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I had afterlife related dream last night

Discussion in 'Dreams and Dreaming' started by Kurt, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I had a very wierd dream last night where I was murdered but made to look like a suicide.

    I was hoping to have some sort of Etika dream but... I guess we can dream on so to speak. I'll let you all know if something comes up
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  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Any new information you would like to share Kurt?
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  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    WOW! This is amazing, dear PoeticBlue. Truly a horrendous war to no good purpose whatsoever, and I'm so sorry that it seems that you and Gabby were in it! Just... wow.
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  4. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    Quite interesting, huh? Its ironic because I'm actually learning about the Vietnam war in Social Studies!
  5. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    We're learning the relations between Vietnam and Africa at the time, like how Vietnam was one of the places that partitioned Africa.
  6. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Some context is that in the dream I was a high school girl who was suicidal and it caused a major scandal for my family since they were prestigious...

    It also was draining a hole in their wallet to keep putting me im hopsitals so my father in the dream took me out to a yacht and during a storm I "committed suicide" unofficially but officially was swept off the deck during the storm. when in reality...

    My father pushed me off the deck and let me drown because it would have been scandalous if I killed myself and if I failed then it would make us all look even more scandalous to begin with and would also bring a giant flame to the fortune.

    In the dream this took place near Galveston island but whenever I googled suicide yacht girl Galveston all I got was a million hits for the Galveston hurricane of 1900.

    In the dream it had a 90s feel but minus that the entire thing sounds horrifically accurate. Things like that did happen a lot prior to the late twentieth century. (Kennedy's sister most notably) could it have happened in the late? I'm not sure.

    Besides I'm Gen Z so the 70s to 90s look close enough alike to where I may mistake them if you show me pictures.
  7. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Beyond that, with Etika.... I kinda sorta had a dream but forgot all of it. I just remember that it had something to do with him.

    For context he was a famous youtuber who offed himself recently after kitchen psych olds idiots and trolls descended on him because he had a public mental breakdown. He cut off all real fans (trying to encourage him to get help) and the fake ones either egged on his delusions or bullied him and eventually he had a sober moment and got so depressed and convinced that his legacy was forever tainted that he made a suicide not video during the day and set it to automatically upload at night so that no one could talk him out of it....

    He died....

    He also said that he was not here if there was a afterlife but that if there was he'd send a sign.

    The day after the NYPD found his body (he jumped from the Manhatten bridge and he was incognito for 2 weeks) his girlfriend started a stream dedicated to his memory.

    When you use the stream she did you have a random sequence of numbers and letters that cannot be prearranged by anyone.

    Hers said M4GGY which was his nickname for her. The chance of that happening is like 0.09 in 19 quintillion or something. So a lot of people are taking it as a sign.

    I'm also part of the fan movement to get some semblance of vengeance by making life miserable for everyone who hurt him.

    Namely, 2b2t which is.... More or less imagine the internet of 2007 getting time capsuled and opened in 2019.

    It is worse than 8ch and I think I already described some of the things you can find there.

    Obviously the trolls.

    But mainly this one guy who profited off of his death.

    (He's a YouTuber who pretends to contact dead celebrities the day they die with a ouija board and he profits off of this because naturally kids click the video and they get paid for it.)

    One of his videos came out recently and people are saying that a shadow that looks like a Etika silhouette is moving in the far background but I don't see it.

    People are torn up and pissed off. That's for sure.

    So that's a long but accurate update.
  8. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm not a huge history buff nor a news fan, so I was looking up what you've stated. I saw stories about repetitive drownings at Galveston particularly among children, preteens, etc... and the reports are true. Even more frightening is that more reports of drowning still continue to happen.

    It is interesting you having mentioned dreaming about being of the opposite sex in your particular dream especially when it comes to your details. I often dream that I am male and in the military. If I'm not male, then I am a female who was a victim in war during peak military ordinances in the past.

    My dad always wanted me to join the navy after I graduated college and my response was always no. I never really gave an exact explanation to him as of why, I just knew that I couldn't stand the sound of any gunshots or being around people in uniform for prolonged periods of time unless I absolutely had to. When I was in high school we had an ROTC program which was bearable. Some of my friends were in that program and I trusted them. I just never had the heart to join because I always felt uncomfortable being around that particular atmosphere. So instead I joined the orchestra, Spanish clubs, theater, and other courses that were the opposite of what I feared. I dreaded having to pass swimming classes my senior year of high school but I managed to :D

    Well anyways, very interesting post Kurt.
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  9. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Any new dreams that folks want to share before I hog the thread? :)
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  10. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Never mind. I'll just create a new thread to get this section more active.
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