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I feel so lost...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jambokaos87, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Andrew :)

    One case that Dr. Weiss worked with that already has amazed me was that of "Catherine". I don't know how sceptics can refute that as fraud.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Yes, Catherine is the focus of that book, actually. If you are already familiar with her, I would recommend you check out Dr. Weiss's other books. If you haven't read that book though, it's still worth checking out because he goes into the story with great depth and accuracy, thanks to his having taped all the interviews with Catherine. Good luck! :)
  3. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Here is another great book of interest in regards to reincarnation and remembering a previous life: Soul Survivor "The Reincarnation Of a World War II Fighter Pilot" by Bruce and Andrea Leininger. My hubby and some of my friends love this one!!!!
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This book (which is great!), and also Dr. Ian Stevenson's wonderful research, all seem to point to a kind of reincarnation which is different from the planned rebirths with which we are more familiar. It seems that when people die traumatically, their minds can remain temporarily earthbound and then can latch onto a pregnant woman - usually near the scene of the previous death, but in theory practically anywhere - and they can enter her fetus and be reborn without detouring through the Summerland, life review, pre-birth planning, and the rest. Dr. Stevenson showed that when this kind of direct-to-body reincarnation happens, the new child's body often carries the scars of the previous body's untimely end (put there, no doubt, by a mind which remembers the death and thinks that its body must still bear the scars of it). I understand that in the year or two following a major air battle over Burma during WWII in which many British pilots lost their lives, there were children born in Burma with paler skin, rounder eyes, and more caucasian features. It does give you something to think about!
  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    I know this is just the internet... but I really felt so upset that I could not post here for a few days. U know in the movie "Hereafter" the medium felt like the gift he had was a curse.. I too feel this way. I'm not a professional.. I know most people who may read what I say may think I am fake or that I'm just craving attention but I'm really not. I debated many times over the past half year whether I should even create a profile in fear that I may be made fun of. And its funny. Half of Us wasnt even dis-believing me. But the fact that I could easily communicate with an animal and the fact that she couldnt communicate with her husband just messed me all up inside. I honestly thought I was going to give someone comfort but I only made it worse. It wasnt helping that my day was bad in general (like most days). But I take comfort in my sleep now. When I dream that is when everything becomes clearer to me. Its funny. I've always walked around the mall or walmart and felt so damn out of place. I'd often looked at normal everyday things and the people around me and think to myself.. "why does this not seem real to me?" But in my sleep... I hardly ever question if its real. I know when I'm dreaming.. but I never question if "its real". My dreams seems more real than when I'm awake. Yes I use to hate it. But now I just embrace it cause its not going anywhere. And my cat... he gave me more love than my parents ever did. So when I needed the comfort and knew he wasnt gone forever .. he came. If I could pass this gift to other people who have a difficulty I would. Trust me I would. It would make me feel more normal knowing that I'm not the only person I know who can remember their dreams or who has dead animals visiting them. It sounds silly ..I know it does. But that is the reality. I dont know anybody that is human who has died that I'm close to. So naturally it would be my cat. An animal is no less important than a human being. I told myself I would never get another cat again after my first cat died. But when he visited me after his death (which was when I was wide awake and not dreaming) I told myself its time to move on. And I got another cat who is just as loving and caring. After I got another cat I dont feel my other cat around me anymore and its because he knows I've moved on from him and that I've moved on with my life. Silly I know. Cats are just animals to some people. But animals are the only thing who have given me unconditional love besides my daughter.

    My daughter told me today "Mommy you are special. And so is grandma, my papi (her grandfather), sebastian (who is my cat now).. and everybody". She said that we all are special. I asked her out of curiousity if she was ever mad at me (my own guilt). She said "No.. how can I be mad at you when I love you?"

    Enough said I guess.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oh my dear PoeticBlue, please know that we love and value you here! Your psychic abilities are a gift to all of us, and even though you may sometimes feel cursed by them you surely are comforted by them as well. The greatest fear that exists is our primitive fear of death, and your gifts make you certain that death is just illusion - how wonderful for you! I wish, too, that everyone had your natural ability; but as with every other ability, psychic gifts are latent in all of us but for most of us they lay dormant forever unless we work hard at learning to use them. And for some folks, what psychic abilities they have are lesser gifts when compared with their other strengths, so they never do manage to make very much of them. You are indeed especially blessed!

    Those who feel frustrated about their inability to get clear messages from deceased loved ones need to remember the fact that psychic abilities do vary, and need to be patient and open-minded. Most genuine communications are subtle and involve things like scents, random pennies, butterflies or dragonflies, important songs in the elevator, what seem to be coincidences, and that sort of thing. If you experience something that might remotely be a communication, simply think or say aloud to your loved one lost something like, "I think that's a sign from you! Thank you! Please give me more signs - I'll keep paying attention!" With encouragement, those signs should grow more frequent and more obvious; but if nothing your loved one does gets recognized, he or she is likely to stop trying. Remember, too, that deep grief is a negative energy that can act as a bar to communication. But keep watching for signs! Given the obstacles they face, it is wonderful that the dead can manage to communicate with us at all... and it's a tribute to their abiding love for us. Love - above all else! - never dies.

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