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I had a dream that I died not so long ago.

Discussion in 'Dreams and Lucid Dreaming' started by Auras, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Auras

    Auras New Member

    I have been thinking about death the past few months, reading up on the process of death, is it painful? Is it peaceful? The truth is I’m terrified of it. I shouldn’t probably be thinking too much about death at 22 years or age, I have a longe way to go! However, it’s something that is constantly on my mind that I can’t seems to get my head around.

    In this dream, I was terrified of dying, I was scared it was just going to be an empty void Anyway, in the dream I decided not to tell my family, I didn’t want to upset them, as I was close to death, I had no way to phone them / get to them as I was in some unfamiliar location outside.

    I felt my body slowing down, my breathing was slowing. At this moment close to death, I was feeling very peaceful, I accepted that I was dying and if there is no after-life then that is okay too. However, I was holding onto that tiny bit of hope that there is. I was ready to just go and as I took my last breathe, I went.

    I ended up in the void, with awareness. I didn’t think too much of it, I accepted it and didn’t even think about my physical body once. It was dark, peaceful and just silent bliss....

    The scene changes and I am at my mums house, I am just watching her with her normal life, not knowing I haven’t died because I didn’t tell her. It upset me and regretted the choice of not telling her.... The rest of what happens in this scene is a bit fuzzy for me to remember...

    I am now in sort of empty space, I look around and I see this women. She reminded of when people say there are “beings” that guide you into the light. I knew she was from the other side, I knew she was here to help me, with whatever it was. She was tall, beautiful, with Browne hair, she was literally glowing. She looked like she was in her late 20’s. She didn’t communicate with me whatsoever, I didn’t communicate with her, either. I just went over and she hugged me. As I am hugging her, I start to cry, the feeling of just pure positive energy and love takes over my body that I can’t control the emotions.

    it felt like I was being healed....

    Then I woke up. Even though it was only a dream, I wish I could dream it 1000 x more. It was truly magical.

    The weird thing is, I usually have to write my dreams down to remember them, this one is different, it just stuck with me...
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  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    That sounds truly lovely. :)
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