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Hi, new here

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jobun, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. jobun

    jobun New Member

    thanks for clearing me up mac! I came across this site from another site that I belong to.
    I've had some really difficult losses to deal with in the last few years, and I found a lot of comfort reading the messages from Mikey & Carol. I have been trying to make sense of the loss of 2 of my nephews (both brothers) who left us individually - Kyle 5 years ago and Matt a little over a year and 1/2. They both had addiction issues. Kyle was 26 when he passed. Matt was 31. Matt left behind a little girl. I think I have found a home here where I can speak of them and others will understand the pain and bewilderment I still carry. It's been difficult. I have a harder time with Matt's passing because I was closer to him. In any event, I am happy to be here and am looking forward to participating whole heartedly. I also purchased Mikey's book and will be sitting down to read his story as well.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF after the earlier hiccup ;):)

    Bereavement is often hard to make any sense of when it happens to young individuals. Pain, bewilderments and even anger and guilt are commonplace in those left behind. You'll find here threads in which the meaning of so-called life plans is discussed, something you'll also find Mikey 'speaking' about in the C&M Q&A thread.

    It's impossible to know on this side of the divide if their early passing was planned by your nephews or whether they simply succumbed to the influence of powerful drugs. What can help make sense of death is a wider, deeper understanding of the whole subject of life, death and survival, something that can take a time to get your head around.

    You've made a good start by joining us at ALF and I hope being here does begin to help, even if it's only being able to 'speak' to others who understand and may have had similar experiences. Please take a look around the website and at the various forums and the threads in them.
  3. jobun

    jobun New Member

    Thank you mac. I had been browsing the site when I first joined but hadn't made any postings. I read about 32 pages of the Q & A for Carol & Mikey which made me want to join in. Mikey sounds like a remarkable young man. I am looking forward to reading his book.
    I also have a ton of questions about my dog. (I posted a few hundred for Carol & Mikey) to get started. While I was looking thru the Carol & Mikey thread I was looking for some answers regarding her passing so that I wouldn't ask questions previously asked & answered. I will talk to Mikey and Carol about my nephews as well, I just didn't want to overwhelm everyone with a thousand questions at once, considering how new I am here.
  4. jobun

    jobun New Member

    from what my sister in law was told by a very good medium, Kyle communicated to her that he wasn't meant to be on earth very long. So I believe his plan was to accomplish what he needed to do and then leave us. Even though Matt was an addict, I believe his passing was accidental - he made a mistake that night. The medium had told Liz that Kyle was there when Matt passed and told him he f'd up... typical Kyle speak .... Matt was more worried about what people are going to tell his daughter about him.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You already have some insight into the things I mentioned, it seems.

    Carol Morgan, Mikey's mom, is here with us in this world. Mikey was the one who passed over and he started communicationg with his mom some time later - you'll get the story from the book but there's also an interview here you should find illuminating: http://webtalkradio.net/internet-ta...eality-flying-high-in-spirit-by-mikey-morgan/

    The C&M threads are long but can be searched for topics you might want to research - to find relevant items use the Google search engine as here: http://afterlifeforums.com/resources/searching-on-alf.23/
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  6. jobun

    jobun New Member

    thanks mac!
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    my pleasure :)
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  8. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Welcome jobun!
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  9. Auras

    Auras New Member

    Hey, Jobun!
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  10. Luna

    Luna New Member

    Welcome Jobun!

    Carol and Mikey's thread is what comforted me the most when I joined, not to say that other members on the forum don't have wonderful insights or advice! You are in a good place.

    I recommend reading the compilation of Carol and Mikey's previous Q and A thread if you haven't already: http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/carol-and-mikey-part-1-condensed.3070/

    I hope the forum proves helpful to you!

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