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I have vivid memories of things I've never experienced

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by rinnocasca, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I am going to post this in a few forums to see what kind of responses I get, so please don't consider this spam and please read my post fully, if you don't need an intro about me, you can skip the story starting at "So to get to the point".

    A little about myself, I am in my 20s right now, I have no history of mental illnesses, light depression every once in a while, I have a decent job, make good money, and have a loving family. I like going out, drinking, partying, travelling, play most sports (i'm not that good but ok), and I enjoy outdoor activities. Basically, I have a normal life I like to think, although I am and have been alone through most of my life. I am not religious, i rarely pray, i don't believe in reincarnation, souls, ghosts, spirits etc I never have and never will go to a psychic, card reader, mind reader or any of that as I have a strong belief that all of those people are CON ARTISTS.

    I am writing this post because I need to know if anybody else has experienced what I have experienced, I know a lot of people imagine a lot of things and have mild memories of stuff they've never experienced, I am not looking for this. I am looking for people that have had repeated dreams, being able to explain their memories with detail, the weather, the wind, the smell, the sounds, the trees, and the feelings and emotions that being in that situation entails. These are things you don't get out of TV or watching a show or reading a book, and there is a reason I consider these memories and I want to put this out there to see if anyone has had ANY of the same experiences.

    So to get to the point, ever since I was a kid, very young around 8, I have had memories of places I've never been to, people I've never met and scary, frightening and fearful events that have never happened to me. These memories are always in the past, never the future, usually in or near my place of birth, I am usually poor, have an average body weight, anywhere between 25 - 40, very few times the place is far away (like in the other side of the world). I am human in almost all of them and I see the world through this person's eyes. I am never doubting what I am or who I am, I am simply living like it's normal. The thing is if I saw the people in this vision, I would recognize them, tell you about their personality, but the timing is always off, it is from the past, so finding records or pictures of these places is very difficult and believe me I have searched. I never know the exact location.

    I have never been able to explain it clearly to anyone so I am going to try now. Imagine if you were in a situation that involved some level of minor danger, like cutting vegetables, you have a reaction when you see someone doing it unsafely "hey! don't do that! you can cut yourself", how do you know this? common sense, maybe your parents taught you or maybe you hurt yourself and learned. In my case it's the same except with being in a foreign place, I remember that a series of events that have happened are unsafe knowing the event that is going to happen next, a kind of causation but completely unpredictable and unclear to a normal person, and I am paranoid about doing some things, I can't really explain why but my mind is like "wait! you've seen this pattern before, this will go to a bad place, don't do this!"

    I have lucid memories where I am running out of a fear for my life, there is an animal or a person chasing me in this memory and I am sprinting. I have dreams with the same level of detail, I can tell you that it was cold, I have a blanket or some kind of a rug on me, it's dark I can't see I am running through trees, there is snow on the ground, my feet are cold, I have no shoes on, I am not in this era or generation, it's most likely a few hundred years ago but I am sprinting my heart is pounding, if I stop, I will die, something will kill me. I am running towards a group of 2 - 3 people, all males usually. It's dark, wooded, I am in a forest, there are no buildings, there is light from the moon and my group has set a fire that I am going towards. You get the picture, I can draw out the place using vivid details. This is one scenario. I have had this dream so many times with minor variations to it. I have never seen such a place in my life or on TV, book or internet.

    I am usually alone in these scenarios, and in general conversation with other people I refer to these memories casually, only to realize that they never happened. I am lying, I know, but I don't know it then, for some reason it just comes out. I can explain the emotion during the scenario. For a 8 yr old boy to be able to say things like this, speak about the difficulties of marriage and life, understand fear of life and having a level of understanding about death is rare and unusual. It is unusual to know the smell of lead and gun powder, realize that it is that, and realize that something is not ok because of it, and be able to warn people that this smell is here when I have never seen a gun or played with gun powder. I have tried to tell people this, including my parents, but as many of you ultimately will, it is easily dismissed as a bad dream (that occurs about 100 times). As I am getting older, I am more and more disconnected from this, I am starting to understand that I have to let it go and live my life and I am trying to get an understanding of what the hell happened to me. <-- I just typed this line, I am not going to erase it, I know it didn't happen to me, but I typed it. I have been criticized as being a compulsive liar (unsurprisingly only about this 1 issue) among other things whenever I mention these stories.

    I don't know what this is, I don't know why I know these things, I spend days searching for these places, I rarely find them. Please be mindful of the restrictions I've stated, it's never the future, and it's never now, its always the past. People say you can't die in your dreams, this has happened to me several times, but I have an isometric perspective right after death, I see people looking at my dead body (of the person I was in my dream). Due to this, many of my friends have told me that I speak from a first person perspective about these situations, I never realize it until they tell me. Usually, with regards to these things, what I say is true, as I am speaking from experience, and its later verified by the fact or by looking it up in the internet. I can understand the emotion that is associated with losing someone, I have tears about things that have never happened to me, and it's not compassion, to be honest I'm not a very emotional or compassionate person, I think people should work for themselves. I wake up at night over situations that bother me (not even dreaming) that also didn't happen. I understand there is such a thing as irrational fear, but in my mind, this is the farthest thing from irrational (although really it might seem that way).

    I don't really know what to make of this, but if you understand ANY of what I have written above, please reply, it would help me immensely to know that there are other people that know and remember things and have memories of things that never actually happened to them. I am a scientific person, I studied computer science and business finance, both very mathematical and technical. I don't dig into anything unless I have logical proofs and data. I wouldn't waste my time writing this for fun.

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  2. I just read a few other posts here and people are talking about Deja Vu, so I might as well include what kind of deja vu I've seen. For me, I've never had a deja vu that is clearly deja vu like "hey, I was here before and this happened" as I said, I have never been able to find these places. For me deja vu occurs over a series of events. Imagine if you are driving on a highway, you see far ahead that a car merged into a lane without signaling, causing them to hit the guy in the blind spot, this then causes the car behind them to hit, some people swerve left, right, hitting other vehicles, if you're about 2 miles away from it, you see the pattern, react and stop or slow down or swerve to avoid the damage (you may or may not avoid it). Its very much like that, it's not that I've seen a place and people but it's that I've seen a series of events taking place and I can conclude that the pattern will lead to event X and I say it or act according to that. Nobody I have been with has been able to predict the outcome of that pattern like me. I have average to ordinary intelligence, my gpa in high school was 3.2, college was 3.4. The only reason I know is because I feel I have experienced it before.
  3. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Well, rinnocasca, in a way you remind me of myself, the way I was not that long ago, really. I never believed in reincarnation, an afterlife, etc. etc. To this day I believe most "psychics" are frauds...

    Ok, I do believe you have been/are experiencing glimpses of a previous incarnation. You don't have to believe me, but I have no doubt this is what's going on. For many, many years, since the age of 12 or so, I had a recurrent dream, involving some ancient, unknown locale and the figure of a monk. In that same dream I would ran away and hide from crowds of people who just wanted to get their hands on me and physically destroy me.

    Then I had 3 dreams, though I wouldn't call them "dream" because they were so very, very odd. I would be looking at a dark void (I thought perhaps it was outer space?) and I would see a speck of light in the very far distance. That speck of light would get brighter and closer; each time I'd see what looked like a piece of rectangular stone or wood, burning, and etched on that were the number 1472 - always the same numbers. The image would just float there in the darkness, this burning number. I no longer dream of the date 1472. And I finally "connected" with the dream of the monk thanks to a life regression. So many questions were answered, such as why something deep within me gets stirred each time I see or hear medieval scenes; I would often start crying and never could figure out why; I would fill with a feeling of longing but also a feeling of loss (the monk). I could go on and on, but it's not necessary.

    You've been here before... and you will return. Ultimately, whether you believe in an afterlife, the soul, etc. is irrelevant, as you are eternal; neither you nor anyone else can destroy your spirit. May I suggest you read Dr. Tucker's book "Life before Life"; Dr. Jim Tucker is a doctor at the Unversity of Virginia, carrying on the work started by Dr. ian Stevenson who - as scientifically as possible - researched cases of reincarnation.
    One question: how do you interpret your memories?
  4. Hi rinnocasca,

    My first impression is that you are experiencing memories from a past life (even though I'm agnostic towards reincarnation). I'm also a left-brained, analytical, skeptical person. I also believe that 97% of all the claims made out there are wishful thinking or outright fraud. But I've experienced some things similar to what you've experienced to make me seek out the 3% of the claims that cannot be explained away. (And the 3% of people making claims who are genuinely gifted.) I have read enough evidence and experienced enough things to firmly believe that there is much more to this world than just atoms bouncing around randomly. And my life has been solidly enriched by pursuing the 3% of valid claims.

    Obviously what you are experiencing is significant to you, or else you would just dismiss it. I encourage you to seek out an understanding of what you are experiencing with an open mind and an open heart.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  5. Hi Rinnocasca,

    I think you probably believe more than you want to admit. The mere possibility of something else going on is obviously not outside of your scope of acceptance or the rest of your post must be pure fantasy, and I don't believe it is.

    I've also experienced all of the above, I've had recurring dreams that went on for nearly 20 years, always ending the same way, with me being restrained face down on the ground and stabbed in the centre of my back and me dying, and not waking up immediately either - that's spooky.

    I have deja vu regularly, and can predict accurately what happens next, but not merely as a logical sequence of events.

    I agree with the statistics of credible v fraudelent psychics, mediums and so call spiritualists as all above, but I have also experienced so much first hand evidence of an afterlife I don't need any more validations.

    I also believe you are having past life flashbacks if what you described is accurate, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to support same.

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