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Idols/Religous Jewelery/FEAR

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by Litsa, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Litsa

    Litsa New Member

    Hi All,

    It's been 7 months since my Mom passed away. Since, I have given all cloths for donation. It was very hard too.

    I was raised Orthrodox and that means you get baptized and BAM you are presented with a gold cross that will PROTECT your for the EVIL...

    I was raised on guilt from religious priest and orthodox religion all my life that is until, I started my research many years ago and then found Roberta Grimes....

    Going back, I have bought many of gold, silver crosses that I don't even wear at all....I bought them because of protection and obession...I have Aspergers syndrome....I really believed they were protecting me...

    My Mom has some nice gold crosses as well...Though she was not a religious zealot but just liked to wear them..

    Since my Mom has passed...I have been out of work for 5 months and at the age of 50 years old and 15 job rejections...I am need money....

    I have been a rocker chick, that had to sell my two guitars to pay bills....But, I am getting deseperate and want to sell my gold crosses I no longer wear...But that FEAR, OCD says if I do, God will punish me...I know this is wrong...I also want to sell my Mom's...I gave a lot of her jewerly to my family members, but, there are only so many crosses or rings you can give....

    I am stumped and I am thinking that maybe Roberta, or someone on this forum can help me out with this stupid fear....

    Any advise would be nice.

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  2. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    I constantly have fear. Even when I think I don't it bubbles back up. You sound like a lovely person and I understand where you are coming from. Fear Is something so deeply ingrained into us that it is hard to get rid of.

    Do what your heart tells you is best. If your mind is conflicted, seek resolution. I hope that you will find a good answer. I will try to see if I can get Roberta for you. The email on her website usually does the trick. Look out for answers from Mac, Monika, GeneEdwardSmith, Bill Z, Pandora97, Ravensgate and Roberta Herself. They are Uber advanced spiritually and have great advice.

    I wish I could help you more. I lost the fear because the person I loved convinced me to.

    Roberta helped me rationalise it though!!!! Thank God for sending her forums my way!!!!
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  3. pandora97

    pandora97 Well-Known Member

    Roberta is probably the best one to help you. Sorry you're having such difficulties. I too sometimes struggle with my Christian upbringing.o_O
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  4. Litsa

    Litsa New Member

    Kurt & Pandora97 the youboth of your responses.

    It's hard to give up the brain washing of religion and everything....I thought I was over it...

    Selling religious jewelry I no longer wear and believing it protects me and or gives me good luck is horrible..

    The worst though is selling my Mom's jewelry...I guess I will meditate...Maybe I can ask my Mom who I know must be having a wonderful time in the afterlife...She was a GREAT lady....

    Maybe she can guide me on what to do....I LOVE her so much...I would feel ashamed to sell them...But, maybe if I can stop crying long enough and listen she might say it's okay...Sell them..

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  5. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    I don't know about her jewelry... That would be painful.. .

    But it's your choice.

    Religious brainwashing is like a fire in a coal mine... It just never goes out...

    Thanks Kalo,
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