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How do you know odd coincidences are actually signs from a spirit?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Juniper, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    How do you know odd coincidences are actually signs from a spirit?

    In my personal experience, I have found that these 'coincidences' appear to accumulate over a certain period of time. I then find that they seem to act like clues or pointers to a significant event that will happen in the near future. I am learning now to recognise certain signs that keep coming up for me and to share these experiences with others so that a record of sorts is kept which helps validate the greater meaning. A personal example of this was earlier this year when I kept noticing sequences of numbers which reoccurred within a short period of time. Electrical breakdowns are also something that seem to occur around the same period of time which also act as pointers. The significant validation I had was when I started sharing these pointers to a group of close friends and said that this particular sequence of numbers were going to be significant. One of my friend's was going through a horrendous time and had been set up for a crime we knew she had not committed. She was convicted initially but on appeal later her conviction was completely quashed. What was very significant was that she told me that as the quashed verdict was given out in court, just above the judges heads was a large digital clock which read 11.11, the sequence of numbers that I had kept receiving (This was also validated by another friend who was in court with her that day). There were also other 111, 1111 numbers noted by friends during this time period.

    I've also had other coincidences which led to other significant conclusions. This occurred 2 years ago when I was desperately trying to find a home for my family and a butterfly connection was noted by myself and other family members. This involved buying birthday cards independently of each other (family), a birthday cake, an actual butterfly appearing in a room when I asked for validation and then a butterfly picture in the house that we eventually bought (barely visible to the naked eye at first as it was very fine white laser cut butterflies on a white background). I only noticed this picture at a later viewing after our offer had been accepted.

    There were also the odd synchronicities surrounding an email that was sent out to me by an estate agent which triggered me contacting them. The email was of an old property which I'd been previously told was not available. When I spoke to the estate agent about this, he just could not understand how this email was sent to me as he hadn't sent it but it was good timing as he'd seen a property that day in which the owners needed to sell their property immediately in order for them to put an offer on a house which they'd just seen. This was at a time where properties were literally being snapped up and prospective buyers were all desperately outbidding each other. What was interesting about this story is that the house was never officially put on the market, I just put an offer on immediately and it was accepted. Also the vendors had their offer accepted on the property they wanted even though they weren't the highest bidders because the owners had a 'feeling' that this was the right offer (not to do with finances but that the owners liked them as a local family). Other strange coincidences were that I only met the vendors neighbour a couple of days beforehand at a school fete ( we were put together to help on a stall) and we were talking about house moving (I found out later she wasn't aware her neighbours were even thinking of selling at the time). Also her son and the vendor's son were the names of my twin boys too (spooky)! It seemed that everything was synchronised perfectly!

    In answer to your question about knowing if these were signs from spirit, all I can say is that I was having private dialogues in my mind asking for support and these signs were appearing within these time frames.

    I have just read Carol and Mikey Morgan's book Flying High In Spirit which also discusses signs from spirit. I absolutely love the vacuum cleaning story which discusses how various family members all had their vacuum cleaners burning out as a way of Mikey communicating and using energy to manipulate electrical devices!

    My friend who had her conviction quashed has also reported what she believes may be signs of spirit interaction in that in her darkest moments she would 'talk' to an ex boyfriend in her mind who had been murdered many years ago to ask for support. She mentioned recently that she was surprised to hear in different places music or songs that were significant to him or them. Weirdly, we only met up for lunch recently and as we sat down a song came up which she told me was a Mexican song he had liked (My friend is from Mexico). To be honest, the pub where we had lunch is very 'English' and the music quite tame and it was the first time I'd heard this song which I would not have recognised as coming from any particular place apart from it sounding Spanish. The lunch was significant as it was to celebrate my friend having a very positive family court meeting recently which went in her favour and vindicated her completely from any deceit her ex husband had tried to fabricate in order to manipulate the hearing in his favour (he was also involved in making false testimonies at the criminal court too). My friend admitted that she never used to believe in coincidences and signs before but as a result of all the personal and shared coincidences, this had convinced her that there was some form of spirit intervention going on too.

    Even though I feel that I have personally experienced evidence of spirit, it may never be scientific enough to convince anyone else. However, sharing these experiences are important especially for those who have been in similar situations and I believe this all helps to strengthen these communications. For those whom have a more difficult time believing these experiences, all I hope is that sharing will at least raise some curiosity perhaps for them to research some more or at least be open to the possibility of another alternative explanation.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    Like you with your mom, I always say thank you to my husband whenever I experience anything that I think even might be a sign from him. If there is an afterlife in which he still exists, I want him to know that I appreciate the possible signs. I can't just "choose" to believe, though. I really mean that; for me, I can only believe what I know to be true, not just what I hope is true, that's just how it works for me.
  3. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    Thank you for sharing the things that have happened to you.

    For me, someone else's possibly spiritual experiences don't prove the existence of an afterlife; however, that doesn't invalidate those experiences for the people who experience them. I agree with you that sharing those experiences is a good thing -- for people who have faith, it probably strengthens it, and for people like me who don't have faith, reading about such experiences is still interesting and at least gives food for thought.
  4. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    I believe sharing is the best way of offering first hand experiences although how these are then perceived by others will also be based on each individual's experiences too. What I find personally interesting about the signs I have received is that the probability of signs being shared in a group context and then culminating in a significant event would seem to be possibly higher than just random coincidence? Perhaps a mathematician is needed to work out the odds! :)
  5. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    Hi Juniper, it would be wonderful to hear your experiences too. :)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015

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