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Hi... I was told I should post here...

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by poeticblue, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Andrew..while I am here... I might as well ask you... I have had vivid dreams all of my life... and I am not sure what to think of them... I guess my first question is.... do most of these dreams take place in the "astral realm" ... ? what is the "astral realm" to be exact..?. I thought I knew what it was.. but now I am not so sure...

    I tell you at times I feel myself "lift" out of my body at night and I dream of being places so beautiful you would have thought I was in these "summerlands" you all speak of... beautiful white gigantic buidlings.. people walking around in "robed" like clothing... I can make myself fly...I even dreamt of holding hands with someone and flying (though I cannot tell you the name of this person).. i remember pointing at trees and changing their colors... I remember golden like skys... very rich colors... and people I encounter in these dreams seem so calm and not like people in every day life.. what do you make of this? Am I making this up in my head? Is this just a very close astral realm I am visiting that is close to the "summerlands" or am I somehow having a memory of being there before I was born? It is quite perplexing... like I said.. I've had these dreams even before I started researching about the afterlife... anyways.. thank you very much...
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  2. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive


    Welcome abroad! It's a pleasure to have one more of us, so to speak. Since I am a 21 year old single male, I cannot understand the exact situation you are going through, but I do feel your pain. I think when it comes to Earth life, we chose to be here, and endure this. I was having a discussion with somebody today, and he was saying how we come here to feel the opposite of what we truly are; which is infinite beings. When I hear about summerland, focus 27, afterlife, or whatever they call that place, I myself am filled with joy and curiosity. It opens up a door to something which we cannot fully comprehend but is the epitome of heaven.

    In short, we are here to experience limitations and learn from challenges so that we can appreciate it in the afterlife after our life review. One key person in your life is your daughter who is grateful to have a mom to take care of her. You are her angel.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear PoeticBlue, thank you for this extraordinary account of your amazing (and rare) ability to recall some of your nightly visits to the Summerland! We all travel to what we think of as the afterlife frequently while sleeping - as often as every night; but there is a deliberate amnesia in place, so nearly all of us forget these visits. What you describe is the Summerland, dear wonderful friend. There is no question in my mind that you were given the extraordinary ability to remember some of these nightly visits as part of your lifeplan, probably because you had planned troubles into your life for which you would need the added strength of knowing that earth-life is just a hard day in school. You are very richly blessed! And clearly, dear Blue, you do belong here now ;-). You have much to share with us about the glorious eternal realms that you have been privileged to see!
  4. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    Chances are, what you did for your co-worker will pop up in your life review and you will get to feel how you changed her life and helped her. That's what counts.

    As for why more people don't learn about this, it depends. I guess I would not have learned about this had I not struggled with life, or had my friend not question my beliefs on religion and break me out of my shell. Thanks to him, I am no longer a Muslim. However, he remains an atheist to this day so its strange where we turn up in life.

    One thing I wonder is, why would Hitler choose to be Hitler? Yeah, he wanted to experience being spiritually retarded, and have mental conditions, but that turned out strangely. A charismatic man of his caliber totally lost it. I guess sometimes we wound up in the wrong path and even our guides cannot do enough to stop us from escalating the damage.
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  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    We actually discussed this in depth a few months before you joined, so there is a thread out there somewhere with all the specifics. Maybe try searching "Hitler" in the search box and see what comes up.

    I'll give you a brief overview here though. Most of this information, FYI, was given to us by Mikey through Carol. Hitler chose to experience a life void of love. That was planned before he came to earth. But he could have chosen, while here, to show others the compassion that he was never given. Unfortunately though, that's not what he chose to do. When he decided to incarnate as Hitler, he was attempting to grow spiritually, but the opposite is what happened.

    There is also some hearsay, amongst the various channeled works, that Hitler has indeed forgiven himself for what he did during his life and is making progress. Apparently, it was easier for him to forgive himself since the damage he had done was carried out by other people, and not him directly. I'm not sure how true that is - but I've seen it in a couple of different places.
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  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    See, dear friend, you are not worthless at all! Far from it - you are helping people in spectacular ways! What TheAstonMartian says above is absolutely true: when you die, you will be shown how you helped your daughter and your co-worker, how you showed them love. And that will great a wonderful feeling of success and happiness that has no earthly parallel! :)
  7. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    Wow! I did read in Roberta's book that she had one account where he forgave himself due to most damage done by others, but I did not know that he specifically chose to be incarnated as someone without love. The same goes to Uday Hussein, who was Saddam's son and someone who commited many crimes and killed people just because he could. If a soul chose something like that, wouldn't the guides be wise in saying that it wouldn't work and is risky to choose something against love? It could be put as a learning experience since the soul learns the opposite of love, but when the life review comes up after the soul's death, it can be very hurtful for the soul.

    Here's a trailer for the movie called "The Devil's Double" where we see just how sadistic Uday Hussein was in his life.

  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm not sure, to be honest. I do know that people in the Summerland can easily learn about their future lives times and what will happen in them though. A lot of the time, we plan things that are too advanced for us (for example, being a bipolar orphan who loses both legs in a car crash, and develops chronic malaria, along with several forms of cancer, before dying of rabies in a slum in South Africa), and advanced being have to tone things down for us. I guess though, you never know exactly how someone is going to react to earth life. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you, but I suspect that the reason is different for each person who is a terrible human being like Hitler.
  9. TheAstonMartian

    TheAstonMartian Inactive

    That's interesting. You have to be filled with love and be in a really powerful place to choose that drastic of a situation. I would ignorantly assume that it's akin a wealthy child who is bored wanting to experience poverty for a day just to see how a poor person thinks. Rather than separating others in a "us vs them" scenario, the wealthy child chooses to be poor for one day anonymously to see how it feels like to be starving and poor. This way, he can also appreciate the food that he takes for granted and really get a feel for those who struggle. Is that being spiritual? Is that why we are here?
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Yes, experiencing the suffering of others is a way to grow spiritually. Are you familiar with the story of the Buddha? He was a wealthy prince who lived in complete luxury and never left his palace. The first time that he did leave, noticed that people we're suffering and dying outside the palace walls. He soon decided to leave home and experience what they experienced. Over the next five years, he achieved enlightenment. (Going back to your question on a different thread, Buddha may have gone right to Level Seven after death, but there's no way of knowing really.)

    I don't think that self-deprivation is the reason we are here, but it can certainly help people understand what they take for granted. And that, in turn, will help them grow spiritually.

    Apparently though, we are all over-enthusiastic when it comes to planning suffering into our lives. That is why advanced beings have to remind us to pace ourselves and spread the suffering out over several lifetimes. We do this because we are so eager to learn and grow, that we just cannot wait! It's really amazing how different the perspective is over there, huh?
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