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Hi, I'm Coby

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by CobyMD97, May 7, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    NDEs ARE real - what anyone experiences anywhere is real to that individual but the question you then need to ask is "What do they mean?"

    Your attention is being grabbed by what you see and hear in this modern day - understandable enough but what you see isn't representative of the totality of the information conveyed over the decades of the past couple of centuries. NDEs and OoBEs are fascinating but tell us very litttle. Kinda like watching soome sci-fi movies - some of the detail based on what's known so it's not too much fantasy (although some do prefer total fantasy!) but the remainder is a story to entertain the watcher and make money for the industry. Read the stories, enjoy the entertainment they provide, but if you want to understand you'll have to do some work.

    There is no shortcut to understanding.
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  2. CobyMD97

    CobyMD97 New Member

    Ah I see.
    I've still got a lot to learn, basically.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That's been explained here on ALF on various occasions but even if it's explained now for you specially you have no way to consider that explanation in context.

    I'm pleased you've grasped that. No matter how close the account may be to the actuality of some of the death experience it's still not the same.

    Rather than trying to believe in it, why not just try listening to what others say about survival and the so-called afterlife and judge for yourself what you're hearing?

    As for guessing that nobody knows (quote) "what the rest of the experience would be like" well again may I suggest that you do some studying - here is a good place to start - and see what you find? There's no need to guess. ;):)
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    yes! :D And what an exciting subject! BUT please don't spend undue amounts of time at it. Life has lots to offer a young un - go out and grab some of it! :) This afterlife stuff can wait 'til you're a little older.....
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  5. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    Coby, I do not remember whether I shared an experience of mine or not here on ALF. I will describe it as a dream, but it was a very, very vivid dream, nothing like the garden-variety type of dreams, if you know what I mean! This is what I remember...
    I find myself on the ground, in a prone position; my head is turned to the left. I feel like I'm slipping from this surface and I cry out, "Jesus, help me!" Immediately I feel like someone is holding me up; feels like an arm holding me gently. I immediately feel safe, so I take a look around, but I'm still in the same position (prone).

    I can see that I am on a hill, and there are many hills around me; it's a valley, really. The grass on the hills is of an incredible green, way more vivid than any colour I've ever seen on this Earth. And then I notice the light on the horizon. It is a very bright white-golden light, but it does not hurt my eyes. I feel attracted to it, it appears to emanate love and acceptance for me; it feels like it is embracing me, and the feeling I experience at that moment just cannot be put into words - not adequately.

    I then look down, and this is the part that always moves me to tears, though several years have passed since I had the "dream". What I see below is a river, not a big wide river, more like a stream, and the water is crystal clear. It flows rapidly, but what left me speechless is what I saw in that water... looked like millions of tiny bright lights that were "alive". I realize it may not make much sense, but there was no doubt that river was life/was alive and carrying life. I remember saying to myself, "The water is alive! The water is alive!" I then woke up and felt extremely disappointed. I tried so very hard to go back to that place. I briefly wondered if that was a glimpse of a different realm, of the afterlife. And I can honestly tell you that if that was a glimpse of the afterlife, and if the only way to return to it was through physical death, I was ready! So I stayed there in my bed, for quite a while, hoping to resume the "dream", but that was not to be, so acceptance was all I had left.

    What was it all about? No idea, but I am positive this was no ordinary dreaming. Did I perhaps "die" in my sleep? Who knows :confused: I do not know if this will help you at all. I realize that for some - including yours truly - until you experience what speaks to you, the doubts and fears may linger. All the best to you, Coby :)
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  6. CobyMD97

    CobyMD97 New Member

    That certainly is a beautiful vision indeed.
    If only I remembered something so profound and breath taking! :)

    Best to you too.

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