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If there is an afterlife, how would you prefer it to be?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by bluebird, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    I also think that Bluebird put all the words together so nicely. Bluebird, you have a talent to express and i love to read your posts. Bill Z, and others, i hope time here will fly for us as fast as possible till the day we will open our eyes and see smiles of our loved ones. Puss puss
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  2. dingodile

    dingodile Member

    What a wonderful question! I think all of us want to be reunited with loved ones, and to do the things we didn't get to do in this life. In addition to those things, I would hope for new challenges and goals to accomplish. I went through a period of interest in the Urantia Book, which describes, or purports to describe, the afterlife in great detail. It describes an evolutionary process in the course of which we are recruited for progressively higher missions. I like that idea. Something similar comes through in much of the mediumistic literature, especially that of Chico Xavier, but also Helen Greaves and others. I think it's important to have some kind of work to do.

    In the 1970s, a British philosopher named Bernard Williams wrote an essay entitled "The Tedium of Immortality" in which he argued that no sane person should wish for eternal life, because it would eventually become a torment. Since the publication of that essay, many have argued against his position, but he has had a fair number of defenders too. Personally, I think he was wrong.
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  3. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much, everyone who has answered so far. I very much like to read what each of you want your afterlife with your beloved(s) to be like, and I appreciate you being willing to share them here. {{{{hugs}}}}
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  4. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Monika. :)
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  5. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Well, of course I'd like my afterlife to be with those I love, including every single one of the pets we shared our lives with and yes, that includes the birds, lol

    However, sorry for sounding like a stick in the mud, bluebird, but I have some difficulty with this because something in the back of my old mind interferes with my idea of "bliss". Let me see if I can make this as clear as mud, lol... "something" tells me that eternal life with my loved ones would, at some point, require something else.

    I happen to think that even if it would all be "perfect", I would eventually want to experience something else, I would want to keep learning and growing. Not sure I'd be able to do so within my limited circle.
    Also, what about the other entities in my soul group that I may have forgotten (for now, while on this planet) but that, once I return to the spirit world, would not want to be separated from, ever again?
    Take for example the figure of the monk that you and I discussed on numerous occasions. I remember dreaming (if it was a dream!) that I was being greeted by a group of people, and the principal figure in that group was the monk. Upon waking I thought of the group as my "Soul group". The monk gave me a big hug, welcoming home, and I simply cannot put into words the unbelievable love I felt. I wanted to stay there, never leave and return to this life, though I knew who I'd be leaving behind (my spouse and children).
    So, I wonder, how can we be sure that what we think of as our ideal afterlife today is really what we want? I feel that while in this incarnation our perspective is so limited, and though I can speak only for myself, it seems to me that I look at it not only in a limited way but also in a selfish way.
    Eternity is an awfully long time; how much "living" and exploring, and creating realities can we do when in the company of the relatively few souls who chose to incarnate with us this time around? I wonder :-/
    However, for now, I see my ideal afterlife this way: with my loved ones (current spouse, children, past pets), living by the ocean, experiencing the starry night skies, living in a large Edwardian home with climbing roses and ivy, fountains, gardens filled with butterflies, birds, rabbits, ladybugs (the red ones, lol), secret paths flanked by arching trees, and last but not least, being able to eat every sinful food without gaining a bit of weight! :p:p
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