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Hi... I was told I should post here...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by poeticblue, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    Aha! I remember. I forgot that Buddha went through a similar process.

    HAHAHAHA, I see your viewpoint now. So growing spiritually means understanding how life forms live and feel in this realm. Now I think I have a clear understanding. My life is not nearly as hard as I would think, and learning all this here does seem strange since this is just a dream.

    But why? This life is an illusion. It's not real. Why would one have to experience different aspect of an illusion? It's like saying, I want to play a video game, but rather than play it once, I want to play it from all the different perspectives and characters to really get a feel for it. Rather than be a grand protagonist (Neo from Matrix), I also want to be an unimportant character (security guard who Neo guns down as part of his mission) just so I can grow. I don't understand how growth happens that way from experiencing all aspects of an illusion. If you could explain a bit on that, I would be very grateful to you.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    This life is an illusion, my friend, but it is also real. I know that that's hard to comprehend, but it's the truth. What happens here does matter.

    Now then, when you live life as different people, you experience it from different viewpoints. That helps you to understand existence and life from many different perspectives and situations. It humbles you. You have to learn to forgive and to love unconditionally as well. That is something that can only be learned through living lifetimes from different perspectives - sometimes as the person who needs forgiving, and sometimes as the person who needs to forgive. Each and every lifetime will help you grow spiritually by strengthening your abilities to love and forgive. These abilities are like muscles, you have to use them for them to grow but, the more you do, the easier it becomes. The same thing with patience, which is another trait that we come here to learn.

    Does that help?
  3. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    That does help! But can a soul choose non-existence if it so pleases? Love and forgiveness can be learnt in heaven too since its all love.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    No, a soul cannot choose non-existence because it is impossible for any soul not to exist. It has always existed and always will exist. That is the problem with a lot of suicide victims - they think they can kill themselves to end their suffering, but they can never kill their minds.

    Love and forgiveness are certainly practiced in heaven, but they cannot easily be learnt there. Think of it this way, will a bowler learn to bowl better if he always practices in a lane where the gutters are blocked off (like they have for children), or in a regular lane? He will learn better in a regular lane because he will learn to avoid the gutters, rather than just ignore them. The same thing is true with love and forgiveness - it is easy to take it for granted in the Summerland, because love and forgiveness never come at personal risk there. But, here, we can take risks. Sure, sometimes our balls will land in the gutters, but we can learn more perfectly how to get a strike. Do you see what I mean?

    Sorry, I went bowling today and this was all I could think of! :)
  5. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    That's an interesting conundrum. It all depends on one's philosophy too. Some atheists might not like waking up in an unknown territory that they did not expect as well. But here's the weird part. A soul is like an amoeba which keeps separating itself into more souls who then have experience their own reality. Would the opposite be going back to the source? What happens when a soul goes back to the source? Does it simply observe all that is? Won't it be bored?

    Yup, I see what you mean. Still kind of sucks that we have to learn how to love and forgive when in the summerland, its all just love and you don't judge others anyways.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Yes, I suppose you could say that the splitting of the Source is akin to the splitting of an amoeba. I like to think of it as a giant wooden door, wherein we are all little splinters that came off - but that's saying the same thing.

    To understand how the Source wouldn't get bored, you have to understand what reality truly is. All that is real is energy - Mind energy. You can call it God, if you want, I normally do. That energy is self-aware and exists in complete and total bliss, all the time. Think about the happiest you've ever been in your life (both physical and emotional pleasure, put together). This feeling is a thousand times stronger than that and it never ends! It's just pure, ecstatic joy. Joy that is utterly beyond words.

    But we would find that shocking. That's why 99.99% of people cannot reconnect to God perfectly right after death. We are coming from a physical world, and we have to readjust to spirit. Eventually, once we become advanced enough to understand that material things are not needed and that they actually can hinder spirituality, we slowly begin to progress to higher and higher levels and, as we go up, less and less is material. By the time we have completely rejoined the Source, we understand that material things are nuisances and that loving energy is the purest form of joy.
  7. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    That makes sense too. Or like drops of water in an ocean. The difference is that amoebas can replicate infinitely whereas a door has a set surface area so the splinters are limited to a certain number. After separating so many times, there is no more material to separate to be considered a splinter anymore.

    So its just joy without having to act or limit itself to any possibilities. Just joy as in feeling and knowing of everything.

    It would be fun to not rely on anything and simply be joy as you level up, so to speak. That's fascinating!

    By the way, what's your story? I now know who Carol and Mikey are, and who Roberta is, but I would love to know more about you.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hmm, well my story isn't quite as interesting as Carol's or Roberta's, I'm afraid. I've never had any experiences of light and I cannot communicate with anyone on the other side (well, we all can, but I mean not like Carol can). I was an atheist for most of my life because I had an abhorrence for religion (still do to some extent) and never understood the difference between religion and spirituality. I was convinced that people who believed in the afterlife were just deluding themselves because they couldn't face the facts of life.

    One day though (Friday October 29, 2010), I was shown a movie (it's a long story, but I had to watch it) called Round Trip: The Near-Death Experience. It was a forty-five minute film that interviewed five people who had had near-death experiences. Let me tell you, that changed my life completely. I wasn't learning about the afterlife, I was remembering it. I went home and ordered the DVD - it was my first after-death research material. I keep reading and getting information wherever I could.

    Then, I was looking for a Christmas gift for a friend. I knew that she enjoyed reading about spirituality, but I wanted to get her a book that she didn't already have. So, I went on Amazon.com and search for afterlife books by publishing date. I randomly (or so I thought) chose a book called The Fun of Dying, by Roberta Grimes. It had just been published a couple of months before, so I was certain my friend wouldn't have it. As soon as it was delivered, I knew I would have to order myself a copy, and so I did. Eventually, I got found Roberta's website, and AfterlifeForums.com - maybe in March of 2011.

    In May I finally began contributing here. First I began by asking questions, which Roberta graciously answered. Then, I started answering questions. The first question I answered was about Jesus and whether or not he could really perform miracles. I have been a regular contributor here ever since. In August, I started my own radio show (with lots of help from Roberta)! Now I have a weekly radio program, a blog where I review books, and I am working on other projects - including a book and another website.

    I hope that wasn't too long and boring. :)
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I see what you mean about the surface area. Perhaps the best metaphor would be the ocean one.
  10. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    Perhaps! Even ocean has its depth so its hard to imagine how source can be truly unmeasurable and infinite. It's also hard to imagine a land without time.
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