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How long?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by mac, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    My dreams are frequently a jumble of ideas and most have no meaning or significance for me. But my question is not about dreams but about what happens if we wake abruptly from one. The background to my wondering is this.

    It's been said here on ALF a number of times that we - our animating spirits, that is - travel to the etheric world during sleep where it's also said we meet up with our helpers and guides. It seems reasonable to suppose there's an important purpose for these meetings rather than it just being a social meet-up. That being so a couple of thoughts come to my mind.

    Firstly how long do these meetings go on and what's the effect of our waking? As time has no meaning 'over there' might it mean a meeting would not be constrained by time limits? Might a meeting 'over there' be as brief as earth seconds yet achieve as much as one that would need many minutes or even an hour etc. in our physical dimension? If so then periods of waking, as experienced during regular sleep, might have no significant impact.

    Or do meetings actually take time in the way they would over-here? If so might the outcome of those meetings be negatively impacted by nights where we experience frequent waking? And what of the poor people who suffer from insomnia - do they miss out on valuable spiritual counseling? Or does it just not matter because meetings don't need to happen every night or even many nights at all?
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  2. Convolution

    Convolution Established Member

    On a similar note, what about people who stuffed from chronic pain, or apnea, which may awaken them constantly throughout the night.

    Also, I suppose if our Earthly conscious mind is in charge and carries over, it should find itself quite surprised at the out of body experience everytime it meets something inconsistent with its belief here (a deceased loved one, old guides, etc). It would suddenly have access to things and people it normally does not and may need guidance in understanding what may be happening, only to later forget such steps. Either this, or whatever awakens is well acquainted and needs no explanation of any kind for the sudden changes, the implication in this case being that whatever awakens may not be what we call consciousness in the physical body.
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Just before Christmas I was out with friends when one asked if I'd had any more "experiences". Cue the wary expressions which I read as requests to please say "not at all, no need to worry about me". The other then remembered years ago waking abruptly with thoughts of a relative only to be phoned the next day with news that this person had died in the night. They then resumed talking of this and that. But I thought, how interesting. Was it purely coincidence, or some form of telepathy?
    I have a trick which seems to work for sleeplessness. You hold your breath and "let time pass", in other words, no need to gasp for breath, this slows you down. Then you say to yourself: "What will my next thought be?" The mind goes blank.
    I always remember my latest dream on waking, but forget immediately, which is strange too: why? I like Mac's idea of a meeting taking seconds of our time, but if there were such a thing as these spirit guides, they would be wasting their time on me in my inconsequential life but I can think of a few on the world stage who could do with some of my share of the guidance!

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