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I feel like ending it all

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Storybud68, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Active Member

    I've been here a couple of years now this may be a cry for help I feel like taking 24 sleeping pills which I have ,I want to be on the other side but I'm afraid I may be not better of
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Storybud68 and everyone else who feels this way, here is the whole problem with committing suicide: YOU CANNOT KILL YOUR MIND. So it is impossible to "end it all." Impossible. If you kill your body, you will be as aware as you are now, and with even more problems - including the suffering you have caused to those you love, which suffering you will FEEL. You will have all the same problems, but without a body you will be powerless to do anything now to solve those problems! It is likely, too, that you will lower your spiritual vibration from what it is now, so you will set yourself back spiritually and have even less power to be able at least to reassure those you loved that you still survive!

    Get help, dear Storybud68, Find someone to talk to, and do whatever you can to get your life on track! Killing yourself is not even a LAST resort, since the problem with suicide is that YOU WON'T DIE.
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  3. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    As Hamlet famously muses "To sleep, perchance to dream; aye, there's the rub" and it's true. You can't end it all, and there's no reason to think you'll be better off.
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  4. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    I'm sorry you are feeling so low. :( And I'm also sorry that I didn't see your post until now, when apparently you posted it yesterday. I hope you did not take both sleeping pills, and that you are feeling a bit better now. {{{{hugs}}}}
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  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Please follow the link below to find organisations that can help you:


    Speaking to a trained counsellor is likely to be a better way to help you cope with your feelings.
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