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I had afterlife related dream last night

Discussion in 'Dreams and Dreaming' started by Kurt, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    So I had this dream where a spiritualist was giving me a list of topics to look into and I tried to remember as many as I could but only memorized 3. 1 was a particular Roberta book but I forget the name (no matter because they are all useful and i no doubt have a copy) the second was something hollenzollern or Berlin or something and had to deal with heart transplants or reanimation of a heart. And the third one was called the Aleksei experiments which she said had to deal with reanimation ad it is the only name I remembered.

    I decided it may be meaningless but to my great surprise when I looked it up it actually was a series of Soviet experiments in the 1940s dealing with the reanimation of dogs and fish. The spiritualist claimed that some sort of contact was made bearing fruit. I don't know if that was the case because I cannot find anything about it but what is flat out astonishing to me is how I never heard of any of this but got contacted in my dreams to research a set of experiments dealing with the afterlife that actually turned out to be real.


    Well that's all. Open to interpretation. Anyone?

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  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    I’ve mentioned before on the forum having dreamt about certain events and things that I knew nothing about, only to find out that they were true.

    Case in point, (and this will be hard for me to share), but I had a dream that I was in the middle of a war and my guess with the help of a friend, was that it was the Vietnam war. I am by no means a history guru so bear with me.

    In this dream I was of Asian decent and I remember running from a militia and trying to find my sister who was younger than me. There were a lot of bombs and explosions in the background, and all I could think of was trying to find my sister. I had images in my head within this dream of her hiding somewhere and crying for me. Eventually I found her in a bush somewhere hiding, but unfortunately we were caught by a group of soldiers shortly after. The last thing I remembered in this dream was being dragged down a dark tunnel and our lives were ended in a horrendous way.

    I’ve told this story to an older afterlife member here (Bella), and she asked me if I’ve researched anything about the Vietnam war. I told her no. I’ve taken basic history classes but hardly ever paid attention. My grades were average at best. Anyways, Bella told me that everything I’ve explained actually did happen during the Vietnam war. Apparently rape and killing was rampant back then. People being dragged down long dark corridors to be tortured was a predominate thing. I had no clue of this to be honest. But when I did the research every single little detail I’ve read resonated with me from what I’ve experienced in the dream.

    I’m telling you folks, our dreams are a powerful thing. We need to pay very close attention to them because some of us still drag issues from our past lives into this one. Lord knows I do. I guess to be honest till this day I still sleep with a nightlight on and have severe trust issues with certain people. My sister in the dream that I was searching for and found I felt was my daughter Gabby in that previous life. Everyone is always asking us if we are sisters :)

    Well anyways.. I didn’t intend to say this much.
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    For some individuals dreams may indeed have great importance. For me (and perhaps for others) the vast majority don't feel like they have significance.

    Those I remember are often about matters I've seen, heard or had on my mind. Sometimes they're about subjects I can't consciously relate to so I have no conscious way of knowing if they have importance for me. And, of course, I do not know what the dreams I don't remember were about. ;) As for others I recall only odd details and I don't know if they had importance at some subconscious level or whether they were just gobbledygook. :D

    Whether and/or how often dreams may link to trauma experienced in other lives I have no idea. Or whether individuals encountered in them have a connection to a dreamer/experiencer. There's probably no way of proving they related to an individual's personal, previous lives but equally there's no way to prove they didn't. It's a similar situation concerning life relationships with individuals we feel may be our soul-cell companions, 'soul-mates'. We can't prove it but no-one can disprove it.

    And above all, only the individual(s) experiencing any relationship actually know(s) how their relationship feels.
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  4. Gabriella

    Gabriella New Member

    You have always felt like a sister to me. That's an interesting dream. It's a good thing that you remember these types of things because it could show signs, like the past life sister connection. I have also had a dream, kinda felt like deja Vu, where me and my older sister was walking to a mall. That may also be a sign :)
  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    You are correct Mac in that there is no way of proving nor disproving what our dreams actually mean and/or if they do correlate with past life experiences. Only the experiencer will have to decide the meaning and how it resonates with them.

    The dreams I tend to have range from:

    A. Visitation form-Guides, animals, deceased
    B. Subconscious
    C. Wishful thinking

    A. Visitational dreams: I usually can tell when I’m being visited by another entity through my dreams when their demeanor is usually calm and heart felt. They let me know that everything will be ok and not to worry so much about things I cannot control. However I do receive a ‘little nudge’ here and there from my guide(s) regarding ridding of negative energy and to be more accountable for my actions. It’s hard to explain but it’s like someone giving you tough love but it’s the nicest love one can ever feel. Every visitation dream from my deceased pets were always loving, and they were goofy just the way they were in waking life. I can’t think of one dream where they were hostile.

    B: Subconscious dreams: Subconscious dreams (at least from what I’ve gathered) is when you/we as a whole, dream about matters that concern us in our earthly lives and formulates into a dream. So for example, if one is highly stressed in life, they may have a dream that they are drowning or being smothered. It does get tricky if the dream is reoccurring. I’ve had dreams of drowning and can’t stand the site of deep water even when things are great in life. So does it relate to ones mindset, or is it past life related due to the reoccurrence?

    C. Wish dreams: Some of our dreams are based off of wishful thinking. I dream about having super human powers a lot and defeating the ‘villain’ in many scenarios. (Sounds cheesy but it’s true). When I wake up however, I feel a sadness come over me because I know that I am far from perfect and at times feel weak. But I try to stay strong.
    I’ve dreamt on few occasions about escaping from a school building because of an unknown entity trying to break in and harm everyone. I never understood why I always had that dream until I realized that perhaps the monster trying to break in was me and I was frustrated that I perhaps wasn’t on the right track in my earth schooling as I should be. So I was wanting (wishing) to force myself to learn.

    I don’t know if any of this makes sense for people who aren’t that keen on this subject matter, but I’ll try to edit my post later and clean it up a bit. Sorry for the rough draft.
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  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I guess you've tidied it up somewhat since first writing because it reads just fine to me. :) It's a very good summation of the dreaming process for you and one that others may be able to identify with closely. It would be nice to hear the experiences of the small band of regular contributors here but also from members who spend much of their time on ALF just lurking. Nobody needs any special 'ability' just to tell us what dreams they experience and their interpretation of them can't be challenged. :)

    Dreaming is something nearly all of do, unlike having experience/knowledge/understanding of afterlife matters. How we recall those dreams and what they then may mean to us varies considerably from person to person it seems. How we interpret our personal dreams, what notice we may take of their content, is not wrong because they are wholly personal to each individual. (One exception might be when physiological or psychological/emotional imbalance lead to gross misinterpretation/misunderstanding of them.)

    Dreaming and some dreams may have spiritual components but it doesn't mean all dreams do. I encourage readers of this thread to present their own experiences and maybe their interpretation of them. :)
  7. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Well I did some editing here and there yesterday and returned this morning to read over everything and perhaps make more changes. However if it makes sense then I’ll just leave it as is lol.

    I’m not sure why dream subjects aren’t discussed that much. I suppose since I dream a lot it is a lifestyle topic to talk about much similar to people here mentioning their occupation in various threads. I try to talk about dreams with family members and other people and they just look bored or pretend to listen. I’ve become use to that and I can see why people may not have much of an interest especially since the vast majority of people claim to not even dream hardly at all. (Which of course they do but just don’t remember). I can’t even fathom what that’s like to be honest. I would imagine that I would feel more rested but then again, I would be worried that something was wrong with me if I suddenly stopped remembering my dreams. It’s something that I’ve learned to cope with no matter how disturbing some of it can be, there is beauty to it all. Dreams are somewhat of a guidance and serves a purpose. Otherwise, why would we even have them?

    Sleep paralysis and astral projection was one thing I had to simply accept and go with the flow. Thankfully, I haven’t had much sleep paralysis lately due to me learning how to remain calm during my projections. Our old friend Andrew on this forum was one of the first people who taught me to just relax when I felt the sensation that I’m projecting out of my body or returning back to ease the transition. It took some years for me to get the hang of that, but thanks to this forum and especially Roberta mentioning that nothing in the astral can harm us I’ve learned to better control my anxieties about these occurrences happening.


    One thing I forgot to mention are Falling dreams:

    Turns out that when one dreams of falling from the sky, building, etc.. from a long distance and abruptly wakes up, it’s more than likely their astral body returning to their physical body. Now I know we all have had one of those dreams! Gabby had them all of the time when she was younger. I remember nights when she was laying flat on her back sound asleep and she would jolt up abruptly. I asked if she was ok and she said she dreamt she was being sucked back into our apartment. She didn’t seem scared or anything. I think she actually enjoyed it. I’ll let her speak for herself, but children and our youth are more susceptible to remembering these experiences than most adults. Probably due to being more open minded. Not sure.
  8. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    For those who don’t know, Gabby and I always go to the mall. We rarely buy things but we walk around :)
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    After writing my comment earlier this UK morning my wife later told me about a vivid dream she'd had just before waking. (as far as she could tell) Most times I mention having had an odd, memorable or even unpleasant dream she will reply that she couldn't remember any of her dreams that night and that it's only occasionally that she can recall dreaming at all, and often couldn't recall details.

    I told her about this thread and we talked about the way folk sometimes relate their experiences. I told her how I see the picture:
    At one extreme of the spectrum of dream recall are the individuals who do not recall dreaming - they may say and believe they don't dream and sleep soundly.
    At the other extreme are those who appear to recall much/most of their dreams and for whom sleep isn't as sound and refreshing as it should be.
    Inbetween those extremes are the rest of us who do recall some dreams but perhaps not in much detail and whose sleep patterns are fairly average - periods of deep and lighte sleep.

    What none of us know, however, is how many dreams we are recalling because if there are any we don't recall then by definition we wouldn't know about them! The 'no dreaming' bunch may be dreaming 'normally' but not recalling that they have. The 'remember lots' group may indeed be remembering lots but may have others they don't recall. As for the rest of us it's neither of those situations!
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It would be very interesting to hear from members and readers what dreams may come (;)) for them, what they remember of their dreams and how well they feel they sleep.
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