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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by dream jo, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. hi
    im dream .................................

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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Nice to see you here so quickly..... welcome to ALF :) We have a dreams section and also a music and images section....
  3. thnx im try 2 get a porg for my dislex so it will hlp me comnicat betr it will
  4. Nice to see you here Dream Jo, I am Legrand from the Spiritual Forum
  5. hi sad 2 sea sad sea it go
  6. Yes, but we will find a place to recreate the spirit behind it.
  7. yep i wz abot 2 do my medimsh it spoookss but coz of cov19 evryy thng bean put till
  8. We have a lot to learn from the stillness imposed by COVID
  9. yep we do i loss a frind to cov19 cud not say gudby 2 her cud not say gudby 2 lots coz of cov19 restisons
    iv frinds its got big c thy hav hadd trement on holdd so i no thy hav 50/50 of not makin it
  10. I have a woman friend whom's detection for cancer was postponed for months because of COVID. When she got finally tested about a month ago, they discovered that she had cancer and it was to late to even operate her to try to save her. The week after she had an appointment to have chimio to give her more time before she dies. They made another test on her to see the development of cancer before doing the chimio on her. And to the great surprise of everyone, there where no more trace at all of cancer in her body. She will start again her work next week, without needing any chimio.

    All this to say that your chances are maybe better that 50/50.

    I will pray for you Dream Jo, so that all may go well for you.

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