loved so much in our previous incarnation may now be a son or a sister. The bond is still there but different. Perhaps we feel so upset at the thought because while experiencing life on this planet we experience the many manifestations of "Love" and our human condition prevents us from seeing the bigger picture, so to speak (I hope I am not making this as clear as mud, lol).

    I do not know if you believe in regression, but I will tell you of a rather interesting case... A lady in her 60s decided to undergo regression. Her reason for doing so was the strained relationship she had with one of her daughters. She hoped regression might give her some insight. She felt the regression was successful.

    As she "relived" a past life, she saw herself, her mother, and her sister in a modest home near a lake. Her sister drowned and she (the client undergoing regression) was standing on the shore screaming for help; she then ran home to tell her mother but by the time they reached her sister in the lake, it was too late.

    Turns out the daughter she has in this life (the daughter she fights and argues with more often than not) was her sister in that past life.

    Now, her current daughter did not know about her mother's regression. It was then decided to ask the daughter if she'd be willing to undergo regression, at no charge to her; she agreed to this "research purpose" though she was highly skeptical. The client was successfully regressed and interestingly enough she also described the modest home by the lake, where she lived with her parents and two sisters. Later she became quite upset and began to cry; she was angry and blamed her sister for not helping her when she was in the lake, drowning. She was sister in one life, and daughter in this life. Take this for what it's worth...

    Again, I believe your friend's intent was not to upset you or hurt you in any way. She expressed what she thinks happens to what I call "Earthly love" once we cross over, and I too happen to believe that is the case. I hope we will be wrong. Having fought the possibility for so long, I now choose to believe that in the end there is a greater love than we can possibly imagine, and that all will make sense once we cross over. What other choices do we have, really?
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  5. enby

    enby New Member

    Monika, i’d just like to also say, a lot of this new age information about how everything is, is coming from alledged ppl in spirit communicating thru mediums correct?

    now, why is it that we take everything they are saying as gospel? why is it that we drop our standards for trust and also drop real critical thinking? these ideas are being wrapped up in a “loving” package, and i think they are anything but. i think there are ppl/entities who are pushing these harmful ideas and trying to make ppl believe they are true.

    and look at what they do. look at how some of these sorts of ideas have affected you. not loving. and is it not truth. i myself have become very affected by all these new age ideas at times, and for example, become scared at finding a romantic partner, and having our relationship and romantic love ripped apart somehow when we die. i’ve felt that way about myself as well. my own pieces of being, getting ripped away and twisted, all becuz of what i’ve heard being directly said or implied.

    let me give another example of ppl being so ridiculously trusting. there is someone who i guess using the remote viewing method, was alledgly communicating with an extraterrestrial individual. this e.t. had said that ppl being abducted (by them) was actually a good thing. and then some nonsense about them creating human hybrids from these abductions and they were “ambassadors” to wherever.

    now this is even less subtle then the ~life lessons, you chose this and that, the death of a child is a workout on a machine, etc etc~ and trying to make that all out as loving and reasonable.

    you have ppl being literally ABDUCTED and things being done to them, and/or taken from them, and then anyone wants to sit back and tell you, ‘no rly this is a good thing lol’, and you accept it? like this person who was alledgly communicating with the E.T. why??

    (also we can’t even know if this is an actual E.T. even saying this —btw if you have the alledged scenario of E.T. abductions and they’re saying, ‘yeah it’s fine, we think it’s a good thing.’ chances are THEY don’t even think that and it’s truly just a ploy—as i was saying, we can’t even know if this was even an actual E.T. saying this. it could’ve been another asshole in spirit messing with us as usual lol. becuz it’s THAT easy!)

    there seems to be this incredibly odd lack of standards for what makes sense, what is actually right and wrong, what is loving, etc when we are communicating in a spiritual way with ppl/entities in the spirit realm, and even when we’re alledgly communicating with an E.T. not apparently in spirit using these methods!

    anyone in spirit can literally say anything and usually as long as they wrap it up in a fake loving package, we just go ‘yeah okay makes sense, you’re so wise lol.’

    and all the ppl believing in such harmful nonsense, like your friend, push and spread it to everyone else, and rly don’t think it’s terrible. and often if we think it’s terrible and harmful, they’ll whip out sumthing like the ol “ego” bs and continue to chip away at our individuality, and if you’re thinking and feeling anything that isn’t x y and z isn’t rly “you”

    how loving.

    also! may i also add that our diverse ways of love and attractions, our own diverse beings—anything that directly says or implies that that is not enough, that that is not good or beautiful enough etc—that is not at all loving and not at all true.

    i have a theory that it may be very well otherwise for some certain ppl, and their afterlife is somewhere else in another dimension from us, who are supposed to be truly diverse and ourselves. and for the others, in their way of existence with all the ~reincarnation~ and new age ideas, that is for them—and their realm of existence, that for some reason overlaps onto this plane, where they mix with those of us where our way of existence is very much NOT theirs. and when we pass, as i said , we go to our afterlife as our own beautiful unique and good as we are selves, with all our ways of love and attractions and so on. and we are there in our afterlife eternally with our loved ones, and that is perfectly fine.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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  6. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} Believe me, I know. I'm glad I could help a little.
  7. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    I'm not sure what your point is, enby. Are you saying people have sex in the afterlife and it's wrong to say otherwise? I'm not trying to be snide, I really am confused here.
  8. SashaS

    SashaS Active Member

    Monika! In the book of Barry Eaton "Uncovering the secrets of afterlife" I have read that "...married partners on earth do not necessarily live together and continue their relationship in the afterlife - IT IS THEIR PERSONAL CHOICE. As we return home, no matter what level we are on, several spirits can choose to live together in a state of unconditional love..."
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  9. Monika

    Monika Established Member

    I love this :)
  10. Monika

    Monika Established Member

    This is just beautiful and i wish from all my heart that this is true :)
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