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Ian Stevenson

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by zilch, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. zilch

    zilch New Member

    It is known that Ian Stevenson left a case locked with a certain combination. His goal was to attempt to pass the password from the afterlife. Do you know if anyone has tried to 'contact him'? It seems that in 2014 DOPS still accepted submissions for the lock. Maybe this would be a good way of 'proving' that there's something beyond?
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  2. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    I read somewhere that plenty of people have contacted DOPS with number combinations they've dreamt of and so on, but none so far has unlocked the briefcase. Disappointing!
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  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    It is pretty common for people to leave behind a word, a combination, or something that will magically prove the afterlife. In every case of which I am aware, the decedent when contacted after death can remember that there was supposed to be such a key, but cannot for the life of himself remember what it was ;-). I think there may be some sort of taboo against doing this, but who knows?
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I suppose there may be an unwritten rule.... Or maybe we just won't recall details in the way we presently think we will?

    Some years ago I was talking with a colleague-and-friend and his 'dead' wife who began visiting with us both. I asked her if she recalled things I remembered about the times when we had worked together but she said she couldn't. Her focus was naturally on her still incarnate husband and although I had been a big part of both their lives as a married couple and even years before, those times were lost to her - and rightly so I eventually concluded.

    Stuff we might think significant in this world may just seem like a poorly remembered movie we saw years ago. You remember you liked it (or hated it!) but have no idea what its title was, who the actors were or what the storyline was!

    Or is that just me? ;):Do_O
  5. zilch

    zilch New Member

    If there is an afterlife, then maybe this world is like a dream to that one? My memory plays tricks on me when I try to remember dreams, maybe a bit like what mac wrote about remembering the old movie. Anyway, I noticed that some of you mention ITC (and I like the worlditc website - it seems sincere and doesn't try to sell me anything). Maybe some of the ITC researchers could try to contact Ian Stevenson?
  6. zilch

    zilch New Member

    It's not a happy moment for me. I miss my mother to the point that it really hurts and keep looking for her, but all that is left is her grave, ashes, and my memories. I haven't found anything that could turn me into believer. The world is quite amazing with its physics, biology and unknown origin. I still 'pray' to be wrong and I'm happy if your beliefs make you happier, but I can't see anything but wishful thinking in this afterlife / paranormal business.

    This post was not meant to attack anyone's views. I just express mine.
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  7. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    It's very difficult to believe in an afterlife. I'm about fifty fifty on a good day. However I cannot deny that my son suddenly spoke to me in December '17 and appeared in February '18. This was after getting diagnosed with a bad cancer in June '16 and dying five weeks later. I was coming to terms with it, always being sensible and accepting death can come at any time and that's that, when a year and a half later I had these incredible signs which are never far from my mind, and had me reading and reading trying to find an explanation which continues to this day. Only two weeks ago I went to a medium who said "the strong male energy" which has just entered the room sees you reading and reading and is laughing and laughing. He says you've heard and seen him. I wrote to thank her, and she wrote back today how she hopes I can accept it was really him. Yes, it sounded exactly like him. But how to explain it?!
    Maybe just realising how strange it is that we're here can help us believe that there are other places nearby; why not?
  8. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Zilch, thanks for the reference to the interesting IT website! I really should stop this, but I'm hooked on the search. It's all I have left. I think the more you read, the less doubting you become, and I'm certainly happier as a result. I hope you're feeling better. Maybe it's early days and just a process you must go through? Perhaps it would be odd if you didn't feel this way?
  9. SashaS

    SashaS Active Member

    Hi Zilth! Ian Stevenson has left beyond forty years of work with about 3000 cases of children all around the world who claimed to remember their past lives. I think this is a good way of him to make us believe of an afterlife. Here is a link of one of his books: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/w/images/1/1b/Twenty_Cases_Suggestive_of_Reincarnation.pdf

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  10. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    Just an observation and I hope that Convolution doesn’t mind me bringing him into the conversation. So here it goes:

    You Zilch, and Convolution may feel like your hearts has been torn out. Convolution lost his brother and you lost your mother. It may feel like a piece of you is missing which is probably why you both along with millions of others feel like they need solid, scientific evidence of a life after this life. Sadly to say, I don’t believe that will happen anytime soon in our lifetime. If reincarnation does exist, maybe in our next rounds of lives, there will be a scientific way to validate life after this life. I highly doubt it though, since afterlife studies is of a metaphysical nature not science.

    The death of a loved one does not mean that they are permanently gone. ‘Death’ or ‘Life after Life’ is simply a transition to a different realm of existence to another. Nothing is ever dead, forgotten, nor lost. Our family, children, animals, and/or loved ones just don’t disappear into thin air when they die. The fact that certain members continuously talk about their deceased loved ones and have managed to find their way to these forums, should prove somewhat of evidence that a possibility of an afterlife does exist. We wouldn’t have doubt of an afterlife if we didn’t think that there was a slight possibility that it does exist.

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