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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by DrowningOphelia, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I'm Sydney. I'm 18 and I've been lurking around the forums for awhile now, but finally decided to join. My grandmother passed a few months ago and we had an amazing, strong bond. I've been having dreams about her nearly every night and it just seems as though....she's still here with me. I can't talk to anyone about it because they just write it and me off, so I'm so grateful to find this forum. :)
  2. ChuckAnderson

    ChuckAnderson New Member

    Welcome to our forum, Drowning Ophelia!
    (Alas poor Yurik!!!)

    You're in a very supportive community, and you're among friends!!!

    "Kitefully" yours,
  3. Hi Sydney,
    I am sorry for your loss, but you are in a supportive community here. I have read that 70% of Americans report having communication of some sort, including dreams, and the feeling that they are with loved ones who have passed. I think that is probably a low number. This is possible because when we dream, our vibrational state is higher and not weighed down by our physical bodies as it is during the day. It is wonderful that you can feel this way. I also feel that most people are not receptive to hearing about these kinds of things, which is why I come to this forum and have made great friends here, as you will too.
  4. Welcome Sydney, glad to have you on-board. I think Bella's last comments are spot on, we're still at a point in this world where speaking about death seems off limits to the bulk of society. This gets especially elevated after the passing of someone. You've probably found that most people on these forums are believers in an afterlife. Yet even with that, I'm guessing that many of them, like myself, are very cautious of what they say around others as to not offend their beliefs, or to make their grief any less real to them.

    I personally believe that it doesn't hurt to share stories with your family about your grandmother, and how you see her in your dreams often, but it's like anything, if they aren't receptive and don't want to talk about it then it may be best to just focus on good stories about her while she was alive, so to speak. If you continue to try and convince them you're comments will probably just fall on deaf ears.

    However, here we love and support all of those who lost those close to them or just those that want to have some civil, friendly, and many times intelligent communications on all things life. Welcome, glad to have you join this wonderful group of people, enjoy the ride.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, dear Sydney! We are delighted to be here for you - indeed, it was for you that this website was begun. Your grandmother is even more alive now than she ever was - and now she is young, to boot! - but our culture remains so benighted that it is still hard to find the truth about death. We all here are doing our part to fill that void ;-). Please tell us more about these dreams, dear friend. Communication dreams are extremely common, and they tend to share certain characteristics - the more we know about them, the more we can help you to better understand them.

    Since you were close to her when she was here, you can be sure that your grandmother has been eager to help you know that she is fine, and she may very well have led you to us. My own beloved grandmother died when I was 14, and for a year afterward I would now and then catch the distinctive scent of her perfume: lilacs and lilies of the valley. It was only decades later that I realized that scent is a major method of after-death communication, and that was my wonderful grandmother telling me that all is well!!
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You'll probably have realized by now that there's no need to persuade anyone here so perhaps you'd like to open up a little more about your experiences and also say what you make of your experiences?
  7. Thank you all for such warm welcomes, they were so pleasant to read. I already feel so comfortable here, so I've no doubt I'll become a regular. As for the dreams, they are very regular, and have ranged from scary to extremely serene. The most recent one I remember was more realistic than .. reality. The colors were vivid, and my grandmother seemed more alive than ever. Another I had was one of the scarier ones; my grandmother was trapped in the stomach of an animal (I know how odd that sounds, but I remember feeling the walls and her saying it was the lining of an animal's stomach) and she seemed sad. I also found out she wrote about me quite often in her poems and short stories she jotted down in her dozens of journals. My parents were talking to her sister, whom we hadn't seen in a few years, awhile after her funeral and she told them how my grandma spoke of one of her grandchildren constantly. "Whoever "Boo" is, she doted on them" Boo was a nickname she'd gave me as a little girl. Anyways, during her death, it was somewhat of a drawn out process where she ended up spending her last week in a hospital bed. I noticed that after about 3 or 4 days - when my grandmother was virtually living on machines, respirators, and fluids - she didn't seem there at all. She was unresponsive days before, so it wasn't that it had changed any, but I'd notice a shift in the room where everyone acted as if she was already gone. It seemed like she already was, or at least her spirit was, and her body was just holding on by a thread. My grandmother was a devout Christian and she knew I was Atheist, and despite the fact that I don't or ever will practice any religion, this whole experience has opened my eyes to an afterlife, of all things. I'll continue to share my dreams with you guys as I experience them, and hopefully try to male sense of them. Again, thanks so much for the welcomes. :)

    Another thing I forgot to mention, she had open-heart surgery two years prior to her death (the doctors didn't think she'd live through the surgery), and told me she was scared during the surgery because she was abovethem and ccould see them operating on her. I didn't know what to think about that.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  8. Sounds like a classic Near Death experience moment, Sydney. If you she was a devout Christian this probably was very frightening to her as you are aware many devout religious individuals have very preset notions of how life, and death, are supposed to work. When things go outside their expected norms many aren't sure how to handle it. I enjoy NDE stories because people across the board have experienced them whether they are/were religious are not. Thanks for sharing and, again, welcome.

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