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How messages come to me

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Greyportal, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Greyportal

    Greyportal New Member

    On May 12 I had a vision while meditating.

    In the darkness a woman's hand appears. The image is like a photograph. The skin complexion is dark, like someone from a South Asian country. The nails are filed to a point; the nail polish is dark.

    Then a ring appears on the hand. It is a long oval shape. The stone is a bright turquoise color. I think to myself, "turquoise." Then the strong sense, "no, blue like turquoise, but not a turquoise stone."

    I sense very strongly that this woman has been burned. I think, "this cannot be; her hand is not burned. This woman cannot be burned." But the feeling comes back stronger: "yes, this woman has been burned." I feel confused; I don't understand since her hand is not burned. I think again this is a mistake this woman cannot be burned. Yet the message comes back clear, "Yes, this woman has been burned."

    I see her in full. Her hair is long, well below her shoulders. It's dark and coarse. Everything is clear except her face. Her face is so heavily shadowed over, so I cannot see any features. She wears a sari. I see it very clearly I think, "yellow sari with black scroll work. Then the sense, "no not yellow, saffron."

    I sense this is for her daughter. I think, "ok, I understand this is for your daughter." Then I sense, it is daughter(s).

    I say I need a name. I hear the word, but I can't make it out. I say I'm sorry, but I can't pronounce it. Several times the word is conveyed, each time I apologize for not being able to pronounce it. Then the sounds come in letter form: M-A-J.

    But as I try to grasp the name, I begin to feel her grief. It swells in me. It is a deep inconsolable grief. So deep my head goes back as I cry out in pain. I open my eyes and the image is gone. But her grief lingers in me.

    This was a message, but I did not know to whom I was suppose to deliver it to. I do not know anyone from India or a South Asian country. I do not know any one who has family in the country where this spirit resided in life. Because the spirit's grief was so deep, i felt I needed to preserve the details until I could determine the recipient. I wrote the details down with time and date.

    On May 24th I was in the kitchen cleaning up after making a batch of cupcakes. At the kitchen sink I felt a strange chill sensation run through the right side of me. I sensed a strong presence behind me--so strong I turn around startled and call out, "who's there?"

    It's a galley kitchen, sink and dishwasher against one wall; counter, stove, and refrigerator along the opposite wall. I stepped over to the kitchen counter. In my peripheral vision, I saw a slight movement as a loud rush of sound filled the air. I turned toward the window to see a massive branch of a giant oak tree slowly crash to the ground. The branch is massive; as thick in diameter as a large tree, and as wide as a house. I was so shaken, I texted my sister.

    During the text conversation I relayed a couple of other unexplained events--NOT the vision I mentioned above, but two other events in which visions came to me that proved accurate. As a nonbeliever my sister challenged and discounted everything. Our text conversation then ended abruptly when she suddenly stopped responding.

    My sister called me a couple of hours later. She said our text conversation ended abruptly because she was with a friend. I've never met this friend. But some months ago my sister mentioned the friend in relationship to her friend's family pet. That's the only time my sister every spoke to me about this friend, and the only connection I have to her friend.

    She told her friend about my visions. I'm sure my sister told her I was screwy spiritualist type who believes in ghosts because she said her friend's response was to tell her that spiritualism can run very deep in believers. She said her friend then told her about someone very close to her that was deeply spiritual.

    Without any knowledge of the vision I had two weeks earlier, my sister retold a story that was a reflection of my vision. I believe the intended recipient of the message in my vision is her friend.

    My vision was of a woman.
    Her friend's story is about a woman.

    The woman in my vision had a daughter or daughters.
    Her friend is the daughter of the woman central to the story

    The woman in my vision was of a women from a South Asian country (denoted by the ethnicity of her dress)
    My sister's friend is from South Asian country on the northeast border of India.

    The woman in my vision had died
    The woman in her friend's story had died

    The woman in my vision had been burned
    The woman in the story took her life by setting herself on fire

    The woman in my vision was overcome by a deep grief
    The woman in the story took her life because she was overcome by a grief so deep and blamed herself for something that was not her fault that she could not go forward in life

    The woman in my vision grieved deeply for her daughter(s)
    The friend told my sister she and her family were so devasted by their mother's death, they sought grief counseling and spiritual guidance. They also sought guidance as to proper burial rites (more on that below).

    I interrupted my sister, telling her to stop because all of what she was saying was freaking me out. I told my sister about my vision. I emailed her the notes I wrote to preserve the message until the recipient was revealed to me. My sister agrees that the details in her friend's story align with my vision. But she does not want me to meet her friend. She believes it will only be upsetting to her friend. I understand that--and I'm fine with my sister's decision.

    I mentioned above the woman in my vision wore a yellow sari with black scroll work. When I acknowledged the sari as yellow, she corrected me: "saffron". I just looked up the meaning of the color of yellow in religion. Saffron is the color of Buddhist monk robes. In Hindu "saffron." is the most sacred of colors. It represents Fire and Purity; fire burns away all impurities.

    The woman was Buddhist, from a country neighboring India. Instead of being laid to rest in Buddhist ceremony, she was buried in accordance to Hindu funeral rites. The reason being is she had a vision of being sweep up by the Hindu God of Fire. So her family, with the Buddhist priest's blessing, laid her to rest in accordance with Hindu burial rites, insisted of Buddhist rites.

    So the symbolism of the saffron colored sari, fits with the facts of her burial.

    Two things I'm not sure about:

    1. She wore a turquoise ring. When I acknowledged turquoise, she corrected me, "the color turquoise, but not a turquoise stone." So I don't know if that means it another type of blue stone, or if the symbolism is in the color itself. The ring was on the middle finger.
    2. When I saw her in full view, her face was never revealed to me. There was covered by a very dark black shadow. Only her face was blurred out. Everything else was very clear. The color of her sari, the scrollwork design. I don't understand why her face was covered.
    But I feel uneasy with how this has ended.

    The catalyst for my contacting my sister and telling her about the unexplained events was the strange sensation I experienced in the moments before the oak tree branch came crashing down. I was with my sister for hours the weekend before. During that time it never occurred to me to discuss the spiritual aspects of my life.

    The timing of my disclosures about psychic events culminated with my non-believer sister being in the company of this particular friend. My sister then felt compelled to discuss me. In doing so, her friend discloses details of her life that my sister in turn feels compelled to tell me. My sister was in her car driving home when she called and relayed her friend's story to me.

    I feel there are some very powerful forces in play here. It's not just the accuracy of my vision, the complexity of circumstances to connect my sister, her friend, and me, but the fact that the neighbor's tree was destroyed to make me contact my sister. The massive tree branch is still sitting out there. I see it from my living room and kitchen windows. The sheer power of will to communicate beyond the veil cannot be dismissed here.

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