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I feel like a pile of fecal matter in a cockroach shell

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kurt, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I just went to Slayers final world tour and it was great but I got a horrible concussion. I feel like vomiting and I was happy 2 days ago but now I feel more depressed han I have felt in years....

    I need to talk to someone.... I'm sad.
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    How did you get a concussion?
    However it happened, if you feel like vomiting you really need to head to the ER, or at least to an Urgent Care place. I wish I had seen this post earlier; you really shouldn't go to sleep without seeing a doctor (you aren't supposed to sleep when you have a concussion). Concussions are nothing to screw around with, physically, and maybe it's part of what's making you depressed as well. {{{{hugs}}}}
  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Awww... Thx.

    I'll try to explain what happened.

    I am was employed by a staffing agency when I was 17. My first day was the day after I turned 18.

    I chose it because I did not want to go into the fast food industry like everyone else. As I stated elsewhere, I grew up in foster care and the kids who had families would tease us and say we were future fast food staff.

    It was a compliment in a twisted way when a guy said he could see me in the car radio section of best buy. I won by saying he'd be a smoke shot worker.

    I started off with my first assignment at the factory. It was good, but I could not fit it in with my full time college gig.

    So I requested to be transferred to another department. I got there and found out that it would be slayers farewell tour.

    I pretty much went on a wild goose chase for my boss before realizing he ditched. I was going to request my hour long break (10 hr shift 12 with overtime).

    There were not many people from the agency so we realized that we did not answer to anyone. We were not EMPLOYED BY the stadium, thus they could not tell us what to do.

    So.... We decided to make the decision any other group of college kids would...

    We locked the closets, said to hell with the damned gen. Maintenance and went out to see Slayer. I went down to the gen afmin pit and flaunted my keys and pointed at my shirt that said staff. The kind lady was letting anyone through and did not mind. (One guy I had to say 'I work here I am crossing through)

    So.... I went in and started moshing. I was running around smoking in a circle pit for Lamb of God, I made a wrong turn and ended up on stage with anthrax (accidentally and you could not see me since I was behind the props).

    I also crowd surfed e times in a row and fell each time, but landed on my head the 3rd. My ears are still ringing.

    I also went back a 4th time a while later and moshed where I bruised my knee ( I was limping for a day straight.

    At the end I ran into my supervisor and she was all smiles and really impressed. She still had to report that there were staff slacking.... But here's what she did...

    She took a video of me SHOULDERS DOWN (Just my shirt saying Blue Ribbon Staffing) and turned it in, saying STAFF we're fooling around. She was from the stadium and did not have to report specifics.

    Having won the stadium supervisor over and finally accomplished my goal, I walked to the back and saw a girl that everyone was gawking at, but no one was courageous enough to approach.

    Me? I never had an issue with going up to girls even if I had no chance because I just do not care honestly and I have a very chill, let's live life kind of personality...

    I always thought that it would be stupid and silly not to talk to a girl you liked if you knew you had a chance because... Well honestly? I have had enough evil said and done to me that I do not care what a snarky fashionista could say about me (I notice this is a shared trait with all true vagabonds/rockstar types, not that I am one, it's just that I have the behavior, nomadic tramp thing down pretty well and the personality, belief system)...

    The only thing worse than embarrassement is regret, which can kill you (look up Kermit Roosevelt for proof)

    So.... I got a lot of gawking when I walked up and asked BS questions to spark real discourse i.e.

    #1 - what time is it?

    #2 - who's up next?

    #3 - Slayers your favorite band? Mine to. I just crowd surfed like 5 times in a row. I hit my head though... Hope nothing's wrong.

    She wanted to crowd surfed to her fav song, with me but we never got to it. She was afraid of the mosh pit and I just KNEW IRREFUTABLY that I was going to die from a brain hemmorhage if I went back out. So I was kinda glad she got spooked...

    We went out and saw the shirts. She introduced me to everyone she knew and her friends bought her 250 dollars worth of merch. (These guys are northsiders which is where the money is) She asked what I would get and I said that I left money at my house but if she bought me a Lamb of God shirt I would pay her back the next day. She reluctantly did and after a lot of conversation agreed to Sushi the next day but said "just don't let my boyfriend find out" she had broken up with him. I said I did not want her at that point and we should hang out which made her smile. Eventually (she noticed I was working there and like all preppy chicks did not want a guy in the stadiums understandably. I won't want unsuccessful women once im fully grown) So she looked at my face and asked how old I was. I said 18 and it turns out she's 27. (I thought she was like 21-3 or something.... Nope!

    Since she realised I was a decade younger the entire dynamic flipped. It went from potential dates to a big sister like interrogation

    Yes I pay rent

    I don't ride a car

    Yes I pay for the bus

    Don't worry I'm in the honors academy at SAC

    we went back to the mosh pit and the guys who tried to catch me came up afterwards and were all impressed. I got invited to the after party until she pointed out I was 18... Barely 18.

    I gave her the look you normally see on high schoolers answering questions and she looked at me in a way that I was like ... Yep, we're not going out... Next time I'm lying... Lesson learned.... She better make up for this big-time... BIGTIME... like Donald Trump kind of big time and then some.

    I then went and called up my boss and said I slipped on a beer puddle and rolled down the stairs...

    (A drunk guy did beg me to bring out a mop with beer in it and let him drink it with a straw... I also threw a beer cup into a mosh pit for wimps and it erupted (that girl would have taken me out if I lied... She seriously thought I was some kind of rockstar at first.)

    I was told to go to the emergency room. I hiked out wearing my Lamb of God shirt carrying the staffing agency shirt and my casual shirt. But... I pulled off one last giant stunt.

    I pulled my staff shirt on, got the keys and headed downstairs and back stage. The security asked what I was doing and I said I rolled downstairs on a beer puddle, could feel my bone in my knee (just a really hard knot) and that I was gonna pass out (half true) I said my boss was downstairs and I needed to clock out since I was told to go to the emergency room.

    He HELPED me down stairs and of course.... I quickly limped over and got a free meet and greet with Slayer and took a selfie with Gray Holt. His bodyguard sniffed me out and politely told me I was the coolest janitor in the world and a impressively clever kid, but that I was bad as hell and lacked clearance. The other security guards were just impressed at the number of high level cons I pulled off so quickly and in a row and with my seemingly impossible vitality (I'm not a big guy. I'm 5 '10, 150, but I somehow keep living through these crazy events...) I left and on the way out I drank the supervisors beer -all of it- one cup, but all of it, kind of as a kudos to the concert, a farewell to Slayer, a final F U to the chick and just cause I was curious (I had not drunk in 11 yrs. And forgot the taste... Tasted better now than it did when I was 7, which is an even crazier story (my first kiss)... Almost... Maybe... Probably not, but like my first concert definitely better than everyone else's and more wild/insane...

    I did not want to catch a bus, so I hitchhiked with a fellow concert goer who used to play in a band with some guys before they blew up and was a roadie. (he said he can get me into it if I'd like that he's trying to get back in). I went in, got my paperwork and before I could even think about the hospital I passed out in my room. I woke up the next day.

    I live in a place for former foster youth looking to be successful. The program director is harder on me since he thinks I'm better than the other kids.

    In his worldview, documents are everything and 40 he's of work and 12 credit hours of college are not enough. I pay my rent before anyone else, make more than everyone but this one guy who is undocumented and thus has no taxes. He also is a jugalo so he makes twice as much a month than I do. I make 1500 a month... he makes 3k.

    I always say that if I went dirty I would too him quickly.

    It makes me mad that the owner is a doc. Nut but this guy is here w/o basic docs... Favoritism...

    Point is, he said I had conclusively proven I went to the show, but had nothing to show for actual work... So... I went over and took pics of the sign in log, found out the entire agency lost their contract because the so called supervisor was arrested for being a 50 yr. Old fanboy and creeping around Lamb of God (not smart. Blythe doesn't do well with obsessive fanboys, that one kid got killed because of him)

    And the rest of the staff were goofing off getting a free concert (my meet and greet selfie session costed 400 US Dollars to the public. I GOT PAID A QUARTER OF THAT!!!!! LOL.

    remember how I said that the stadium supervisor and security liked me? They put in a DNR notice for Medical Injury not goofing off... Someone said I was in the mosh pit but it was not the one chick or else she would not have made the video in a way to hide my identity.

    I said I fell down the stairs and asked for a new assignment.

    Believe it or not I now work at the AT&T center making a dollar more than I used to, which is basically a promotion.

    I now convert stadiums.

    I went home and hiked to the hospital after giving the director his damned paperwork.

    I got diagnosed with a bad concussion and I heard some chicks talking about cancer like symptoms that indicated leukemia but then again I think it's just the damn crowd diving gone wrong.

    I got the diagnosis and told that if it gets worse (vomit, liquid from ears, depression go back, cause it would mean potential brain injury) I hiked back home and got more nagging from the director... I'm going to a different program soon. Maybe there I can finally be appreciated. He will never get another kid who pops up doing as much as I am and paying rent along with putting up with the drama.

    He has a crush on this chick that lives here and got mad I took her out to the movies and brought her back at 3 am.

    Why did you take her out?

    Cause I'm not 30 yrs. Older than her that's why you ------_-----------------------fill in these blanks------------------------------------------------------

    Is what I wanted to say and is what I will say before I skip town and he has no control over me.

    I said "because she's my friend and you don't have anything to worry about because I would not touch that girl with a stick"

    She's my best friend. I like her a lot. I don't want to date her though.

    I even told her I said "look, stop flirting... Ok? I don't date girls my own age. I only date girls who are older than me."

    She said "I'm 6 months older than you!!)

    I said I'm talking about early to mid twenties+ they have a level of maturity I like. She said I'm mature! I'm mature! I'm mature! I'm like (yeah right.)

    Point is, I got a really bad concussion. I got a bump on my head and I got a bruised bone. I will post proof shortly.
  4. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

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  5. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I am going to put the selfie I took with Jerry Holt as my profile picture.
  6. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    What do you think?

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