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Hi, where do I start?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Marc Woods, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Hi, let me take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Marc Woods my great grandfather is the medium George Woods that some of you might of heard of.

    Until now I’ve known about George’s work with Greene but never really looked into it.

    My wife’s brother recently died and she has had trouble coming to terms with his passing. Now I’m not saying I’m trying trying to find a way to speak with her dead brother but after she went to some con artist of a psychic evening it got me to thinking about what was real and what was not.

    Turns out my grandmother has a loft full of the original recording that my grandfather George and Betty Greene made, can this be real? So my question is, Where do start?
  2. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Hi Marc, I am sorry about your wife's loss and the difficulty she is having.
    Sounds like you have a treasure trove of information and if it resonates with you and your wife that's wonderful.
    I know from personal experience that we can communicate with those who have transitioned.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    I had to research your great-grandfather's name but what came up was that he was a very good friend of independent direct-voice medium, Leslie Flint and he helped record Flint's sessions - or have I found the wrong guy? Betty Greene was also involved in the recording of the many taped recordings of Flint's mediumship. No matter, not important or relevant to your questions.

    My first question to you is exactly what are you looking for? When we know that we may be able to help with where you could start.

    In respect of your wife's loss it's unfortunate she's not had a good experience with the practitioner she visited but even the most experienced ones can not guarantee to connect with any particular discarnate individual.

    She might want to consider visiting a local Spiritualist church or centre on an evening of mediumship. Try https://www.snu.org.uk/Pages/Events/Category/churches for places in your locality or try looking for 'Diary Dates' or similar in a local newspaper.

    Psychic evenings or Mind, Body and Spirit 'Fayres' in pubs and halls may attract psychics rather than mediums - caveat emptor. A recommended local medium might be a better bet if she wants to try again.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Leslie Flint was an accomplished and widely acclaimed direct voice medium. You can research online what that means if you're interested. That kind of mediumship has always been rare and continues to be so to the extent that you should perhaps discount finding a modern practitioner.

    I hear you but what happened with your family doesn't apply to you or your wife. I understand your concern for your wife but to be horribly blunt you're unlikely to be persuaded quickly enough to be able to help her find the reassurance she's looking for. If anything she rather than you ought to be here and looking at what happens because it's she who needs help most and you're unlikely to be able to provide help concerning survival. I'm sorry to be blunt but I'd rather do that than string you along. Others' experiences are as likely to frustrate you as encourage you because they're not necessarily in the same boat and some quite definitely aren't.

    You can research all this for yourself rather than listen to others. Leslie Flint was the medium, the others his assistants. In answer to your last question, no.....

    no and no

    I'm a long-time persuaded individual. I don't do belief and I counsel others that they shouldn't. There is a wealth of evidence of our survival beyond death BUT each individual needs to find her/his own way. One individual - in my experience - can't do it for someone else.

    You can't totally protect your wife from further pain BUT you could help her take the first steps to discovering for herself what many, many others have also discovered. The very best help is realising and accepting that our loved ones live on beyond the death of their bodies but you will not necessarily find someone who can re-establish contact between her and her brother.

    I'm not saying it can't/won't happen but it should never be expected as routine, no matter how much you seek. Some individuals undertake 'courses' intended to lead to their contacting for themselves their loved ones and we have at least one thread with member experiences.

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