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how it works

Discussion in 'Healing' started by mac, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Healing mediumship is an important service provided by the movement/religion/philosophy that underpins my understanding but healing isn't found solely there.

    Some will know it as 'faith healing' but it doesn't need faith although a positive approach and open-mindedness may help its efficacy. Healing can also be provided for pets and even large animals such as horses in which faith is clearly not involved.

    It may sometimes be known as the laying on of hands but healing does not need contact between healer and receiver. Indeed the current pandemic due to Covid-19 (year 2020) has resulted in so-called distant healing becoming the only approved way sanctioned by my religion's national organising body.

    Healing is explained as energy coming from the world of the spirit affecting our animating spirits, in turn affecting our physical body systems. A 'healer' ('healing medium') is a conduit for this spirit energy. Other forms of healing are seen as coming directly from the healer herself.
  2. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Active Member

    In the spiritist Doctrine its called passes or pass and its a very important part of it, basically is the exchange or giving of spiritual
    fluids (from spirits working through you) and magnetic or animalized fluids (coming from you vital energy) or a combination of both...
    ... there are lots of info,books and videos about it on their particular perspective if you are interested on it..

    I have taken curses on it and also it helps to stabilize your energy centers and cleanse your aura, among other things....

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