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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Lolo68, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, just wanting to do an intro on myself after newly registering.

    I'm a 50 year old single woman, never married but had a pregnancy from a failed relationship that also ended in failure. I developed eclampsia and lost my unborn daughter when I was 7 months pregnant with her. It was a devestating loss to say the least but that's not my reason for joining here today. That loss happened in 2003 but I wanted to mention that because I would like to touch on that subject at a later time.

    My reason for joining is because I've been an on again/off again believer of what happens after death. I would not call myself religious in any capacity, but at the same time I wouldn't say I'm a true athiest either. What I can say is I do not believe in the bible or its teachings, as in a god that sits on a throne in the sky/heavens judging our sins while allowing so much pain and suffering of innocent while doing nothing to ease it. I just cannot put that together with any common sense. I guess I'm more of an agnostic with spiritual tendencies where instead of the biblical god, it's more a source of consciousness. I don't believe (maybe it is just not wanting to accept) that there is nothing more after death. I've mostly believed in spiritual possibilities and that consciousness after death does continue, but because I have yet to experience anything myself I can only go on what I read from other peoples' experiences.
    I've had the chance to talk to 2 people who had NDE face to face and both are very adamant that there is an afterlife. One man told me his story about meeting his heart dog and his father who had long passed away when he found out I just lost my own beloved dog. His sharing was to help comfort me that I will indeed see my boy again. My other communication from a NDE survivor is my current coworker who as a boy of around 8 or 9 (I can't remember the exact age he said he was) had drowned in a pool and relayed his experience. His own words was "it was as text book as you can get for a NDE. Floating above your body, going through a tunnel, feeling complete joy and peace". He rarely speaks about that experience to anyone for fear of what people will think of him.

    My biggest reason for joining today may seem a bit odd, but I know I won't be ridiculed for it on this forum. I have a very special connection to animals more so than people. My whole life has been connecting to animals and family pets far better than any relationships I've had with humans. The hardest losses I've ever gone through (aside from losing my one and only chance at having a child) has always been with my pets. The times in between dramatic life events will let me forget about the profound feelings and emotions I experience when I do go through a loss, but when I do lose one I always come back to the same questions. Is there something awaiting us on the other side and if so, what? Will these special animals I've connected with in life be there when my life is finally over with? Maybe I'm just trying to find comfort in reaching out to others to talk about the afterlife. Now that I've written out my intro, I'm actually unsure what I wanted to say or ask of the forum but I'm still going with it. Has anyone here ever experienced NDE and seen their pets? If so, what was it like?
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  2. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    It has been reported that some go to a heaven that is pure love for them and the reason why is they are surrounded by their pets and only their pets... When they feel sad the animals cheer them up. Loved ones can only visit when you are happy and willing to see them

    (In other you wont be harrassed by snoring at night):D

    As far as everything else.... Dont worry. We are a very tight knit and loving community.

    NDEs are not the true afterlife but do serve as a component to bring someone to spiritualism.

    I came here for the same reason. The details of heaven (what does it look like... Whos there.... The levels.... Activities....)


    Im glad to meet you!!!
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :)

    Mine is not in any way the same as your experience but my 'awakening' came after the death of our son at full term. He was with us one minute, his arrival excitedly anticipated, but he was gone the next.....

    NDEs are just that - experiences when an individual appears near to death - but my take is that they're a very good introduction to the notion of survival beyond physical death and what happens next. You'll find conversations here on ALF that may be of interest. I can't say anything about pet involvement in NDEs but it's not my speciality anyway. There are many accounts of their being around when folk have actually passed over, however, so I hope you'll be comforted hearing that. :)
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  4. Thank you both for the warm welcome. I am glad I came across the forum and hope to expand my views about the other side.
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  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Welcome Lolo68.
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  6. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Welcome, Lolo68. I am sorry for your losses, both human and animal. I am agnostic verging on atheist, myself. I also don't know whether or not an afterlife exists, though I hope it does (as long as we have a happy and loving existence with our loved ones there). You will find a wide variety of viewpoints on this site, regarding the afterlife, god, etc. Again, welcome.
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