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If there is an afterlife, how would you prefer it to be?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by bluebird, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    If you've read any of my previous posts, it should be pretty clear that I am agnostic regarding the possible existence of an afterlife. The purpose of this thread, however, is not to discuss or debate whether or not an afterlife exists -- I am, instead, interested in hearing (well, reading) what you would like the afterlife to be like, if it does exist. If there is an afterlife, I don't know if we get to choose what our afterlife is like or not, but for the sake of discussion lets hear what/how you would like it to be.

    For example, when I die I would like to immediately be welcomed by my beloved husband, to bond with him more/again, to know that he is still himself and that we are still who we are (soulmates, lovers, spouses, friends), to feel his love and for us to be enveloped in the love we have for each other. Then I want us to go and "live" in a Victorian house (the kind we wanted here on earth), where we will live with our cats, where we will make love, read books, write poetry, play music, cook dinner, cuddle in bed, etc. We will also take walks on the beach, visit friends and family, take classes, etc. Essentially all the things we did here, plus things we would have done if we had had sufficient time and money. A sort of relaxed version of life here, without pain or worry or fear. Ideally, we would do this for all eternity. I'm sure we would also want to help others, perhaps the newly arrived, and maybe teach others how to do the things we are good at (music for him, poetry for me), and would gradually integrate those things into our existence.

    So -- what would your ideal afterlife be like?
  2. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    That is truly beautiful Bluebird! I wish from all my heart that this comes true for you, me and all other! Michel will be first who will great me and i even imagine what he will say. I really hope that when i will go to him i will remember all this pain i have here. So this will let me to enjoy fully us being together again and actually being able to touch each other. How magical this first hug and kiss will be! I really dont want harsh memories to be taken away. It is not easy for me to say how i would like afterlife to look and be but from all what Michel says i can say it satisfy me completely. We will live in green, 2 stories house with no electricity but light. Well about color of house we will have a discussion i guess...it is not what i really like and definitely not what he wished for our house here. But maybe we can change it :) Ill skip the big part about how it looks inside house because it would become very long post. Around house there is a field with wild flowers (this was a surprise for me that there is no tree close to the house but whatever, i dont care if only im with him). Behind house there is a river. You can hear it flow. Several neighbour houses. I know there are mountains and forests. I know what he is doing there but i dont know what i would like to do. It is difficult to think because all i wish for now is to hug and feel and never let go. Never ever ever. Ever. But if i would have and need to choose what shall i do there i would love to do something same what i do here. It could be connected with architecture or arts in general. Oh and i hope we will go fishing. I miss fishing so much. I ask often Michel to plan our fishing trip for when i come. And i terribly miss our road trips...big part from our time together we spend on the road. I miss to drive long long ways, lots of our conversations. How many dreams became to plans during those trips! I really really wish someday we'll go for a road trip with lots of cocoa and cigars :)
  3. Maria

    Maria Member

    Since Peter’s death, I have been writing messages to him on a website named After Talk. (It is like keeping a journal where you can tell your loved one about the day’s events and express all the pain you are feeling at that particular moment). I often remind Peter about a pact I would like to make that when my time arrives to transition, that he will “collect me” from my deathbed and escort me to the spirit world. We will have so much to talk about then, and I will have so many questions about what he has been doing since were separated. I hope he will show me the majestic home where we will live together. It will be the house of my dreams, elegant, and tasteful. He loved gardening while on Earth, so he will proudly show me his new garden full of perfumed flowers in colours only seen in the afterlife, full of birdsong and butterflies, and the sound of a musical cascading fountain. After this, we will go on a tour of the afterlife where he will show me wondrous sights that will make me cry with happiness. We will be together again and share a love more wonderful and unconditional than we could have ever known in our mortal lives. We will kiss and hug each other tightly, knowing we are together for eternity with health, youth, and lost joy recaptured. I hope that each day that passes will be a step closer to being reunited with Peter, and if there is an afterlife, then all the Hellish loneliness and grief I have suffered, will be a nightmare soon forgotten. Bluebird, and Monika, I also hope that we all will meet up in the afterlife and report how the dreams we yearned for in this post have come true.
  4. Bill Z

    Bill Z Well-Known Member

    Bluebird and Monika thank you. Beautiful posts to read first thing in the morning with my coffee and tears for my beloved.
    I can only speak from personal experience: messages from mediums, freams, dowsing and feathers and other signs from the love of my life.
    This is what I've learned: She will meet me, but She won't be first, my mother will be. She is 35, 14 years before we met, in Her prime and healthy. My favorite pictures of Her are from that time, although even as She was transitioning and only 58 pounds She was still magnificently beautiful to me.
    We will do pretty much everything Bluebird mentioned and enjoy the life we had when She was healthy and help others.
  5. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    Thats such a lovely idea! Whooop i hope it will be true. Would love to meet you all fullfilled with happiness of reunion with loved ones!
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